Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 235: I've never regretted

Lilith was born a rich kid, that goes without saying.

After knowing her for 2 days, he can conclusively say that this lady who likes sleeping nude isn’t a big fan of picking up her clothes.

This means the clothes she left in the fitting room outside the bathroom are probably still there or Sarah hadn’t cleaned them up yet.

From her stiff look, it appears to be the latter case.

Noah couldn’t care less. He walked toward the fitting room as Sarah hurriedly tried to stop him.


Noah turned around to see the ferocious female butler trying to pounce on him.

Sarah tripped and fell as her hot iron flew through the air.

Noah couldn’t stop her in time so she smashed into him.


The two tumbled a few times.

The two stopped after Sarah was straddling Noah. It looked like the cowgirl pose.


Someone opened the door.

“Noah, I knew I would find you hear. Hiding in the dorm room is your…”

She saw her female butler who is currently gasping while on top of her Duo.

The clothes she was ironing also flew everywhere.

Not to mention, Noah only had his brief on. Sarah is still growling for some reason while Noah held his aching chest.

It looked like Sarah is trying to strip him down against his will.

Lilith had to process this, her mind.exe encountered a fatal error.

“I didn’t think the butler I trusted would do something like this my duo.”

Lilith slowly backed out of the room before closing it. The two stared at each other.

Finally, it dawned on them that Lilith mistook it as something raunchy.

“No, it’s not like that!!!”

After a brief chase, they finally got Lilith back. She tried to drink some milk to steady her nerves.

“So, it was an accident?”

“Of course, my lady!”

Sarah was using a high pitch. She also gave Noah a deadly leer.

“Why would I ever go for this man?”

“This man?”

Lilith blinked in shock.

“From my POV, he is an excellent specimen of a man, what’s so bad about him?”

“Oh, allow me to state his flaw!”

Sarah said.

“He is a ruffian that is planning to do weird things to my lady, don’t be fooled by him!”

Noah listened closely and he finally realized something.

This butler was hostile from the start. It seems the source is her overprotective attitude toward Lilith.

Maybe she is hostile to him because her lady is currently in love with him?

Noah felt speechless.


Lilith said.

“Don’t speak as if he is trying to get close to me. I am the one trying to get close to him.”

“Even so, you mustn’t let your guard down around him.”

Sarah is so hostile it seems like she is releasing her pent-up anger.

“You’re the heiress of the Bristol family. A lot of people will take advantage of you if they know you’re of noble blood.”

“Sarah, are you insinuating that I am a bad judge of character?”

Lilith sighed.

“Anyway, I think you’re too protective.”

“For you!”

Sarah corrected her lady.

Noah had enough of their bickering.

“So, you’re from this Bristol family? What’s that?”

“Ah, you don’t know?”

Lilith chuckled.

“Bristol is famous in the UK but it seems we’re not as well-known here.”

Lilith gave him a confident smile.

“My grandfather was a great entrepreneur who started the Bristol Group of Companies.”

“Ah, okay.”

Noah nodded.

“So, you’re a rich heiress.”

“Is that all?”

Lilith added.

“Our company is one of the biggest investors in the Dawn Organization.”

“An investor?”

Noah finally knew why she could bypass rules in the school.

She has certain authority over the school as an investor and she herself is a holder of an Irregular Blaze.

Nobody could say anything when she ditched her classes.

“Enough questions, I’ve got one for you.”

Lilith asked him with a serious look.

“You said you killed people, is that true?”

The mood turned heavy.

Noah replied.

“What of it? Are you going to stay away if I say I am a dangerous man?”

“Your potential threat is something your Duo, me, decides.”

Lilith said.

“Or do you think you’re dangerous?”

“Yes, you’re right, people should come to their own conclusions.”

Noah said.

“However, I can tell you I never regretted taking their lives.”

Noah drank his milk.

“I am going to get something to eat.”

Noah exited the room.

Lilith stared in his direction before grinning.

“A man with secrets, makes me want to find them out more.”

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