Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 212: The exciting dorm life

In front of a beautiful silver-haired lady, Noah immediately pulled Julie into his room because she was wearing nothing but her white shirt. Not to mention, she also has a pillow ready. Her porcelain white legs were completely exposed. Noah did that without thinking.


He slammed the door shut. This abrupt move woke up the sleepy Julie.

She looked puzzled much to Noah’s frustration.

She is probably wondering why Noah got violent with her.

Anyone would do the same thing.

The dorms weren’t separated into dorms for males and females.

Julie walked around in a risque outfit like that where random male students might have seen her.

She is already an exceedingly beautiful girl.

Ignoring the moral integrity of the male students, for now, they might not assault Julie but they will definitely ogle to their hearts’ content.

“Before I ask why you’re here, I have another serious question.”

“Yaa… Yaa…”

Julie’s ahoge twitched when Noah used that grave tone with her.

“G-go ahead.”

“Answer honestly.”

“Did anybody see you?”


Julie tilted her head.

She did as he said.

“Imari and my room isn’t far from here. I didn’t encounter anyone on the way here.”

Julie is very cute. When she appeared, the class couldn’t stop clamoring. If she was seen then they would have raised a ruckus by now.

It sounded peaceful outside so she is probably right, nobody saw her.

Noah sighed in relief.

“What’s the matter?”

“No, it’s nothing. Don’t mind me”

Noah chuckled.

“Julie, why are you here?”

Julie’s ahoge twitched again. As usual, he couldn’t read her stoic expression.

Julie lowered her head slightly.

“It felt lonely with Noah gone.”


Noah scratched his cheek.

“I thought Imari is there with you?”


Julie looked into his eyes.

“I still felt lonely.”


Noah dodged Julie’s intense gaze. He saw the pillow she is hugging.

“Don’t tell me you’re planning to crash at my place?”


Julie turned up her puppy eyes. She looked like an abandoned hamster.

“I can’t?”

Noah wanted to reject her.

But, if anyone had the guts to turn her down then Noah will definitely salute the guy.

Noah bitterly chortled.

“Okay, just this once.”


Julie’s ahoge started wagging around like a dog’s tail.

The lights inside the dorm went out.

“Good night, Noah.”

“Good night, Julie.”

Noah and Julie said good night.

Noah can tell Julie is happy.

This made Noah think about the Cursed children back in Black Bullet. They would sneak into his blanket all the time, led by Kayo and Tina. He rubbed Julie’s head.

Julie grabbed his sleeve harder. She buried her head near Noah’s chest.

“Dad’s smell…”


He rubbed her slightly harder.

She desires love.

She is powerful and beautiful. But, a young lady like her would probably feel intimidated in a school like this.

Julie is like a kid and it is understandable why she acted like a kid.

Noah told her it’s fine to keep crashing here.

“Well, you can come sleepover any time.”

Julie looked up at his face. Noah quickly placed a qualifier.

“Ah, but only when you’re feeling lonely, okay?”

Julie’s eyes lit up. She couldn’t hold back her passion so she hugged Noah tightly.

“Yaa~ I am so happy~”

Julie’s budding twin hills rubbed against his arm. He could also smell her faint floral aroma. He froze up and regretted his decision.

He thought he would be left alone. Now, it seems the exciting dorm life from before had returned.

Noah’s isolation also dissipated.

They both slept, forgetting someone important.

Early morning…

Noah felt a sharp and intimidating gaze on him before he woke up.

Noah opened his eyes immediately.

“Looks like you’re enjoying your life, Noah.”

Noah looked up to see a young lady with brown hair tied in a long ponytail.

She is in the female school uniform. Her jewel-like eyes shone with a dangerously cold glare. The room felt cold.

Who else but Julie’s dorm mate?

“To showcase my power in the upcoming New Duos tournament, I trained hard in my Blaze and skills. I slept without showering due to fatigue.”

Imari clenched her fists. There were veins near her temples.

“You abducted Julie and seemed to have enjoyed a good night’s sleep with her.”

Noah knew there was no talking out of this one. He gave her an awkward smile. Despite Imari’s stern gaze, he tried to ask knowing he should have just given up.

“I can guess what is going to happen next. But, can I get a chance to speak?”


Imari grinned.

“Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.”

Imari inhaled deeply. It is at this moment that Noah knew true despair.

“You lecher!”

Her shriek echoed across the dorm area.

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