Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 214: Blades, sword, chains, a series of captivating dances


The two slender figures on the branches swooped down like bats.

Imari also pounced on Noah like a meteor.

Noah raised an eyebrow. He raised a fist and his fist started swirling with spiral power. He punched Imari who is the closest to him.


The fist that can tear apart anything in its path headed for her.

Imari grimaced but she raised her blade just in time to hit back against Noah's punch.

Blaze can only harm the soul. It won't hurt anyone physically.

Imari leveraged on that to swing as hard as she can at Noah's fist.


When her blade connected, it didn't feel like she is hitting a bag of stardust. It felt like she is hitting tempered steel.


The monstrous strength behind that punch made air go out of Imari's lungs.

Noah grinned. He shot out a lightning-fast left jab. The jab stopped half a meter away from her chest.


Imari was sent back a few steps by the shockwave.

Tomoe and Julie arrived just in time to assist Imari. Specifically, Julie arrived first. She charged toward Wu Yan.

No matter how fast, no one can sneak up on Noah.

Noah already prepared for her before she arrived. He turned around and did a right hook. It had nothing special in it other than pure power.

Julie tensed up, she raised her cold blades to intercept that punch. She tried to block the punch.


The ensuing collision almost made her drop her blades as the shockwaves entered her body. She also got sent flying back despite the momentum she built up on the way here.

Noah only flinched slightly. He didn't even stagger a step back.

Noah's overwhelming strength outclassed Julie and her petite stature.

Julie is like a silver wolf. She steadied herself and she dashed in a zig-zag pattern toward Noah. Then, she unleashed a flurry of slashes on Noah.


Noah is slightly surprised because he never saw this attack from her before. He dodged the attacks instead of taking them head-on.

Noah limited himself to Rank I Exceed powers, he is unable to tank the damage from the blades and katana continuously.

He can smash the ladies' weapons because the Blazes harmed only his soul and not his body.

Noah did feel his soul trembling with each connected strike.

It was like someone knocked his brain with a hammer. Even his vision shook which was a fresh experience for him.

The momentary confusion is more dangerous than the mental pain it inflicted.

Noah decided to stop testing what the Blaze can do against him because he might lose if he keeps this up.

Jab stab stab slash

Julie continued to hack and slash at Noah without giving him an inch of breathing space.

The silver flash chased the shadowy mass in the wide field.

Interestingly, Julie got faster as the battle dragged on. Her blades were like an endless barrage of silver sword beams. The leaves in her path were torn to shreds.

Noah flashed and appeared instantly near Julie's left flank like a lightning bolt.

Noah hit Julie's wrist with a swift palm strike.


He disarmed her as she yelped. Her blade flew away, the blade stuck into the ground far away.

"You're quick, Julie."

Noah assessed.

"But, your attacks are as light as they are easy to read."

Noah spun like a spinning top. Julie only saw a blurred figure. By the time she reacted, Noah was already at her back.

He raised his hand to do a chop on Julie's neck.

This chop will probably knock Julie out if it connected.


Before he can knock Julie out. Clanging sounds gave another attack away. A chain shot at Noah like a black viper.

It was a kusarigama.

Noah had to stop or risk getting tangled by the kusarigama.

He jumped away instantly.

The kusarigama struck the ground like a lightning bolt. It left deep gashes on the ground, the air also felt slightly hot when the chain moved past Noah.


Noah glanced at the gash on the ground before looking in the assailant's direction.

Tomoe is retrieving her kusarigama on the branch. She ordered her teammates.


A figure equipped with Katana appeared behind Noah. It was like she waited for Noah to dodge in this direction. She unleashed a horizontal slash at Noah's back.

Julie also rushed at Noah with only a single blade.

With two bladed weapons at his front and back, Noah was caught in a pincer attack.

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