Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 220: Victory shall be mine


Her Ouroboros started spinning at high speed in the air like a serpent eating itself.


The whirling whip blades emitted a shrill sound. It spun so fast that the air around it seemed to take on a different hue.

It is a pale blue glow reminiscent of death.

The spinning wheel blades continued to gather speed in the sky.


Imari, Julie, Tomoe, Miyabi, and Tooru looked grim.

"Let the teacher give you a lesson!"

Usa-sensei raised her hilt.

"Once Exceed reaches Rank IV, they can unlock the ability within their Blaze, this is my ability!"

She laughed as the whirling blades gathered the surrounding air near it.

A pale blue sheen coated her blades.

The winds it generated also assaulted everything nearby.

Rocks were moved as Imari & co moved back.

Noah slowly stood up.

His eyes had strong battle intent in them.

"Your true power..."

Noah got into a stance, he pulled his fist back like he is nocking an arrow.

"Let me see it!"

Noah's stance shocked Imari & co.


His fist was coated in a golden glow. A golden spiral appeared on his fist.

Usa-sensei's pupils shrunk when she saw this. Then, she revealed a fervent grin.

It has been a while since her blood boiled like this.

"Hah! Come at me!"

The spinning blades whirled chaotically. The blades became a circle of blue lights.

Noah clenched his fists, he charged more power into his fist.

"Let's do this, Irregular!"

Usa-sensei pointed at the spinning circle of death. The gales coming off it threatened to shred people's resolve.

Usa-sensei swung her hilt down.

"Bite him to death!  Ouroboros!"

Ouroboros responded to her command by crashing down on Noah, drawing a blue trail on its way down.

Crackle crackle.

The whirling blades of death cut anything in its path.

Noah can tell that thing had destructive power, it can probably level a tough building on its own.

Noah decided to keep his limiter on without an intent to dodge.


"Victory shall be mine!"

Noah stepped forward as his veins bulged. He punched out his charged golden fist.

"Blow it away! Annihilation fist!"

At the same time, he used that same golden spiral power to burst forth by diverting some of that energy to his feet.

The radiant light met with the blue circle of death.

Two immense forces clashed in a great collision.

The brilliant light fought against the blue circle of death.


A great shockwave exploded outward.

The air felt dry and a giant storm blew away nearby objects.

Imari & co had to raise their arms to guard. They had trouble just standing up.


Tooru covered Aoi so he fell on his butt. He got blown into a tree as a result of the ensuing force.

A figure burst forth from within the tempest. She looked haggard but she still had her Ouroboros hilt.

Usa-sensei is the first one to exit the storm.


Usa-sensei heard something that turned her grave with anxiety.

Another figure burst out. He was similarly beaten up like Usa-sensei.

Noah pulled his arm back as he charged up another golden spiral. He caught up with Usa-sensei who backed away.


Usa-sensei yelled as Noah unleashed a furious golden punch with lights in his eyes. That punch struck Usa-sensei's stomach.


That attack landed on her solar plexus.


Usa-sensei got sent flying into the distance like a kite with its strings cut.

Usa-sensei crashed into the ground some distance away, creating a trail of destruction and dust.

"Haa... Haa... Haa..."

Noah's chest heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath.

His fist was bleeding profusely. His arms shook with fatigue and overexertion.

He also took some damage from the collision between Annihilation fist and Ouroboros.

However, he should be glad he got out of that giant storm with his arm still intact considering that he tried to take a charged attack of a Rank V Exceed head-on despite his Exceed I status.

Imari, Julie, Tomoe, Miyabi, and Tooru watched in stunned silence while Noah steadied himself. They couldn't find any words to describe their feelings.

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