How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 32

Qi Chen really felt that his life was plagued with misfortunes.

For example, when he was 8 years old, he and the kid next door climbed over a wall to steal peaches. The other kid made it over fine but it was only him who fell and lost half his teeth.

Or when he was 12 years old he tested as the 2nd worst in the class and got beat up by his dad, only to find out that he took back the wrong test papers and was actually the worst in the class and got beat up again.

Or the time when he was 14 and wanted to use his pocket money to go buy ice cream, but as he walked around he accidentally thought it was trash and threw it in a garbage bin.

Or the time when he was 20 years old and went to participate in the GML and ended up botlane with Gu Zixing.

If the first three things were merely harming his life, then this last one was a deadly hit.

After entering the team, Qi Chen had played at least several hundred professional games. He tempered himself that he didn’t even know what being nervous was like anymore. But today he discovered that he was still too naive.

Sitting next to Gu Zixing and being with him botlane made Qi Chen so nervous that he couldn't even hold his mouse properly.

“Can you leave further from my minions?”

“Stop talking, you’re the only one complaining!”

“The minions are at the tower, why are you still attacking? Are you the only one who knows how to attack?”

“If you talk one more time I’ll flash.”

“Can you just stand behind more? You’re so far from me you might as well run towards their nexus.”


Qi Chen’s mental exploded and directly flashed in front of Gu Zixing.

Pa! Pa!

Immediately afterward Gu Zixing didn’t object and flashed and healed.



“You bastard.”

Qi Chen did not understand. Yao Le’s support was really good so how come he didn’t come bot lane to support Gu Zixing? Instead he went to top lane, which he was not good at, then had him come support this ancestor so they could torture both of them.

But the most annoying thing wasn’t that. The thing that made Qi Chen the most infuriated was in the middle of the game when the enemy jungler came to gank.

Qi Chen was nearby in the river and was caught, then the three enemies took turns beating him up. Gu Zixing seeing this simply just flashed away.

As he was leaving he even left behind a sentence, “When father dies and mother remarries, everyone will only care for themselves (1).”

In older times, when the father dies and the mother has to remarry, it is considered indecent. It’s worse if there is a child involved, because the child must change their last name in order to be raised by the new stepfather. Changing surnames is considered taboo. But while this tragedy is happening, everyone will only watch and lecture. They don’t want to be involved.

Although Qi Chen knew that in the situation, even if Gu Zixing came he wouldn’t be able to reverse the situation, but he really wanted to take him down with him.

Not in the game, but in real life.

So in the second game, EG lost with no suspense. However when the words “Defeat” appeared on his screen Qi Chen for a moment felt like he was free.

GML activities ended around 5PM. After the two games there was to be a meet and greet. During this the audience could purchase tickets for the player’s team uniform or the player’s mechanical keyboard and mouse to bring home as memorabilia, but because there were too many people, Qiao Yanzhou felt that he was going to be squeezed into a 2D picture. As a result he dragged Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling to leave first.

Because he knew that Gu Zixing would come find him when everything was over, Qiao Yanzhou wanted to go find a drink store close by to wait, but the drink store near the event center was full of people.

“Brother Zhou, when did you meet Siler ah?”

“Half a month ago ba.” Qiao Yanzhou walked on the road and swallowed his saliva. He was actually really tired right now and could only hope for the event to end quickly so Gu Zixing would come faster. Then after he finished talking to him, he would hurry back to the hotel, hurry to shower, then hurry to sleep.

Hurry hurry hurry, Qiao Yanzhou was so anxious, like an old hen who can't lay her egg.

Although the three couldn’t find a place to sit and they were all hot and tired, Zhao Lingling’s enthusiastic questions about Gu Zixing did not decrease and instead expanded.

Especially after knowing that Qiao Yanzhou was about to meet Gu Zixing soon, Zhao Lingling had no objections and went to the bathroom for 20 minutes to put on makeup. Then she left and went to the convenience store to buy a highlighter to get Gu Zixing to sign his name on her lightboards.

After going to multiple different locations, the three finally found a decently far Starbucks to sit down at.

But as a result, their butts hadn’t even warmed up yet when Qiao Yanzhou’s phone rang.

“Hello…” Qiao Yanzhou listly sprawled onto the chair.

“I asked you to call, how come you didn’t call?”

Gu Zixing’s tone had no blame but it still made Qiao Yanzhou’s heart tense for a moment.

“Everytime I always have to call you first. Are you my idol or am I your idol?”

“Like… like you…”

Qiao Yanzhou didn't even have time to say a full sentence before he was choked up by Gu Zixing.

To the side, Liang Dong and Zhao Llingling  saw that Qiao Yanzho’s mood was not normal to when he usually picked up the phone. They both moved in closer near Qiao Yanzhou’s side to listen. The three people were so close, Qiao Yanzhou could feel Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling’s breathe down his neck.

“I thought you'd be busy at the signing,” Qiao Yanzhou explained, “How come it ended so fast?”

“If they want me to sign, the price per ticket will be very high.” Gu Zixing laughed. “One person is more than 200.”

“Cocky.” Qiao Yanzhou licked some of the foam off the spoon, “Then who is signing at the moment?”

“Qi Chen.” Gu Zixing said, “He’s the cheapest.”

Hearing this Qiao Yanzhou burst into laughter.

“Where are you?” Hearing Qiao Yanzhou laugh for a while over the phone, Gu Zixing finally asked him this question.

“I’m at…” Qiao Yanzhou lifted his head to look around him, “I’m at the Starbucks east of the plaza.”

“Why’d you go so far”

“All the areas near the event had no spaces to sit…”

Gu Zixing sighed, “Then wait for me to find you.”

Hanging up, Qiao Yanzhou sprawled on the table for a moment, but when he lifted his head he saw Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling both staring at his back with stars in their eyes. Their appearances were extremely frightening and strange.

“What’s going on?” Qiao Yanzhou was pinned by their stares, he didn’t dare to put his phone away. His phone was in mid air, face full of alarm.

Zhao Lingling stood up and reached out her hand to grab his shoulder. “Beloved brother Zhou, do you know what you just experienced just now!?”


Zhao Lingling pointed at Qiao Yanzhou’s phone for a while before responding. “God Gu said that in a moment he’ll personally come find you ah! Personally, personally!”


Actually, knowing that Gu Zixing would come find him also made him excited, but how was he to tell them that it was their third time meeting? Qiao Yanzhou, a grown man, continuously met with another grown man three times. Even if he worshipped him before he was unable to show it. Moreover this big grown man had previously taken liberties with him.

But Zhao Lingling was not the same, having worshiped Gu Zixing for 4-5 years, she could finally meet him. She was so excited her face turned red and she picked up a mirror to stare at it for a long time. Liang Dong on the side was so jealous his face turned green.

These two faces, one red one green, Qiao Yanzhou felt like he was looking at traffic lights.

After about 20 minutes had passed, Gu Zixing finally arrived at the Starbucks east of the plaza.

“God Gu!”

Zhao Lingling was the first and fastest to notice him.

Although Gu Zixing had already changed out of his uniform and into everyday clothes, it still didn’t escape Zhao Lingling’s fiery gaze.

After Zhao Lingling called his name, Qiao Yanzhou saw him and stood up intending to greet him when Liang Dong grabbed his wrist from behind.

“???” Qiao Yanzhou turned his head around, not understanding what Liang Dong meant.

“Look at the person besides Gu Zixing, isn’t that the coach for EG?”

Although Liang Dong suppressed his voice very low, but Qiao Yanzhou could still hear the excitement and nervousness in his voice. The hand grasping his wrist was also starting to hurt.

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t know where this nervous energy came from and turned around to respond, “It is, what about it?”

“Brother Zhou, your good brother will say this.” As Gu Zixing and Coach Chen were coming closer and closer, Liang Dong’s voice became more and more deep but also more and more tense. “When you’re on a pro team, one must never forget about us brothers.”

“Huh?” Without waiting for Qiao Yanzhou to understand, Liang Dong already let go of his wrist and returned back.

Gu Zixing and Coach Chen also just happened to arrive in front of him. Zhao Lingling and Liang Dong also both stood up.

“You are Qiao Yanzhou ba?” Coach Chen looked at Qiao Yanzhou then twisted his head to look at Zhao Lingling and Liang Dong, “Your friends that came with you?”

“En.” Qiao Yanzhou nodded his head, responding to Coach Chen’s two questions with one word.

Coach Chen smiled.

Qiao Yanzhou previously watched a lot of EG competitions so he had seen Coach Chen before. His height wasn't too tall but his temper was extremely big. Heard that in the Alliance there were many players, not from EG, who were terrified of him.

“Can… I get Gu Zixing’s signature? After finished signing, you guys can discuss and I’ll leave immediately!”

Seeing that they probably had proper business to talk about, Zhao Lingling hurried to step up and spoke as quickly as she could.

Gu Zixing lifted his eyes.

“I’m Qiao Yanzhou’s friend. I’m called Zhao Lingling, worshiped God Gu for many years already!”

Currently Zhao Lingling’s words were trembling, her eyes tightly glued onto Gu Zixing, as if Gu Zixing would run away in a moment.

Although knowing that this was kind of rude but there was nothing that could be done. The chance was difficult to come by. If she didn’t look enough this time, who knows if there will be a next time.

“Thank you.” Gu Zixing smiled, extended his hand to receive the two light boards Zhao Lingling offered over.

Receiving the lightboards he saw the one that Qiao Yanzhou had earlier today .

“God Gu, thank you for the tickets!” Liang Dong, who was in a corner eating vinegar, suddenly also came up and respond to Gu Zixing.

“No problem.” Gu Zixing smiled.

Meanwhile Zhao Lingling, having finally gotten Gu Zixing’s signature, was internally satisfied. She felt that she could go to sleep tonight with a smile.

After sending off Zhao Lingling and Liang Dong, Coach Chen and Gu Zixing sat down.

“Xiao Zhou right?”


After Liang Dong left, the peace Qiao Yanzhou felt also left and he was suddenly nervous. According to Coach Chen’s image in Qiao Yanzhous mind, if the next few words spoken weren’t quite right, it was very possible that Coach Chen would explode and throw him out the window.

As soon as Gu Zixing sat down, he gave off a lazy demeanor. It seemed he could see Qiao Yanzhou’s nervousness. A smile emerged on his face that seemed like he was enjoying the Qiao Yanzhou’s misery.

Qiao Yanzhou simply just stopped looking at Gu Zixing and turned his head to look at Coach Chen to continue.

“Do you want to develop on a professional team?”


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