Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 209: Probing each other and various motivations

Today, the students mostly studied standard curriculums. They usually have training lessons afternoon.

After class ended, the literature teacher went out of the classroom. Imari immediately turned around to slouch on Noah's desk. She looked like she was troubled by something.

"We just settled on our Duos, I can't believe the school would have us do mock battles so soon. Sheesh, never a dull moment in this school."


Noah shook his head.

"I feel like this is the better way to do things if we are talking about developing combat prowess."

Before Imari can answer, someone interrupted them.


Tomoe, Miyabi, and Julie joined Imari and Noah.

"I think the school wants us to get better quickly, right?"

Tomoe asked Noah.

"The entrance exam, the endurance runs we have to go through, the classes we were given, they are all oriented in a fashion that makes us better fighters. The Blaze lessons are probably designed to do the same thing too."

Noah & co never got to use their Blaze since enrollment.

With the Blaze lessons starting, the school decided to let the students run loose with their Blazes.

"With that in mind, I would have liked the school tto give us more time to adjust to our Blazes."

Miyabi continued.

"The school made it illegal to use Blaze without permissions. I also never used mine, I don't even know how to use it."

During the entrance exam, students were required to defeat their opponents using their Blaze.

Miyabi didn't fight that time.

She still enrolled because her opponent was too scared and ran away before her.

Miyabi was too frightened to move so she won by default as she still stayed in the duel area.

Imari and Miyabi are both similar in that they won by default rather than beating their allocated opponents. They never got to use their own Blaze.

"I have some experience in Kendo."

Imari said nonchalantly.

"I never used my Blaze but since my Blaze is a sword, I don't think it would be too hard to adjust to my own sword."

"My Blaze is also a weapon I had experience handling in the past."

Tomoe giggled.

"I don't have any problems with my Blaze."


Julie interrupted.

"I can use mine too."

Imari, Julie, Tomoe, and Miyabi all looked at Noah.

"Why are you all looking at me?"

Noah rolled his eyes.

"You girls think I don't know how to pull a trigger?"

The girls exchanged looks before chortling bitterly. All of them laughed except for Julie.

True, although the revolver Blaze is something new to Noah, pulling a trigger shouldn't be that hard.

Against a gun user, the students are going to have a bad time if they encounter Noah.

"So nice."

Miyabi mumbled.

"If only I knew how to use my Blaze, that would be so great."

"It's okay, even if we fail, we won't be expelled."

Tomoe tried to pacify her.

"It's okay, Miyabi, you don't have to force yourself. We still have time to practice our Blaze after school, I am sure you will acclimate in no time at all."

Before the start of the New Duos Battles, the students can apply for permissions to use Blaze within designated areas of the school for training purposes.

Newbies are expected to utilize this chance to train in their Blazes and prepare for the New Duos Battles.


Miyabi still looked like she was very anxious.

"I am not good at fighting..."

Tomoe calmed her down once more.

"This is different from the entrance exam, you aren't doing this alone. You still have me as your Duo."

Miyabi nodded, however, everyone could see she was forcing herself to smile.

Noah & co knew what was going through Miyabi's mind.

Miyabi is afraid that she might be holding Tomoe back.

"Miyabi, stop worrying about it."

Imari patted Miyabi on her back, she used the most energetic tone she had inside her.

"There are only a few students with martial arts experience in our class. The rest of them are just normal students like you. Tomoe is a trained martial artist since childhood, there is no way she would lost to other students."

"During combat, don't forget your breathing technique."

Noah told Miyabi.

"Doing so will provide you with ample stamina. You can use that to run, there is no shame in running away from a fight you can't win."


Miyabi nodded vigorously. She looked more relaxed now than before.

Two male students walked over.

"Having a tactical meeting are we?"

Noah recognized the students.

Miyabi hid behind Tomoe's back.


Noah beamed at them.

"Kokonoe, Torasaki, you two came to snoop?"

Kokonoe Tooru and Torasaki Aoi arrived.

"Do we even need to gather intel?"

Aoi pushed up his glasses, he tried to sound haughty.

"We already know about your skills."

"Plus, the Duo register gave us all the basic details when we got drafted into the New Duos Battles."

Tooru rubbed the back of his head.

"I never saw the register but Aoi noted it down. That counts as intel, right?"

"I have seen the register too."

Imari sized up Tooru and Aoi.

"We don't have a lot of trained fighters in our class. You two look like you have combat experience."

"Strong foes."

Tomoe replied with a competitive smile.

"Miyabi, looks like we have to work hard."


Miyabi nodded one more time.

Tooru looked at Noah, he looked like he couldn't wait to fight Noah one more time.

"I look forward to encountering you during the event."


Aoi smirked.

"We won't lose this time!"

Tooru and Aoi exchanged sporty grins before leaving.

"Did they come here just to issue challenges?"

Imari winked at Noah.

"Looks like those two aren't afraid to fight you."


Noah shrugged.

"Don't tell me you girls are afraid of me?"

"No way!"

Imari and Tomoe said at the same time.

"I still remember how you forfeited the duel for me."

Imari pouted.

"I am going to prove that I didn't need that technical win."

"I have always wanted to fight you."

Tomoe said, she is clearly excited.

"I won't lose so easily."


Julie nodded.

"Even if Noah is the opponent, we won't lose!"

Miyabi sneaked furtive glancecs at Noah before hiding behind Tomoe once more.

That meek girl is too timid to challenge Noah.

Noah was amused by the ladies around him.

"Alright, let us all work hard!"


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