Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 157: A way to survive?

It's now one day before the estimated collapse of Monolith 32.

The Tokyo Area fell further into pandemonium.

The market price for plane tickets to other Areas were downright unaffordable.

To get enough funds to purchase a ticket, the desperate citizens resorted to crazy means.

Theft and robbery became a common occurrence.

Walk into the city and you will find that the supermarkets, commercial district, markets, and factories were looted clean.

Nothing was left after the looters had their fill, there were shards of glass and blood on the ground suggesting violent fights broke out over the merchandise.

Besides that, mansions and villas were broken into, leaving broken windows and shattered doors creaking in the wind.

The Tokyo Area looked like hell on earth.

Contentious topics were also a regular mention.

Fairy Tail's declaration became a major focus in 80% of the conversations held.

Noah told the reporters and his declaration was broadcasted to the whole area.

Naturally, people had something to say regarding his actions and words.

The people who can still think properly started blaming the fools for dragging them into this situation. They cursed the fools who deprived Tokyo Area of a significant portion of its fighting power.

The ones who screwed up also feared the consequences of their actions. But, they showed no remorse or signs of being sorry.

The ones who were there, the ones who instigated Fairy Tail's withdrawal silently struggled with their own fear. When asked, they told the reporters with fuming looks that they didn't care, after all, there's still the self-defense force even if they lost a huge number of civil defense officers.

With the self-defense force around, they said it will all turn out to be fine.

In the past, Tokyo Area waged war with the Gastreas two times.

The first time was in 2021 when the Gastreas appeared for the first time in human history.

The first war split the country into 5 Areas. The self-defense force fought the Gastreas with Tokyo Area as the prime garrison. After countless human lives, survivors were successfully evacuated to the safety of the Monoliths. Humanity would refer to this war as the First Kanto Battle.

The second time was a fear years after that. Gastreas gathered once again to attack Tokyo Area.

This time, through intensive research and development, humanity discovered varanium and its ability to weaken and kill Gastreas.

Using the Monoliths as their fortress, humans fought back against the Gastreas with Varanium weapons.

That battle was the Second Kanto Battle.

This time, because of the appearance of the Aldebaran, Tokyo Area faced another impending danger once more. The battle this time will be named the Third Kanto Battle.

With the previous two wars ending in humans repelling the Gastreas, they were hopeful that the self defense force would be able to once again repel the monster threatening Tokyo Area.

However, they used this as an excuse for their words and action that day.

Noah's words drew more attention from the pundits.

Giving up sanctuary in the bunkers and ditching the Tokyo Area, is Fairy Tail planning on getting wiped out too?

The experts shared their own thoughts.

Some speculated that Noah was just saying it in the heat of the moment. When Tokyo Area goes up in flames, he will reveal his true nature and run off like a routed dog.

Some speculated that Noah wasn't sure he and his cohorts can hold the Gastreas off that's why they chose to sit this one out. Making the self-defense force carry them through the battle. They theorized that he might do something different depending on the progress of the defensive battle.

There are also smart-alecks who thought Noah said that because he had something to back it up. He didn't cut ties with Tokyo Area for no reason.

Then, someone posted an article that was widely circulated in mainstream media and on the internet.

<<Neutrality isn't the same as suicide. Does Fairy Tail have a way to survive this battle?>>

The citizens agreed with what they read. That would explain Noah's confidence when he chose to not take part in the defensive battle.

Then, a series of question followed that article.

"Guild master!"

Kayo placed a stack of papers on Noah's desk. She heaved as she reported her findings.

"These just came in."

Noah sighed.

"More requests to join Fairy Tail?"


Kayo helplessly nodded.

"They are so obvious. They want to join Fairy Tail because they think they can ride this one out under Fairy Tail's banner."

"Like the ones before, get more eyes on the requests and properly vet them."

Noah waved his hands in an annoyed manner.

"The same criteria applies. They cannot be people who hate cursed children, must accept cursed children for what they are and they must be people of outstanding personality. Those can join, anyone who fails to meet one of these criteria must be rejected and chased out immediately."

"I understand."

Kayo grabbed the stack of papers and she carried it away while heaving.

As for Tina, she took turns carrying stacks of join request into Noah's room.

The door opened again.

"Same thing as before."

Noah said without lifting his head.

"Get more eyes on the requests."

Noah didn't get the prompt reply he expected.

He looked up and saw a pair of male and female.

It was Rentaro and Kisara.

"What brought you two here?"

Noah asked in puzzlement.

"Is your body alright?"

"I can move around just fine."

Kisara replied.

"However, it will be a while before I can fight."

"That's not an issue."

Noah shrugged.

"As long as you're healthy and recovering."

Kisara giggled as Rentaro asked Noah with a low tone.

"Are you sure about this?"

Noah smiled coldly at him.

"I knew you would come."

"You knew?"


Noah stared into Rentaro's eyes.

"I told you. You are someone who would sacrifice himself in the name of the greater good. When your loved ones are threatened, you will be moved into action. I knew, sooner or later, you would be here asking me to help those humans."

Rentaro was speechless.

He nailed Rentaro's motive in coming here.

He wanted to know why Noah's not compelling Fairy Tail members to help defend Tokyo Area. He also wanted to know why they gave up the chance of entering the safety bunkers.

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