How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 37

Qiao Yanzhou felt that he entered quite a disastrous place.

This feeling started from seeing the “Elegant Gaming E-Sports Orginazation” sign in its glory, and was especially intense after Gu Zixing saw him in women’s clothing then said he’d “take care of it” himself.

Although in the end Qiao Yanzhou didn't know if Gu Zixing really “took care of it himself”, but the fact that Gu Zixing was a pervert was deeply rooted in his heart.

Qiao Yanzhou woke up early the next day. The lolita outfit was thrown on top of the small sofa and based on its appearance, Wotou must have slept on it last night. Looking at it in the morning, there was hair all over it. Qiao Yanzhou felt that it was a pity and in the end, he obediently folded it up thinking that when he had time he would go take it to a cleaner. And then he would just happen to forget that it was at the cleaners.

Qiao Yanzhou quietly determined this.

Opening the door to his room, Qiao Yanzhou discovered that Gu Zixing actually woke up earlier than him. He was huddled on the sofa fiddling with his phone while his other hand was holding a cup of warm milk.

“Morning.” Qiao Yanzhou smiled, trying very hard to make his tone sound natural and undisturbed.

Gu Zixing lifted his eyes but didn’t say anything.

Qiao Yanzhou felt a burst of unhappiness in his heart from being ignored.

“It’ll be time for the morning meeting in a bit. Coach said if you want to observe, then we can go together” Gu Zixing yawned, “I feel like there's nothing special to attend.”

“Aren’t you guys in the semifinals in the next round?” Qiao Yanzhou carefully and prudently found a place to sit down. It wasn’t too far from Gu Zixing but also wasn’t too close.

Gu Zixing tilted his head and smiled. “So scared of me ah.”

“Your thing stood up yesterday…” Qiao Yanzhou had a bit of lingering fear and spoke.

“Hey!” Gu Zixing was originally curled up but as soon as he heard this he hurried to stand up. “You’re the one who first seduced others and then you blame them for it standing up. Making fake accusations now?”


“Too confused to argue?”


“Didn’t even enter the team yet and you already know how to fancily pass the blame. In the future it’ll be more dreadful.” After speaking Gu Zixing paused for three seconds before continuing, “In the future if you need to blame someone then blame Qi Chen. He’s obedient.”

Qiao Yanzhou unexpectedly felt that in his life, the things he would never be able to do is be able to pass a math exam and win in a war of words with Gu Zixing.


The morning meeting is at 8:30am. Gu Zixing brought Qiao Yanzhou to the meeting room and randomly found a place to sit.

Qiao Yanzhou also didn't know why he came, but according to Coach Chen’s meaning last night, he wanted to bring Qian Yanzhou around to see what the team’s day was like before the talent selection competition. It could be said that he was especially caring towards Qiao Yanzhou.

EG’s morning meeting was not quite the same as the other meetings. There was no discussion of tactics for the next competition or about the patch updates for the game. Just picked a name to do some pre-match mobilization and ended the meeting.

Only in the morning meeting, Coach Chen mentioned something that Qiao Yanzhou cared a bit about, which was EG's next match next Tuesday against STG.

STG, to the SPL, was considered a fairly newer team. Last year they were in the RPL, which is the stage where other teams can battle it out to join the SPL, and they forced their way through. Despite this, you definitely could not look down on their strength.

Their captain, Qu Tao (IGN: STGWeeden), was a former member of TR. The year before last year, after retiring from TR he was picked up by STG. Then afterward each member of STG was handpicked by Qu Tao. Whoever Qu Tao said he wanted, STG would go to that org and spend a lot of money inviting them over.

So, as a result there were many Chinese pro players who were picked up by teams in other countries and overnight were summoned back home to create the current team of STG.

It was rumored that this team was created with the purpose to be able to defeat EG.

This upcoming match during the SPL was not the first time these two teams played against each other. During last year’s winter event, they had a BO5 with each other. EG won by a narrow margin of 3:2, but despite this it let the rookie STG have a firm leg to stand on.

Qiao Yanzhou had also watched the competition’s stream. At the last moment, STG were close to winning and had already pushed into EG’s nexus. But when the nexus was at half health Yao Le and Gu Zixing both revived at base. First they quickly got rid of the ADC who could tear down towers the fastest, then they pressured the support until they were at half health.

STG began to retreat, they probably wanted to see if the leftover superminions could finish off the nexus.

But in the end the most regretful thing was that all five EG members revived, taking advantage of the fact that STG’s highest damage ADC still had 20 seconds on their death timer, they pushed the 2nd tower. In one lane they pushed all the way to their base. And when there were no more minions in all three lanes, top laner Fu Xiaohai tanked the towers until they destroyed STG’s nexus.

Therefore at the time it was clear in the minds of EG that the victory in that game was only achieved because their luck was better than the enemy’s strength. If Gu Zixing or Yao Le revived even 0.something seconds later, the results of the game would possibly not be the same.

And from this situation, EG understood that luck was not always reliable.


After  the morning meeting finished, Qiao Yanzhou followed Gu Zixing to the training room. On the way, he kept glancing at Gu Zixing who did not seen to be nervous about the upcoming match.

“The competition is next Tuesday. You’re not nervous?”

“Nervous.” The corner of Gu Zixing’s mouth hooked up and his tone was completely relaxed. “Then you should go substitute for me ba. I’ll go back and sleep.”

“You think I don't want to?” Qiao Yanzhou snorted. “Wait for you to retire and give me mid lane, it’ll be good if you don’t regret it.”

“Won’t regret.” Gu Zixing didn't even think about it before responding, “I feel it's more regretful for you.”

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t say anything.

Honestly if Qiao Yanzhou carefully thought about it, when Gu Zixing reached the age for retirement and went home, there wasn’t much to be regretful about. But if after he retired and he came to take over his position, the pressure would be bigger than a mountain.

Qiao Yanzhou felt that he shouldn't even think about it, he already did not have this strength or this fate.

“You want to be a midlaner?” He didn’t think that Gu Zixing would suddenly ask this question.

“Want.” Qiao Yanzhou hurried and repeatedly nodded his head.

“In your dreams.”


The longer you were in contact with the person in front of him, the more Qiao Yanzhou felt that this person was not like the person he idolized at all.

These two people who were speaking just now, turned quiet and arrived at the training room.

EG’s training room was not actually very big but all the equipment was complete and high-end. Among these were the ten computers that were set up like the world competitions. It was basically used for matches between the team members. The computers used for ordinary practicing were in two rows with the seating arrangement the same as before. But they didn't have any mice or keyboards, they were all brought in personally by the players. On one hand it was easier to cultivate familiarity for the players, second it seemed that every player was very pretentious.

En, very pretentious. Gu Zixing was particularly pretentious. He personally found someone to customize his mouse and keyboard to the shape of his hand. So if there was no accident, Gu Zixing would never replace his private stuff, he wouldn’t even change the mouse pad.

“What are you guys practicing today?” Qiao Yanzhou followed Gu Zixing into the training room. Seeing the row of players wearing the EG uniform, he began to feel nervous.

“Just watch.”

Gu Zixing went to sit down at his spot then saw Qi Chen, who was already sitting next to him, playing music while bopping his head.

“Why are you shaking so much ne. Like a rabbit that just ejaculated.” Gu Zixing pulled off one of Qi Chen’s earbuds and spoke.

“Ah! You've arrived.” Qi Chen, seeing him, hurried to pull out his chair for him. He then turned his head and also saw Qiao Yanzhou.

“Hello guru.” Qiao Yanzhou smiled and rushed in front of Qi Chen to speak.

After hearing these two words, Qi Chen’s reaction at the time was like he had never heard these words before and grabbed both of Qiao Yanzhou’s hands. His eyes brimming with tears he said, “In my many years of being on this rotten team, I don't know how long it's been since I’ve seen a person with as good taste as you!”

“Hello Coach Chen.”

“Coach Chen, I was saying that our team has great potential development!” In an instant Qi Chen was like a ghost as he made a “xiu” noise and turned around with a smile all over his face, only to discover the place where Coach Chen sat was empty. To the side, Gu Zixing was laughing into his arm.

“ You’re aweful.” He sat back in his seat.

“Who told you to be so perverted, wouldn't let go.” Gu Zixing had motionlessly watched Qi Chen grasp onto Qiao Yanzhou’s hands.

“Why are you eating vinegar ah.”

“Why do you care what I eat?” Gu Zixing pulled Qiao Yanzhou to his direction.

All the professional players are so childish…Qiao Yanzhou’s mouth couldn't help but twitch a bit. How come he sometimes felt that the way they spoke was like two primary school children fighting.

Although next Tuesday was the SPL competition, EG’s practice for today was the same as usual: practicing fundamentals. From getting 90 cs in ten minutes in a 2v1 situation to getting 100 cs in ten minutes in a 2v1 situation.

Qiao Yanzhou silently sat at the side and watched. No matter what the coach said, he obediently committed it to his own memory even though he knew in his heart that it didn’t have much use.

Until 10AM, Qiao Yanzhou watched as Gu Zixing sat motionlessly in front of the screen.

“Why do you keep picking ADCs and not mages?” Qiao Yanzhou took advantage of an empty moment to ask, “Coach Chen told you to do it?”

“Can be considered that way.” Gu Zixing smiled.

Gu Zixing’s attack move was actually very beautiful. Even though he was against two other players, in between AOE skills he could still shuttle back and forth between himself and the minions. In addition, he managed to make one of the players lose half their hp.

Attack move is when your character will attack whatever is closest to your click, if there is nothing there it'll move to that spot. Its good to learn when you're kiting as an ADC player. You are basically weaving in attacks as you move.

But while Qiao Yanzhou was watching energetically, Gu Zixing suddenly just threw his mouse to the side.

The mouse fell onto the table and made a banging sound. Everyone in the training room turned their heads to look at him.

Qiao Yanzhou thought Gu Zixing was throwing a temper tantrum and hurried over. “What’s wrong? Weren’t you playing well ma, why'd you throw your mouse? Even if you’re angry you shouldn't throw your mouse ah. Endure it ne.”

“Hand hurts.” Gu Zixing lifted his head to look at Qiao Yanzhou who was standing beside him.

“You're not trying to be lazy are you…” Qiao Yanzhou raised his eyebrow, “Hand hurts but still smiling.”

“It really does hurt.” Gu Zixing continued to smile.

Qiao Yanzhou wanted to say something when suddenly Yao Le ominously stood up and walked next to Gu Zixing.

“Let me see your hand.” Yao Le’s tone was very cold, eyes digging into Gu Zixing as he extended his hand, expecting Gu Zixing to give him his hand.

Gu Zixing stared blankly for a moment, the smile on his face now looked a little forced. “No need ba.”

“Let me see.”

“I’ll just get Xiao Qiao to accompany me to the infirmary.” Gu Zixing stood up. “You just continue training ba.”

After speaking, he grabbed Qiao Yanzhou’s wrist and walked out of the training room.

But this movement of Gu Zixing’s made Qiao Yanzhou jump in fright.

He tilted his head to look at the side of Gu Zixing’s face. A misperception?

How come he felt that Gu Zixing became angry?


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