Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 170: After the dust settled, the right time?

Three days later, Monolith 32's construction started.

Everyone inside the Tokyo Area can see a squadron of helicopters air-lifting the new Monolith 32 with specialized alloy nets. The choppers were heading towards where Monolith 32 once stood.

It's easy to construct a Monolith.

Building it is pretty much just piling up blocks of Varanium on top of each other and then using a fleet of choppers to lift the whole thing to the intended destination. After that, the crew will stick the whole thing together using an industrial-grade adhesive that has stronger bonding power than the ones used on airplanes and spacecraft.

With heavy construction underway, the new Monolith is currently only 100 meters tall.

To prevent further Gastrea incursion, the construction of the new monolith became a critical matter for Tokyo Area. Helicopters and logistic machinery filled the construction ground.

The people who spent a fortune to escape Tokyo Area started returning in droves. The people hiding in the bunkers also came out. Things looked like it was on track to become the Tokyo Area before the Aldebaran attack. The citizens laughed their days away like nothing happened.

However, things did change.

Those who robbed, pillage, hurt, killed and maimed others during the chaos before the Aldebaran attack were brought to justice one by one. The people who showed their ugly sides were ostracized. Karma might be a bitch but she's fair, these inhuman individuals will no doubt live low-key lives like rats, they will now have a taste of what it's to live as cursed children.

Mass media rumbled as a piece titled [The Third Great Kanto Battle] made rounds on all channels.

It's a grim article detailing the casualties and losses the Tokyo Area suffered between the Stage V Scorpio attack and the Stage IV Aldebaran attack.

To summarize:

Tokyo Area Ground Self-Defense Force: Mortality at 83%

Tokyo Area Marine Self-Defense Force: Mortality at 45%

Tokyo Area Air Self-Defense Force: Mortality at 95%

In conclusion, the Self-defense force might have escaped total wipeout, however, it's going to take them a long time to recover, even longer if they want to return to their peak state.

Another casualty statistic made the citizens tremble.

Total mortality for all civil defense officers: 13%

Most of the casualties were incurred when the civil defense officers fought against the Aldebaran in the first confrontation.

As for casualties during the Scorpio attack, Kagetani and Kohina did most of the damage, killing about 20-30 IP pairings.

As for the Aldebaran attack, most civil defense officers ditched the Tokyo Area to seek refuge with Fairy Tail. They also chose to stay out of the first confrontation due to the spat between Fairy Tail and the citizens. This resulted in the minimization of civil defense officer casualties.

This is why civil defense officers got out of this mess relatively unscathed.

If Gadou didn't sacrifice his leg to make the Aldebaran retreat, the civil defense officers who participated in that conflict would have died.

With the Self-defense force more or less crippled, the citizens of Tokyo Area will no doubt turn their attention to the activities of civil defense officers.

The article finished with such a line.

"Tokyo Area is the first country to survive the destruction of a monolith pillar in more than 10 years since the whole world fell into chaos."

The one who created this miracle, the one who single-handedly saved the entire Tokyo Area is none other than Noah Dreyar.

Tokyo Area 39, Fairy Tail...

Kayo watched the TV in the living room with the remote control in her hand.

On it, Seitenshi led Rentaro, Enju, Gadou, Mibu, and other exemplary individuals who contributed greatly to the success of the Third Kanto Battle in a congratulatory celebration. The reporters peppered them with questions while others lauded them as the heroes. Kisara and Tina were also there.

Seitenshi apologized in front of reporters and the attendees.

She didn't do anything wrong, she's just sorry the people who came here to see the great hero who saved the Tokyo Area would go home without being able to lay an eye on the hero himself. That's because the hero ditched his own victory banquet.

She watched as Seitenshi deftly handled the reporters' questions. She turned her head around to look at the culprit behind this mess.

"Guild master, is it going to be okay? I mean, you aren't participating in a celebration meant for you."

"I don't see any problems though?"

Noah read the document in his hand while replying nonchalantly.

"Technically, I sent Tina as a representative, didn't I?"

"The people of Tokyo Area want to see the hero, not a substitute."

Kayo shook her head.

"If guild master's not there, a lot of people will be disappointed."

"You're wrong."

Noah continued.

"If I went, more would be disappointed."

Noah said he wasn't going to join the defense effort.

At that time, nobody can fault him.

Nobody believed someone from the relatively small-scaled Fairy Tail can save the whole area.

Alas, he slapped their metaphorical cheeks by saving their sorry butts. Now, they know who saved them.

Naturally, there are bound to be people who are not happy with a victory banquet thrown for Noah.

Even without him there, the people were looking sour.

Seitenshi, Rentaro, Kisara, and other members all sternly reprimanded the citizens who created chaos and strife through their careless and/or malicious words and action. The citizens who personally begged Noah to help also expressed their frustration, shame, and anger towards these unruly bastards. Gadou also publicly chastised the bad apples.

There are many who woke up to a very stern voice from their hot-headed rash decisions. After this banquet, citizens will go to bed with a deep sense of remorse. For those who are without cure, they will go to bed hating Noah and Fairy Tail even more.

Soon, Noah would make use of their hatred and jealousy.

He grinned when he read the files in his hand, it was a frosty grin.

He took out his phone and he dialed a number, the owner of that number picked up almost like the person had been on standby.

"It's time, the plan we agreed on can go ahead now!"

The owner of that number replied in an elated and charming voice.

"I understand, I will get my men ready. We owe you one, Noah-chan."

Noah continued placing the phone near his ear while grinning. He looked at the document in his hand.

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