How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 34

If Gu Zixing knew that dragging someone to the team meant he would lose his right to a single person room, then it would kill him(1). Gu Zixing would not let anyone else enter.

The raws say Qi Chen but it didn’t make sense. Unless he really just wanted to kill Qi Chen?

Despite Coach Chen’s tone meant that he would not take any retort, Gu Zixing still needed to find an opportunity to fight back. So even though he probably couldn’t throw a tantrum, he could still try to pester and coax him.

“You brought him in, you’re not going to let him sleep on a bridge ba.” Coach Chen spoke as he opened the door to the meeting room. “Besides, isn't it good to find you a roommate? What insomnia, you're just being unreasonable.”


After Coach Chen’s voice stopped he saw everyone in the meeting room put their gazes on him and Gu Zixing.

After three seconds of uncomfortable silence.

“Coach, you just said that Gu Zixing needed to have a roommate?” Qi Chen and Tang Xuan basically asked at the same time.

“More or less ba.” Coach Chen smiled, but he also didn’t dare to speak too much.

“Brilliant.” Qi Chen couldn’t help but clap his hands, “It seems in the future I’ll need to dig into the cracks of your doorway.”

“If you dare to dig into my doorway I’ll dig into your pants.”


In fact it’s not surprising that all of the team were surprised. Since the day he entered the team, no one has ever heard him mention about getting a roommate. Even though Yao Le and his relationship was very good,  even after Yao Le transferred over from TR, no one has ever heard him ask to move to Gu Zixing’s room.

It was very shocking.

Everyone was very curious what kind of divine being could room with Gu Zixing, but even if they were all curious, it wasn't the important issue for today’s meeting. With a few words Coach Chen turned the subject back on track.

“It’ll soon be the end of the season. If you win the next competition, you can enter the championship, understand?” Coach Chen smacked the table. “GML is done, it’s time to focus our minds. We also have that internal talent selection competition, so you guys are definitely not allowed to be scatterbrained.”

After Coach Chen finished saying this he clearly felt the atmosphere of the meeting room drop a couple degrees. It was already not a particularly enthusiastic atmosphere but now it turned into the environment of an eskimo.

It's also not surprising. Practically every year around the time of the selection was the most tiring and busy time for the team, even though there were always competitions being lined up year round. After the SPL there was the world championship, after Worlds there was Rift Rivals, after Rift Rivals is summer season, after summer season is Demacia cup, after Demacia cup then it was the winter event. (2)

Rift Rivals no longer exists as a competition. Stopped in 2020.

But in the middle of the team’s schedule that was tightly packed like a Rou Jia Mo, every year at the end of the spring season of SPL, they unfortunately still needed to fight some more. Besides the GML there was also the Elegant Gaming Talent Selection Competition.

Rou Jia Mo: Basically a Chinese burger

“Can you guys turn your spirits up? The GML is already over and the talent competition is only a few rounds, nothing more. What’s with the wailing faces, as if you've already lost.”

“You say it like its so easy…”

It wasn’t known who muttered that sentence.

Frankly, the talent selection competition from EG was not as easy as Coach Chen made it sound. The very first interview step did not have anything to do with them so that was fine, but afterwards from the Best of 3 vs a single opponent to Best of one team matches, it made everyone on the team feel tormented. They were practically on the verge of insanity the entire day.(3)

Bo3 is when you play 3 games and whoever wins 2 out of the 3 wins. Bo1 is just whoever wins that game.

Last year on the day of the talent selection, Qi Chen played the single matches with over 10 people. Although you don't need to play through an entire game, (First blood, first tower, or first to 100 cs to win) but the quantity was more than Qi Chen could bear. Afterwards, anyone else who wanted to try for jungle, Qi Chen had his substitute, Sun Tong, play.

Gu Zixing was even more ruthless. Before the 3rd person even started he said his hand hurt and left.

Afterward Qi Chen came over to complain to Coach Chen, “Coach Chen, even if you consider me a lady of the brothel, I can’t receive ten customers at once. This is pushing someone’s endurance too much. Take a look at Gu Zixing, only received two guests then left.”

Coach Chen laughed and asked one question. “Gu Zixing is the leader of the brothel. What about you?”

Qi Chen sunk into a deep silence.

Now, the ladies of EG were ready to receive guests again.

Although the number of people participating this year was a lot less than last year, it was still around 50 people. On average, there were about 10 people per role. At the end of the team competition there would only be 5 people left. But it would still cause the team members to raise an internal conflict.

After disbanding it caused everyone to become listless as if they were fighting a losing battle.

Gu Zixing actually didnt have anything to say. This single person put on headphones and unhurriedly wandered back to his room. As he swayed back to his room, he felt that someone was behind him patting him. With little effort he knew it was not Qi Chen.

Gu Zixing turned his head around to discover it was Yao Le, hence took his headphones off.


“Today Coach Chen entered and mentioned a roommate for you. What’s going on?”

“Don’t know.”

Gu Zixing didn’t think that Yao Le would call after him to ask this senseless question, so he just randomly answered and turned around ready to leave.

“Is it the new person at the competition today who got recommended to join the team!?”

It was rare for Yao Le’s tone to be this loud. It indicated the frenzied feeling in his heart.

Gu Zixing stopped walking and turned his body around again.


“Do you agree to live with him together?”

“Can’t do anything about it.”

“Do you like him?”

These few words with Yao Le did make Gu Zixing a bit vexed. How were these the words of a 20 year old man? It was more like the words of an inexperienced naive girl experiencing her first love. The words of the female lead from Mary Sue novels were better than his.

“Yao Le,” Gu Zixing sighed, then tried as much as possible to use an easing tone to respond. “I like men, but just because they’re a man doesn’t mean I like them. Do you understand?”

Yao Le stared distractedly for a moment. He knew that he almost never longed for Gu Zixing like he did now. Sure enough, something unattainable is always the best.

“Zixing… I regret it. Can we reconcile?”

Yao Le knew that if he said this phrase in front of Gu Zixing, you would no longer be able to support the word “dignity”. But there was nothing to be done, urges were the devil.

Gu Zixing, hearing these words, did not seem to show any shock to his expression. In fact he even laughed for a moment.

“I just said it,” Gu Zixing said as he played with his headphones, “I like men, but just because they’re a man doesn’t mean I like them.”

“But it’s me!”

“Qi Chen!”

Whatever Yao Le still wanted to say was cut off by Gu Zixing. He turned his head around and saw Qi Chen walk towards them.

“What are you two doing?”

“Nothing.” Gu Zixing looked towards Qi Chen and welcomed him with two steps, “Let’s go ba. Go to Xiao Gao’s place.”

“Ai! You didn’t have a passionate naked chat today?”

“No. The event is already over. What is there to talk about.”

“???” Although Qi Chen could not figure out what the situation was like, he still turned his head to ask. “Lele are you going?”

“No thanks.” Yao Le forced a smile on his face, “I’m not feeling too well.”

“Your face doesn't look too good, could be just really tired from today.” Qi Chen gestured towards Yao Le. “Then Lele, you go back ba.”

“Bye bye.”

“Are you bullying Yao Le again, why does it seem like he's not very happy?” Seeing Yao Le’s departing back, Qi Chen couldn't help but pat Gu Zixing’s shoulder and ask.

“You’re so funny. In the team, besides you, who else would I dare bully.” Gu Zixing smiled. “Let’s go ba, if we don't go soon Xiao Gao will close.”


There was a very famous gym near EG Headquarters. Every day if you waited till nighttime, there would be many EG team members or staff there exercising. The owner of the gym is called Gao Yang, but Qi Chen and them would always call him Xiao Gao.

Although the owner is Gao Yang, he was not actually very good at fitness. The gym was able to do this well thanks to his well developed and flexible boyfriend, Geng Qing.

Gao Yang came out of the closet last year around the new year. At that time Qi Chen was on a machine that worked his chest muscles while Gu Zixing ridiculed him, saying he was an old man and everytime he pushed it wouldn’t move, when suddenly a commotion came from the side. 

The most popular physical instructor at the gym, Geng Qing, kneeled down on one knee and proposed to Gao Yang. At that time everyone in the gym was rowdy. Afterwards someone took a video and posted it online and it was hot news for a while.

Qi Chen didn’t have much of an opinion towards homosexuality. Dating required the consent of both parties so what did it have to do with others. So after this news these two, same as before, would come to the gym to exercise when they had time. Moreover on the first anniversary of the proposal, the people who were familiar with the couple from EG specially ordered them a cake.

When Gu Zixing and Qi Chen arrived at Gao Yang’s gym, it was already 10PM, but there were still a lot of people.

“Isn’t this Lao Gu? Haven’t seen you in a while!”

When Gu Zixing and Qi Chen arrived at the door, Gao Yang and Geng Qing happened to be there discussing something. Seeing them come in they hurried to welcome them.

“Team has been busy with competitions.”

“Yao Le ne?” Geng Qing walked over. Having not seen him in a long time, he looked more buff.

“Didn’t feel well, didn’t come.”

When Gu Zixing said this Gao Yang stared blankly but quickly restored his state to normal.

“I’m going to the bathroom first. Zixing, go over there to exercise first and I’ll come find you.”

Because Qi Chen was more diligent in coming to this place than Gu Zixing, he didn’t exchange as much pleasantries with them. He finished talking and ran towards the bathroom on the second floor.

“Go ba, I’ll take you to see our new leg machine we just got, it's from Germany.” Seeing Qi Chen vanish in a few steps, Gao Yang prepared to drag Gu Zixing to the side.

Gu Zixing also didn’t decline, hurried to greet Geng Qing then followed after Gao Yang.

Walking to the new equipment, Gu Zixing was just about to sit down when he was dragged back up by Gao Yang.

“What’s going on with Yao Le and you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t pretend to be stupid with me, did you two quarrel?”

Don’t be fooled by Gao Yang’s skinny and petite appearance, he was quite worthy of doing business. Sometimes he was so astute it made people afraid. Since entering, Gu Zixing didn’t really say much and he could already sense that he and Yao Le were at odds.

“How does Geng Qing deal with you.” Gu Zixing sat on the machine and looked at Gao Yang, “I wasn't the one who said it, but it’s not good for people to be too astute.”

“So you and Yao Le did quarrel.” Not paying attention to what Gu Zixing said, Gao Yang already made his own conclusion.

“We really didn’t quarrel,” Gu Zixing smiled, “We broke up. Awesome huh?”

“Broke up!?”

“If you say it any louder, the polar bears in the north will hear it.” Gu Zixing layed on the machine and tried it a few times, “How do you use this thing ah?”

“Weren’t you two good, how come you broke up?” Gao Yang lowered his voice. “My god, Xiao Xingxing, you're too pitiful. It was obvious you liked Yao Le.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Gu Zixing laughed. He let go of his hands on the machine and turned his head to look at Gao Yang. “If you really feel pity for me then you should lend me Geng Qing for two days.”

Gao Yang heard this, originally in one moment he was sighing with pity at Gu Zixing’s misery and in the next had an attitude. “I just don't understand what Qi Chen was saying before.”

“What did he say?”

“He said that if you were to die one day, you’d die from being too flirty.”

Gu Zixing heard this and laughed.

He laughed for a while when suddenly his cellphone rang.


“Boss Gu!”

The music coming from Qiao Yanzhou’s side was a bit ear piercing. Qiao Yanzhou also sounded like he was drunk.

Or it could be said that he just drank.

“My friends told me to call you to tell you that I might like you!”


“Did you know, today your coach asked me if I liked you. At the time I really wanted to say yes!”

“Then why didn't you say it.”

Although at this time, Qiao Yanzhou was not very articulate when talking, Gu Zixing with great difficulty was able to get the gist of it.

“I’m too damn shy, extremely shy!”


Gu Zixing was really impressed by this person. Drank so much that his tongue was broken. If he sobers up the next day realizes what his moral integrity was like the previous night, also wouldn't know how to respond.

“Xiao Xinging, you tell me. How are you so damn cute ne!”

“That’s right ah, I am also helpless ah.” Gu Zixing turned his head to look at Gao Yang whose face was changing. It was clear, Gao Yang heard what Qiao Yanzhou said.

Even more embarrassing.

In order to fix the situation, Gu Zixing switched the subject. “Drink less, isn’t your train tomorrow night?”

“I don't want to leave. I want to enter the team!”

“Then enter.” Gu Zixing sighed, then suddenly thought of something to say, “Ai, that's right.”

“Say it!”

“EG lost to WG today.”

“Yeah, I remember! They lost the second game. Why God Gu, you want to invite me out to eat!”

Gu Zixing hesitated for a moment, then pressed on the record button on his phone.

“You said before that if EG loses to WG you would dress as a girl. Does this count?”

“It counts!”


JADE: This chapter cracked me up. EG is a brothel and GZX is the best selling lady.

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