Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 217: Turning the soul into a weapon

Usa-sensei kicked Tooru.


Tooru was still covering Aoi when he got sent flying.

"Hah, weak."

Usa-sensei looked like she enjoyed beating the two students up.

"As Irregulars, aren't you supposed to be as strong as the other one?"

Tooru kept his eyes on Usa-sensei while holding his aching stomach.

Imari, Julie, Miyabi, and Tomoe arrived in time to see this.


Tomoe gasped.

"What is going on here?"

"You kids scared me."

Usa-sensei patted her chest as if she was actually afraid.

"As you can see, I am just cleaning up special individuals."

"Cleaning up? What do you mean?"

Imari asked.


"Just think of it as my job. I got saddled with this job by a certain individual who wanted to weed out the weak from the potential gems."

"Right, you girls are on my list too."

Julie, Imari, Tomoe, and Miyabi felt a cold rush climb up their spines.

Noah stepped between Usa-sensei and the ladies.

No, he is keeping her Tebutje in view.

"You chopped Aoi up with that Blaze, right?"

Noah snickered.

"I thought you said Blaze can only inflict mental pain? So you were lying?"

Noah was skeptical that the Blaze can only inflict mental pain.

Why can't these weapons impact the environment?

Usa-sensei shook her head.

"No, Blaze can only inflict mental pain. That is true to an extent."


Rito raised her finger.

"If you imbue your Blaze with killing intent and animosity, the desire to harm others will give your Blaze an edge, weaponizing it, you get me?"

"Okay. That's the end of the Q&A session with brats."

Usa-sensei stared at Noah with a creepy smile.

"I was permitted by my principal to use some of my real skills on you, Irregular. Can you use Exceed Rank I strength to beat me?"

Usa-sensei disappeared in a black blur. She charged at Noah with her  Tebutje ready.

Like black lightning, she swung her sword down. There was no hesitation on that cruel face of hers.

That slash is supersonic, it moved faster than anyone can hear.

Noah waited until the blade was only 20-cm away to shift his body left.


The blade missed Noah.

"Ha! Now, this is why you're different from the other brats!"

Usa-sensei wasn't fazed by this miss.

"Don't put me in the same class as Daisuke-sensei who is doomed to stay at Rank III!"

Usa slapped her blade to the side.


That blade threatened to slice Noah up like a brutal chainsaw.


Steel met as sparks flew.

Noah blocked the Tebutje with his revolver. The sparks lit up Noah's cold look.

Noah unleashed a right jab at Usa-sensei's chest.

"You're attacking a lady's chest? So uncouth!"

She snickered before punching Noah's right jab with a left hook.


The two fists met as a small shockwave erupted from them.

Noah felt something hard hit him. He was staggered before leaving cracked footprints on the stone pathway. Noah planted his right foot down to steady himself.

Noah frowned, that punch from Usa-sensei had sent him reeling back.

She had  more strength than Noah.

Usa-sensei had to be Rank III at least, that was the same rank as Daisuke.

It appears she is beyond Daisuke too, if what she said before had truth in it.

It was reckless to fight someone who had superior strength and ample experience like this.

The brief exchange happened so fast the others could barely catch up.

Only when the two expert fighters pulled away did the others react.

Imari, Julie, and Tomoe rallied near Noah with their Blazes ready. They stared at Usa-sensei with dark looks. They were also anxious.

Miyabi hid further away. She wasn't sure if she should participate in this brawl.

Tooru covered Aoi with his shield. He is still angry with Usa-sensei.


Usa-sensei's manic laughter echoed across the plaza.

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