Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 189: A David vs Goliath victory


A chair in the auditorium got shattered into a million pieces by a brass-knuckle-wearing fighter.


The students near that area immediately evacuated to a safer distance from the other students. They continued watching the duel with baffled looks.

Fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh

Daisuke is like a human-sized meat grinder with his brass knuckles. He continued weaving forth in a torrent of deadly blows. The brass knuckles cut through the air as he continued his rush assault.

Tap tap tap tap

Noah closed his eyes. He was moving left and right like he could see the attacks coming without using his vision. With precise footwork, he dodged all the blows.

A closer inspection would reveal something spectacular.

Every time Daisuke punched, Noah read the cues and moved before the punching motion is finished. This is how he dodged the superhuman speedy blows with mortal speed.

This level of predictive accuracy is scary.

In this world, only someone like Noah who had combat experience and keen senses can pull off something miraculous like this.

Daisuke probably noticed this as well. He started getting anxious and he decided to increase his attack frequency.

However, this decision created gaps in his attacks. Noah who had ultra instincts caught every gap like a pro.


Like a dancing willow, Noah who had no trouble dodging Daisuke's attack suddenly dashed between Daisuke's arms.

Caught by surprise, Daisuke wanted to make a move.

As an Exceed, making a move should have relatively easy.

If Daisuke didn't attack, that is...


Noah launched himself at Daisuke an instant after the guy launched a cross, it's like he calculated this from the start. Locked in his own move, Daisuke couldn't halt himself in time.

Noah caught this gap as he grabbed Daisuke's outstretched arm.

Daisuke thought Noah was going for another shoulder throw so he lowered his center of gravity to steady himself.

But, Noah didn't do that. Instead, he locked Daisuke's arms and forced him to punch himself in the chest. He leveraged Daisuke's momentum and used that force against Daisuke.


Daisuke hit himself with his own brass knuckle.


Daisuke groaned as he backpedaled.

This was different than the shoulder throw.

An Exceed had enhanced durability that complemented their enhanced strength and speed. Getting thrown against the ground stunned them momentarily at best, it didn't do any real damage against their durable bodies.

However, this was different.

Daisuke hit himself with his own superhuman strength.

It was like Daisuke got hit by another Exceed on his level.

Daisuke was angered by the pain of this attack and the suffocating sensation that followed.

"Do you only know these petty tricks?!"

With a loud holler, Daisuke raised his fists before smashing down towards Noah's shoulders.

"You want a clash between my mortal physique and an Exceed's body like you?"

Noah chuckled. He got in closer for another juke where he rammed into Daisuke while he's locked in his own attacks.


Daisuke couldn't react in time so he got shoulder-slammed by Noah.

This shoulder slam didn't do any significant harm against Daisuke's tough body.

However, this attack did temporarily uproot Daisuke, putting him in the air.

Noah spun around for a low sweep kick aimed at Daisuke's ankle.

This connected and Daisuke lost his balance.


Daisuke fell face-first onto the ground, he moaned in pain.


Daisuke wanted to get up as he roared out loud.


The students cried out at the same time.

Daisuke knew something was happening but the sharp elbow above him already crashed down by the time he realized an attack was incoming.

Noah dropped his elbow on Daisuke.


Noah hit Daisuke squarely on the back of his head.

Daisuke's eyes jutted outwards as he crashed back onto the floor. His vision blurred from this heavy strike.


Daisuke grabbed the back of his neck while struggling to hold onto reality. He turned towards Noah.


"As expected of an Exceed, a normal human would have lost consciousness by now. I miscalculated the result of this attack."

Noah said while looking down from above. He purposely said that out loud so Daisuke can hear him.

He raised his foot.

"I am guessing this next attack will knock you out, what do you think?"

Noah stomped the back of Daisuke's neck.



Daisuke's eyes rolled back into his skull as he lost consciousness.


Daisuke's brass knuckles dissipated in a burst of flames.


Daisuke went limp as his eyes closed.

The students blinked multiple times to confirm the scene of Daisuke's defeat. They inhaled deeply.

Sakuya also closed her eyes. She had no visible expression or emotions on her face.


Imari wasn't sure how to vocalize her utter amazement and shock.

Noah slapped the dust away from his uniform and he glanced at Sakuya. He didn't gloat, he started making his way towards the exit.


A low growl came from behind Noah.

"I haven't lost yet!"

Daisuke grabbed a nearby chair and he ran towards Noah like a crazed bear. He swung the chair at Noah.


A few girls screamed in horror.

Noah spun around to kick Daisuke's wrist.

Daisuke flinched in pain as the chair flew out of his hands.

Imari stood in the path of the flying chair, petrified by shock.

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