Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 219: Emergency, speed, and attainment

Fighting an Exceed V is just suicide with Exceed I power. Using the ranking system of Astar Marks, Rank I is about x20 basic stats and Rank II is about x30 basic stats. Rank Four is about x40 basic stats. Lastly, Rank V is x50 basic stats. If Noah started out rank at basic stats +1 with Usa-sensei then the difference is 50 points versus Noah's 10 points, five times the difference.

This is when conservative figures were used. Considering that Noah placed limits on himself to not exceed Rank I, Usa-sensei's basic stats are also probably not +1, it is probably around +5. With 250 stats, Usa-sensei is probably 25 times more powerful than Noah's depowered mode.

These are only basic calculations of power. The experience and techniques they held also played a  role. The affinity of Blaze also had to be accounted for.

On this end, Usa-sensei is way more proficient at fighting than Daisuke. She also had skills. Overall, Usa-sensei had the advantage despite Noah's supernatural perception.

Noah felt like removing his limiter.

Noah is sure he can take Usa-sensei down if he unleashed himself up to Rank II multiples. In fact, he was sure he only needed his revolver at that level.

But, that was before Usa-sensei released her true powers.

Alas, Usa-sensei manifested her Ouroboros, her true Blaze.


Noah's mind went hot when she attacked Imari, Julie, Tomoe, Miyabi,  and Toooru.

He rushed at them without having the time to release his Limitations.

At this rate, he isn't going to make it in time to protect them, they might also die from this attack.

Speed, I need to go faster.

He saw Tooru and he recalled the powerful punch he mimicked and revised. He recalled the Annihilation Fist and the punch beam he can emit.

Noah channeled his power to his feet instead of fists.


The golden light that coated his fist now gathered at his feet. It was like Noah had jetpacks at his feet.

The shockwave of his Annihilation jump created a hole in the ground.

Noah used that explosive power to take flight.


Noah turned into a meteor as he flew to his friends. He took his friends away just in time as the whip blade slashed past where his friends once were.

Usa-sensei stored her smirk away.

Imari & co looked at themselves, they realized too late what just happened. Noah had one knee on the ground, the golden glow in his legs disappeared.

Usa-sensei flicked her wrist and the scale blades returned into its Tebutje form.

"What was that?"

"You want to know?"

Noah stared at Usa-sensei.

"I just learned it. I am going to call it Leap."

It was a derivative of the Annihilation fist's explosive power.

He used the explosive power to accelerate himself through emitting it beneath his feet.

He attained that skill when he realized he needed speed to save his friends despite not having time to release his Limitations.

Usa-sensei can tell Noah devised that technique on the spur of the momennt.

"You're indeed a true Irregular."

Usa-sensei fixed her eyes on Noah.

"My boss told me that I might have to use my real abilities against you. I assumed that meant I only had to release my true Blaze. Looks like my boss was right."

"Allow me to demonstrate."

Usa-sensei gave him a savage grin.

"The true power of my Blaze!"

"True power?!"

Noah's expression turned grim while Usa-sensei looked like a final boss charging up her ultimate skill.

"Don't blink you brats."

Usa-sensei made her blades fly away from her hilt. It spun in a circle on top of Usa-sensei's head.

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