Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 198: Combat jog? Physical training?

"Over here! Everybody, gather near Usa-sensei!"

Usa-sensei waved towards the students while dressed in a bunny maid uniform, she also didn't forget about the rabbit ears. It's like she's not afraid people might judge her attire. She's waving her arms like she's teetering between falling off a high cliff.

With such a salient landmark, the students weren't worried they might get lost. They ran over and queued up in front of Usa-sensei.

Everybody already changed into their PE uniforms.

Noah stood closer to the edge of the gathering venue. He's not fond of his short-sleeved short pants PE uniform judging by the frown on his face. He also stood with his hands behind his back. He firmly covered his left hand with his right hand.

His left hand is too eye-catching.

That's because his left arm is covered entirely in white bandages.

The students could see the bandages because of his PE uniform, they couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

"What's wrong with your hand?"

Imari examined Noah's tightly bound arm.

"Did you get hurt or something?"

Julie also wandered over to check on Noah's arm. She's not too emotional but it's clear she's confused by his arm.

It appears Julie can still show consideration for others.

Tomoe and Miyabi also gathered near Noah.

"We should have made the resolve to get hurt when we enrolled in a school like this. I know we have superhuman regeneration but if it's causing you trouble then you should probably call in sick."

Tomoe suggested.

"How about it? Want me to help request sick leave from Usa-sensei?"

"You girls worry too much."

Noah shook his head. He raised the bandaged arm while showing a nostalgic smile.

"It's just an old scar from the past. The injury healed long ago, I just don't feel comfortable letting everyone see my scar."

During his childhood, in a fight against the Phantom Lord guild, Noah sustained injuries after blocking an attack to protect Erza. He recovered from his injuries but the scar remained with him through the years.

He wore a long-sleeved shirt to shield his scar from public view. He managed to get by without being detected for wearing bandages. However, since they wore short-sleeved shirts, he couldn't hide his bandages.

Julie asked Noah.

"You okay?"

Julie's like an adorable critter, Noah couldn't help but pat Julie on her head. His expression also loosened.

"It's fine, don't worry about it."


Julie's ahoge started moving back and forth as Noah rubbed her head. Although she's not showing it on her face, she's definitely enjoying this treatment.


Imari saw this and she drew her face closer to Noah's.

"When did you get so chummy with Julie?"


Noah tilted his head, his hand never stopped giving Julie headpats.

"Is this chummy?"

Imari narrowed her eyes. She revealed a sly grin.

"You guys didn't notice this?"

Noah and Julie exchanged a look. They shook their heads at the same time. Imari wasn't sure how she should rip on them.

"Is everyone here?!"

Usa-sensei's vibrant voice echoed across the field.

"Alright, today's lesson will be physical strengthening!"

"Physical strengthening?!"

"Yes! It's physical training!"

Usa-sensei explained while bouncing around.

"Everybody knows that the Astar Mark can magnify the host's physical abilities. Training your bodies will amplify the effects of the Astar Mark, isn't that right?"

The students got the gist of this training and nodded.

Using the previous example, if the students here are all rated 1 in terms of physical ability where most of them aren't even at the level of 1 in terms of stamina, strength, flexibility, reaction time, and speed then the 10x amplification effect of the Astar Mark can't bring their physical ability rating up to level 10.

If the students completed physical training that brought their basic physical level to 2 or 3 then the Astar Mark can amplify their abilities to level 20 - 30 while still being at Rank I.

Aside from the normal curriculum, Kouryou Academy also gave the students battle lessons. Naturally, physical training is included in their programs.

Wouldn't it be a waste of Astar Marks if they just studied all day long?

"Let's start from the basics. We will slowly work strength, speed, reflex, and agility into our program. Also, the later parts of our training will contain training to increase your durability and attack power. Of course, let's not forget about our combat training!"

Usa-sensei nodded while smiling.

"So, we will be started with the basics of physical enhancement, jogging!"

The students were stumped by her revelation.

But, it did make sense, jogging's a very effective way to raise someone's fitness.

Noah who trained for years on end could attest to this.

Noah also spotted something off.

"Just jogging?"

Noah's question attracted everyone's attention.

"Oya oya, not bad, you asked a very good question without beating around the bush."

Usa-sensei giggled. She pointed her baton at Noah before giving him a cheeky wink.

"In any case, this school's built to train you all in combat techniques, even if you're just jogging. That is why there is a special rule."

Usa-sensei spread her arms outwards. She took out a banner despite lacking places to hide said banner in the first place.

The banner had a simple phrase on it.

"Combat jog?"

"That's right! Combat jog!"

Usa-sensei jumped around again.

"First, everyone needs to complete 10 laps around the academy.  Anyone who finishes the 10 laps can consider their mission accomplished."

"But, if you spot anyone during your jog..."

Usa-sensei started snickering.

"Go over there and whack them!"

"You want us to hit other people?!"

The students gasped.

"Wait! Sensei!"

Tomoe stepped forward.

"We must jog and fight with the joggers around us?"


Usa-sensei grinned.

"The rules are simple, you can use any tactic but Blaze usage is banned during this training."

Usa-sensei took out a starting pistol.

"Alright, get set, go!"


Usa-sensei fired the starting pistol without entertaining further questions.

The students exchanged looks of confusion before dashing out like fish bursting forth from a tank.

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