Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 183: Exceed, the 1 in 1000 human

"Hey, Noah."

Imari asked Noah with her hands behind her back. She's still peeking at his cloth sack.

"You learned Kendo?"


Noah nodded, this wasn't a fact he needed to hide.

"Not just Kendo, I know Aikido, Judo, Boxing, various other forms of martial arts, I also know a bit of marksmanship."


Imari can't help but gasp in admiration.

"I didn't think you had so many types of combat knowledge under your belt, won't it be tremendously beneficial to you if you get in the school?"

"What do you mean?"

Noah recalled the school's special program.

"Ah, right, I almost forgot this place taught combat skills in addition to normal courses."

For students with a martial background, the school's program would fit their skill sets well.

Imari is still a bit puzzled by Noah's nonchalant look.


"And? There's more?"

Noah is a bit surprised.

"How would my knowledge benefit me other than that?"


Imari was confused.

"You mean the recruiter who brought you here didn't tell you anything?"


Noah replied instantly.

"After passing the physique check, the recruiter just told me to come here and take the entrance exam. If I pass then I'm in, that's about it."

"Sounds horribly irresponsible to me."

Imari shook her head helplessly.

"Then you don't know much about the entrance exam?"

Noah nodded.

Imari giggled before trying to cheer Noah up.

"Alright, let me fill you in on the details."


Noah can't help but express his doubt.

"You're saying you know more about the school?"

"I don't know what was the deal with your recruiter. The recruiter should have told you more. Anyway, the Dawn Organization found me and sent me here."

Imari puffed her chest out with a grin.

"Before coming here, they already told me stuff about the school."

Noah felt a bit stressed.

He came here thinking he would need to snoop around more to dig up details on the school. Yet, he's about to get easy information through another student.

Noah raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, is it okay to tell me all of these?"

Imari gave him a warm smile.

"I didn't think you had a soft side."


Noah used a speechless face.

"What makes you say that?"

"We just met and you're already thinking about my interest rather than yours, isn't that right?"

Imari teased him.

"Isn't that what a nice guy would do?"

"Is that a warm action though?"

Noah started avoiding Imari's amused gaze.

"I was just thinking maybe it's not wise for you to blab about the school when they are going through all the trouble of keeping a lid on things."

"It's fine."

Imari shrugged.

"Since you're here then you're probably an Exceed too. It's going to be fine."

"An Exceed?"

This is first time Noah's heard of this term.

"If that's the case then tell me everything you know."

Imari tilted her head and she started formulating her thoughts. She hammered her palm.

"Do you know about the Dawn Organization?"

Imari saw Noah's bitter smile so she chuckled before she started her explanation.

"The Dawn Organization is a research institute specializing in genetic research. Kouryou Academy was built by the institute."

"They are studying genetics here?"

Noah asked.

Imari nodded.

"A few years ago, the organization came up with a nanomachine that can biologically enhance humans. It's called <<Lucifer>>. This invention can make superhumans out of human subjects."

Imari jutted up her index finger.

"This Lucifer can only be installed in 1 out of 1000 humans. Exceeds are humans who successfully accepted the implant. Besides superhuman physique, the enhancement also gives the subject enhanced mental capacities, users can manifest even their souls!"


Noah looked at Imari like she's crazy.

Noah knew about souls.

Manifesting souls?

This world had such a miraculous invention?

"These manifested souls are called Blaze. An Astar appears on the Exceed's body and he/she can summon her Blaze through the Astar mark. Exceed is what we will be known as after we achieve this."

Noah finally understood the academy's true purpose.

The school is a front set-up by the Dawn Organization. They are here to find suitable candidates that can manifest Astar marks. This place also doubled as a place to nurture these special talents.

The recruiter probably discovered something about Noah's physique which led to Noah's qualification in the entrance exam.

"In other words..."

Noah turned his head the other way. He looked at the building.

"The entrance exam is essentially an event where Kouryou Academy injects <<Lucifer>> into us?"

"That was my hypothesis, it doesn't seem to be the case here."

Imari leaned outwards.

"Since you're here with little to no details on what's going to happen then the entrance exam will also most likely involve consent about the acceptance of the procedure, that should be it, I think?"

Noah nodded. His eyes flashed slightly.

Body enhancement, mental enhancement, and soul manifestation. Lastly, the Blaze.

Noah started grinning.

Things are getting interesting.

"Now you know why I said you have an edge?"

Imari nudged Noah.

"Since you know so many types of combat skills, the compatibility of your fighting style and your subsequent Blaze is kind of moot since you can use most weapons, isn't that right?"

Noah shrugged.

Noah and Imari started getting into a chatting storm on the topic of Kendo.

After talking with Imari, Noah found out the Kendo they used were of different styles. She's practicing sports Kendo which isn't so much about combat practicality than a sport to keep one's fitness in tip-top shape. Noah's Kendo is made for taking lives and causing maximum damage to opponents.

Noah just gave her a few pointers and Imari's eyes immediately lit up with excitement. She kept going on while prancing around Noah.

She's quick to make friends with Noah despite meeting him half an hour ago.

Finally, it was Noah's turn.

"Noah Dreyar?"

The guy in white robes checked his name list.

Noah nodded back.

"Please enter."

"You're up1"

Imari patted Noah's shoulder. She beamed radiantly at him.

"Don't forget to tell me how it feels when you're done!"

Noah gave her the "ok" sign and he entered the building with the health professional's guidance.

Passing through multiple corridors, Noah finally entered what appeared to be a large school infirmary.

Another doctor sat on a chair with a needless injector gun that had a large ampoule of unknown liquid in it.

Is that the <<Lucifer>>?

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