Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 200: An earth-shaking punch attack


The two figures charged at Noah like two tempests.

Noah allowed them to get close. The wind made his hair dance while his deep black eyes stayed on the attackers.


Aoi and Tooru stomped hard, they split to the sides. They are going for a pincer attack from both sides.

Noah's eyes flashed and he stepped back.


Noah moved away just in time for a fist to blow past him.


Aoi to deliver his strike.

Aoi used two more steps to cover the distance between him and Noah.


Noah grinned. With a slight bounce, Noah pushed himself away from the ferocious charge of the tiger-like attacker (Torasaki has the character of tiger in it).

"Don't forget about me!"

Someone said. Noah just steadied himself when something came from behind him.

Noah wasn't fazed by this. He pivoted with his right foot to dodge the punch attack with a dangerously slim margin.

Tooru also missed.

Aoi and Tooru made for a good combo. They knew when to take turns, they also knew how and where to position themselves for an attack or defense. The ludicrous synchronization between them shocked Noah.

Aoi and Tooru's compatibility suggested that they were already friends before they enrolled here. Unlike Imari and Julie, the male Duo knew each other.

That can only mean that they trained in the same dojo or they trained the same type of martial art before they enrolled here.

That would answer why Tooru and Aoi can complement each other so well with similar fighting styles.

Another person would have been flustered by this series of combo attacks even if they had superior techniques.

Alas, Tooru and Aoi faced Noah.

Although the three fighters are Rank I Exceeds, their capabilities couldn't be further apart. Noah also intentionally suppressed himself to the level of an average Rank I. But, his combat experience and mastery of techniques far exceeded Tooru and Aoi.

Moreover, Noah's senses covered the entire area.

Any slight movement would draw Noah's attention.

Despite Aoi and Tooru's commendable offense, their intense and confusing barrage of attacks couldn't take Noah down.

In other words, Noah can read their moves like an open book.

Even an Exceed graduate with a Rank III designation couldn't beat Noah when he's using an average human's abilities. What can Tooru and Aoi do when they are just freshmen with Rank I Astar Marks?

Hitting Noah?

Easier said than done.

"This guy, he's formidable as expected."

After having Noah dodge his attacks with razor-thin margins, Tooru's expression turned dark. He clenched his teeth before speeding up, turning into a series of afterimages, he dashed towards Noah.


Again, Noah dodged Tooru's attack.

"Over here!"

Aoi also dipped into his reserves to speed up. He unleashed a body slam...

...that missed once more.

Off the beaten path, the battle raged on.

Tooru and Aoi are already moving so fast each strike created a minor gale. It's gotten to the point where the naked eye can't capture their movements.

Even so, the youth being attacked by the fearsome duo looked like he was chilling in a park. He stepped around with the bare minimum of movement. He added a twist or turn here and there. Aoi and Tooru still couldn't land a hit on him.

Soon, Tooru and Aoi noticed something terrifying.

Noah dodged the attacks while staying in the same spot, he never left the circle area with a 1-meter radius.


Enraged, Aoi stomped hard, sending dust into the air. Then, he circled Noah ferociously.

From an aerial view, Aoi looked like he was drawing a circle around Noah. The dust that he sent into the air clouded everyone's vision, covering Noah too.

Aoi used this dust cloak to unleash a fearsome punch at the figure stuck at the center of this dust storm.

"Interesting technique, you're good."

Noah mused out loud.

"But, it's useless."


It sounded like somebody whipped something out. A ghostly hand appeared from within the dust cloud. The palm landed lightly on Aoi's chest, sneaking past his punch.


The light palm strike looked relatively harmless until it struck Aoi. The force resonated within Aoi's body.


It felt like somebody slammed Aoi with a sledgehammer. No, it felt like he got hit by a moving truck, he was sent flying into the distance.

Despite getting hit, Aoi showed a victorious grin.


Another silhouette entered the dust cloud as if they discussed this beforehand. It didn't take long for the sneaky attacker to make it over to Noah's flank.

"It's over!"

Tooru wind his fist back like a drawn bowstring.

Noah finally saw an incredible scene.


Tooru's fist started shining with a golden light. The abnormal power swirled around Tooru's fist like a golden maelstrom.


Tooru unfurled his meteoric punch at a shocked Noah.

A beautiful golden flash burst forth from within the dust cloud.


An explosion occurred where the strong shockwave blew away the initial dust cloud. Then, the second wave of dust scattered throughout the area.


The ground got sundered as if a meteor just landed.

Pieces of stone littered the sky.

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