Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 224: Sublimation

After the end of the New Duos battle royale, Usa-sensei was placed on leave. Meanwhile, a teacher named Sangoku took over the class.

Sangoku told them that story.

For those who fought Usa-sensei like Julie, Miyabi, Tooru, Imari, and Noah. They knew something was up.

Her actions endangered students. Strictly speaking, she should have been fired and brought to justice like a felon.

What did they mean by her going on leave?

Noah isn't puzzled like the other victims.

Although the girls tried to rope him into the discussion, he displayed an indifferent attitude throughout the discussion.

Since they couldn't figure it out, the girls decided to just let the matter slide for now.

The substitute teacher announced the winners of the New Duos.

Getting the Sublimation right required the students to win 3 fights.

Imari & Julie, Tomoe & Miyabi, Tooru & Aoi, these 3 pairs made the list.

As for Noah, he had no problem getting on the list.

When Sangoku reported that Noah won against 7 pairs of Duos, the students felt their lungs stopping for a second.

Without Usa-sensei's intervention, Imari, Julie, Tomoe, and Miyabi would have lost. After that, he might have encountered Tooru and Aoi for his 10th win.

Then, the teacher told them what time to go for the Sublimation.

Noah & co gathered at the designated venue.

They were greeted by two familiar faces.

Tooru and Aoi.


Tomoe called out to him.

"You're out of the hospital already?"

Because Noah intervened, Aoi was the only one who got hurt. He was the only one stuck in the hospital due to the severity of his injuries.

It would have taken a week for him to recover. He made his recovery days earlier than that.


Aoi snorted while turning his head the other way.

"I am not so weak as to be bedridden after getting jumped on like that."

"Let me translate on his behalf."

Tooru teased his pal.

"Anyway, he is saying, it is too embarrassing to be stuck in bed. Against my advice, he pushed his way out of the hospital bed."


Aoi isn't happy that Tooru snitched on him. However, he does not deny it.


Imari grinned.

"He is right. Today is the day of Sublimation. If he got that enhancement, he would recover sooner since his regen would increase too."


Tomoe nodded.

"Let's get through the Sublimation without any problem, kay?"

The Sublimation will fail if the recipient is physically or mentally frail.

Tomoe is probably wishing him well.


Miyabi is the most anxious one here.

"It's fine."

Julie assured everyone.

"Everyone is going to make it."

They all believed in their abilities.

Noah roamed his gaze over Tooru. He looked at the time Tooru blocked an attack from Usa-sensei with his Blaze.

His shield.

Blaze differed depending on the user.

Some people had blades, some people had bows, and some people had spears.

Typically, they had simple cold weapons.

There are only two known rules for Blaze formation.

  1. Blazes are typically weapons.
  2. Blazes are typically simplistic in construct.

Because human souls are simple, the manifestations are also simple.

The shield is simple but it isn't a weapon. That is already an abnormal feature by itself.

A gun is a weapon but it isn't a simple construct. It had moving parts and was centuries beyond the cold steel Blazes other people had.

Naturally, there are always exceptions to the rules.

The Astar Mark contained the data for many types of weapons.

The Human soul is also a product of experience and emotions, the resulting permutations are almost infinite.

The Astar Mark is the catalyst that gave the recipient's soul the optimal soul manifestation.

This is why different people had different Blazes.

Noah's handgun turned into his Blaze through an unusual combination.

Even if the Gun Blaze and Shield Blaze are rare existences, this didn't take away from the uniqueness of Irregulars.

Tooru's shield is particularly interesting.

Noah wondered why this man had this kind of Blaze.

Maybe Usa-sensei was right when she said he is the same breed as Tooru, both are Irregulars.

He had a weirdly powerful punch technique that Noah mimicked. He also had a shield Blaze. This means his background should be very special too.

Other than Natsu and Rentaro, Tooru is the third one to give him a feeling that this guy will go on to achieve great things

Doctors in white lab coats appeared.

"Everyone, follow me."

They were led into the real venue of Sublimation.


When the special needleless ampoule injected nanomachines into Noah's neck, he felt something hot burning within. The white Astar Mark near his chest started shining with a warm radiance.

Compared to the first time he got injected, this warm sensation felt better than the burning agony he experienced the first time.

However, he can sense something had changed within.

One cannot see it from his external appearance but Noah underwent a transformation.

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