Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 222: under the moonlight

The slightly cold wind assaulted the balcony, anyone here would be shivering if this wind hit them.

Noah exited the rowdy student's lounge. He went to the balcony as he looked into the distance.

Lights lit up the academy.

Noah can see the school's personnel fixing up holes and damaged structures in the school.

Those damages came as a result of the first-year students duking it out in the New Duos battle royale.

Some places were relatively fine so repair works should be finished by tomorrow.

Other places were wrecked so repair is going to take some time.

Noah looked at his injured arm.

The battle with Tsukimi-sensei gave him a new skill.


He can use that skill which was derived from the Annihilating Punch to explosively raise his speed.

Both skills relied on explosive shockwaves to generate thrust.

The output is determined by how much energy the user charged.

Leap and the Annihilating Punch can also be used when Noah unchains himself.

These two abilities added to his arsenal.

He gleaned this technique from Tooru and it was a technique well learned.

He swapped minor injuries for Leap, it was worth it.

Limit helped him too.

By actively limiting himself, Noah can learn new skills after risking himself.

"I should make use of Limit more."

Noah is happy with his growth. He clenched his fists.

Then, someone called out to him from behind.

"It is so cold out here. What are you doing by yourself?"

The owner of the voice looked into the distance just like Noah.

Her tea-colored hair danced in the wind. Her gem-like eyes reflected the dim night sky.

Noah also saw the complex look Imari had.

"What's wrong?"

Noah asked.

"Something bothering you?"

He beamed at her.


Imari bitterly laughed.

"You're doing fine after the attack. How are you so cool after that?"

Noah turned taciturn.

Imari is still hung up on what transpired today.

Although they couldn't ascertain what Tsukimi meant by doing her job. It is obvious that the students are being targeted by someone.

It didn't sit well with her that students might be targeted. It felt like her life isn't hers to control anymore.

Imari is just a normal student before she underwent the Lucifer procedure. Even if she is an exceed, her heart is still that of a student.

With her life at risk, normal students would have dropped out.

Imari didn't do that.

However, it isn't because she is bold.

She is still thinking about whether she did the correct thing by staying here.

Noah arrived at a conclusion.

"Your reason?"

Noah asked.

"Why must you stay in this school?"

Imari fell silent.

Imari tried to psyche herself up.

"I don't want people to know but I guess you're okay. I don't think I can sleep without venting my emotions."

Imari continued.

"I want to make a ton of money. Like a lot of money."

Noah flinched slightly.

Noah allowed her to continue.

Noah knew she had a reason to say that. Even if they only spent two weeks together.

"My family owns a small factory. Things aren't okay right now. Rather, things are dire over there."

Imari smiled when she sensed Noah's concerned gaze.

"People told my family to call it quits. To fold while we still can. This way, we can cut our losses. But, my father wants to keep the factory in operation. My grandfather built that factory, he intends to make it stay."

"I love my grandfather."

Imari said.

"I also want to work hard to support my father. I will offer any help I can."

Noah recalled something.

The students got 100,000 Yen (roughly 700+USD) as an allowance.

Imari asked the school to send her allowance to her family.

Is this the reason?

This must be the reason why Imari is still here.

"Exceeds are very rare, as one of the few chosen among thousands of people, you get to study for free for three years and you might graduate from this place where Exceeds drop out regularly."

Noah assessed.

"Graduates can join the Dawn Organization as security agents. With very few graduates, the starting salary must be very high."

"Yes, I am after that."

Imari said.

"I am joining as a security agent upon graduation. I can boost my income and send more money home to keep the factory lights running. The academy accepted my proposal and sent more than half my allowance home. I will work towards my goal and keep my factory."

"I don't regret coming here."

Imari said.

"But, I am afraid I might not last."

Imari is afraid that she might get killed.

No, death doesn't intimidate her. She is worried about who would keep her factory operating once she is gone.

Imari is afraid of that.

Noah smiled.

"Imari will be okay."

Imari paused.

"It's okay."

Noah assured her.

"I will protect you."

Imari cheered up after another brief pause.

She leaned her head on Noah's shoulder.


Noah looked into the distance again.

The night draws on...

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