High Energy QR Code

Chapter 92: CD

Changed intimacy points -> favorability


The room turned silent. Cao Qian asked, "Is there a way to confirm whether the measles patient is really a player?"

Xing Ye shook his head, "With my current abilities, no. To use Wrongly Used Projector, I need to make direct contact with the other party. Last night, we just ran away and I didn't touch the infected monster. Even if I make contact with him now, it'll be useless if the actual player's already been replaced with the monster. We've already missed the best chance."

The little mirror suddenly started shaking in his bag like he wanted to say something. Xing Ye told the three, "One moment, I need to fix my makeup."

He tactfully said he needed to use the washroom. Yan Hebi's eyes shined: Little Yiyi is beautiful inside and out! Meanwhile, Cao Qian and Guan Ling's faces twisted strangely.

After entering the washroom, Xing Ye took the mirror out and asked, "Did you want to say something?"

"I do!" The beautiful young man in the mirror said, "I don't think I told you my starting abilities yet. I'll talk about Devastating Beauty later, the important one now is Truth Eye. It doesn't require any points to be used."

"Truth Eye?"

The mirror jumped excitedly, "Yes! If you show me the video of the measles patient from yesterday, I'll be able to tell whether he's a player or not. I can't tell if he's infected or not from the video, but if I see him in real life, I'm sure there will be some slight differences I can use to confirm."

Xing Ye was very surprised, "That's a good ability."

"Of course~" The mirror raised his nose proudly, "I said liking me would be worth it."

Xing Ye looked at him curiously and asked, "Before I lost my memory, was our favorability also this high? I heard Cao Qian say favorability points take the lowest of the two values. Does that mean the lowest value between us is 80?"

“Of course." The mirror flicked his head, "You liked me sooo much before you lost your memory. As soon as we returned to the real world, you would rush to see my body and even help comfort my parents.

"Even in the world where we met for the first time, you picked me over accepting any QR codes as a reward.

"You were even more like that in Puppet City! You said you would never leave me and even if something happened to you, you would always make sure I was safe."

Xing Ye: "..."

He didn't think the mirror was lying, but he found it a little odd to think he had been so attached to a mirror.

Could it be that... Xing Ye shook his head. Impossible, he and the mirror were just friends, good friends that relied on each other.

He took the mirror and left the bathroom. He walked up to Yan Hebi, "I have a way to check the measles patient's true identity. Can you find the security footage from the first night we arrived in this world, the time before the measles patient turned into a monster?"

Yan Hebi did as Xing Ye asked. Xing Ye naturally opened the mirror and set it facing the computer.  

They watched the first night play out on the screen. The measles patient quietly snuck out of his ward and walked around the hallway before poking his head into the nurses' station. He explored the infectious disease department for over half an hour before going downstairs.

To continue tracking him, they needed to check the other surveillance footage. Xing Ye didn't pursue it and turned to look in the mirror.

This was enough, they just needed to confirm his identity.

Sure enough, the mirror wrote "Yes".

"He is the last opposing fate player." Xing Ye said confidently, "He went out at night to search for clues."  

Guan Ling sighed, "If only I knew his identity last night, then maybe it wouldn't have been too late."

"Don't rush to blame yourself for it. Your ability is ineffective against the parasites and it's unknown whether he could've been saved after turning into a monster. We still need to investigate." Xing Ye said.

His eyes were filled with confidence. It seemed like he had a plan.

"What should we do next?" Cao Qian asked.

Xing Ye said, "There are three things we need to do. First, Cao Qian should reach out to the cancer patient and negotiate with him. Say we can treat his cancer, but only in exchange for the clues he found in the department head's office. Second, Guan Ling should find the department head and tell him he encountered a monster the last night. Your acting needs to be realistic. Demand to see the monitoring footage and see how the department head reacts. Third, Yan Hebi should go to the Obstetrics and Gynecology department and 'accidentally' encounter the player, Nurse Lin. Try and get close to her. If you can get the antibody, that would be best."

Guan Ling thought for a while, "But I spent the entire day with you guys instead of finding the department head immediately. Wouldn't that make him suspicious instead?"

Xing Ye said, "It'll depend on your acting skills. You can tell the department head that you stayed with us to persuade us not to leak what happened."  

"That's a good idea." Guan Ling nodded.

"We'll wait for Cao Qian to talk to the cancer patient and get his clues before making contact with the department head." Xing Ye ordered, "Yan Hebi's too."

After he assigned everyone's duties, Cao Qian sent the cancer patient a text. When they met each other earlier, they had added each other on WeChat.

When the cancer patient heard they could heal him, he immediately said he would rush over and asked the three to wait for him.

Even if Yan Hebi had nothing to say, he could always find something to say. "Little Yiyi, you're so cool! You could tell whether the measles patient was a player with one glance."

Xing Ye actually had no way to be certain. The reason why he could be so sure was because of his trust in the mirror.

He naturally raised the mirror to reflect his face, giving the mirror a slight smile in praise before turning to Yan Hebi, "You just have to observe the details."

Xing Ye was currently sitting on the bed, legs crossed as he leaned back on his hands. Yan Hebi watched for a while before speaking up, "Little Yiyi, you told me to seduce that following fate player. Aren't you afraid I'll end up liking her and defecting to their team?"  

Xing Ye's face chilled, "First, I asked you to scout information, not seduce. Second, if you defect, the next time we meet we'll be enemies. Either you die or I live."

Yan Hebi hurriedly said, "I won't defect, I was just joking. I wanted to see how much Little Yiyi cared about me."

Guan Ling muttered beside them, "Either you die or I live? That sentence doesn't seem to make sense..."

Somebody knocked on the door. Cao Qian was about to open it but Xing Ye stopped her, asking her to send a message checking whether it was really the cancer patient first. Regardless of whether he had his memory or not, Xing Ye was always very cautious. When care was necessary, he would not be negligent.

Cao Qian confirmed before opening the door. A very pale and skinny middle-aged man walked into the room unsteadily, clutching his chest in pain. He asked, "I heard you guys can treat me?"

Xing Ye gave Cao Qian a look. She understood and undid the gauze on her left leg, "Look at my medical record card. My left leg originally needed to be amputated but now it's fully recovered. One of our group members has a healing ability that can be used multiple times. If you tell us what you found, we can heal you."

The cancer patient called Ge Kuangyi turned excited, "If you heal me, I'll tell you everything I know!"

"Tell us first and then we'll heal you." Xing Ye said slowly.

Ge Kuangyi shook his head, "Then this discussion's over. What if you refuse to heal me afterward? I won't say anything."

Xing Ye gave a slight smile, "Mr. Ge, I think there's something you need to understand. The information you found in the department head's office is something we can find as well- we're only asking you to save time. On the other hand, with that body of yours, it'll only be a few days before you succumb to illness.

"In my view, there are no losses for you in trading with us and it's even charitable on our side; we're wasting points and a use of the healing ability for intelligence we can get ourselves. We were kindhearted and didn't want to see you continue suffering."

Ge Kuangyi's expression turned very ugly. He stared at Xing Ye silently.

Xing Ye shook his head at Cao Qian brusquely, "Send him off."

Cao Qian faithfully followed Xing Ye's orders. Just as Ge Kuangyi was about to be thrown out, he shouted, "I'll talk, I'll talk!"

Xing Ye's lips curved as he slowly leaned back, waiting for Ge Kuangyi to tell him everything.

Ge Kuangyi saw the four all staring at him impatiently and could only speak, "I refused to cooperate with treatment and the original cancer patient's family members started arguing with the department head. I took the chance to slip into his office and take a CD. I took the CD because he had just taken it out of the safe when we charged in and started arguing with him. He didn't have the time to put it back and so I managed to snatch it."

"What's inside?"

Ge Kuangyi shook his head, "I got a laptop to see, but there's a password on it."

He took the CD out of his shirt, "I'll give you the CD, but you need to share what's on it with me and heal me."  

Xing Ye nodded, "No wonder you were so willing to trade, it's information you can't even use. But you're right, there's definitely something on this disk."  

Now, they needed Yan Hebi. Xing Ye passed the disk to Yan Hebi and asked him to crack it.

At the same time, Guan Ling received Xing Ye's signal and touched Ge Kuangyi. A few seconds later, Ge Kuangyi said excitedly, "It's not sore, it doesn't hurt anymore! I'm starving!"  

His gaze couldn't help but gravitate to the takeout boxes Xing Ye had left on the desk. Xing Ye ordered a bunch of dishes and there were still a few they hadn't finished. They had tidied it up and planned to eat it later. It was already cold.

Noticing the greed on Ge Kuangyi's face, Xing Ye waved his hand. Ge Kuangyi immediately picked up the food, inhaling it in large gulps.

On the other side, Yan Hebi wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Good thing my starting ability's strong and I have a quick reaction time. The CD actually sends a notification when there's an attempt to unlock it, but I managed to cut off the internet connection in time so it's limited to this computer. However, you won't be able to go online with this again or it'll be discovered."

Xing Ye didn't care, "It's fine, I'll just buy a new one. Did you find anything important?"

"There's stuff on here, but it's not readable." Yan Hebi shook his head.

Xing Ye walked over and saw the file was filled with garbled text, like some kind of secret code. He studied it for a while but couldn't find anything.

"We need the cipher key to translate the secret message. We might need to look through the department head's office again." Xing Ye frowned.

He glanced at Guan Ling. Guan Ling knew he wanted him to test the department head and left. Xing Ye was a little worried about sending him alone and decided to go through the staircase and wait in a corner of the hall near the department head's office with Cao Qian. They used the surveillance camera's blind spots to avoid being seen.

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