Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 226: A brief encounter under the moonlight

Snore snore

Julie is asleep with a slight blush on her face. She dozed off on Noah's back.

"Ara ara."

Imari shook her head, amused with Julie's antics.

"To think she fell asleep during our celebration, this is just like her. A kid that can never grow up."

"Well, can't blame her."

Tomoe interjected.

"Our climate here is hotter than where she came from. Plus, we are almost at lights-out time so it's not weird that she fell asleep."

"Maybe we should have held off the celebration until the holidays?"

Miyabi nervously suggested.

"Won't she be sad if we celebrated while she was asleep?"

"Julie isn't that petty."

Noah chuckled.

"Plus, we Sublimated today so we should celebrate today. If we wait until the holidays then our mood will probably dampen by then."

"Noah has a point."

Imari said. She winked at Noah.

"She should be feeling bad for sleeping while we are having a blast. I personally want to tease her when she wakes up."


Miyabi shook her head.

"Poor girl."

Julie probably heard them talk, she tightened her hold on Noah's neck while mumbling in her sleep.


The others paused before they all giggled.

"Julie just called you papa..."

Imari elbowed Noah.

"How do you feel? Must be nice having such a cute daughter like Julie."

Noah rolled his eyes before sighing out loud.

"It's fine, I take care of kids all the time."

Imari, Tomoe, and Miyabi giggled again. The mood was easygoing.

They were so busy giggling they didn't hear Julie calling out again.


She mumbled with a very serene and radiant sleeping mien.

Soon, they arrived at the main entrance of the dorm.

"Kay, Noah."

Imari turned around to grab Julie.

"Let me have Julie."

"Can you hold her?"

Noah hesitated.

"Why don't I help you carry her back to the room?"

"Are you dumb?"

Imari rolled her eyes at him.

"I am already a Rank II Exceed, why can't I carry Julie? She's light as a feather."


Noah shrugged.

"It's fine."

Tomoe and Miyabi gathered near them.

"We will help too."


Noah nodded.

"Thanks, girls."

With the three girls working together, they managed to unhook Julie from Noah's neck. Then, they placed her on Tomoe's back.

"Alright, we're heading back first."

"Yeah, go catch some rest."

"Night, Noah."

The three ladies disappeared in the direction leading to Imari's room.

Noah didn't leave when the ladies had already vanished in his field of vision.

A gale blew.



A black figure emerged from the woods nearby. The intruder jumped into the night sky.

Noah didn't flinch, he knew someone was near. His eyes sharpened as he slammed his right foot into the ground and propelled himself into the air and at a tall branch nearby.

Noah used the branch as a pivot to jump into the sky too. He roamed his gaze around before zoning in on the rooftop of a nearby building.

He saw a silhouette there.

Narrowing his eyes, he charged up for a massive jump that shot him in the direction of that building.

Then, the soft glow reflecting off the blonde locks of the silhouette entered his eyes.

"So it was you, you were there this morning."

Noah said.

"You lured me here. What is your motive?"

He wasn't sure if she heard him. She twirled around, her blonde hair dancing in the air. She gave Noah a radiant smile.

Behind her, the full moon lit her up like a giant spotlight.

With the bright moonlight behind her, he couldn't make out her exact facial features.

However, he heard something from the silhouette.


Then, the Astar mark on that intruder's chest expanded into a weapon that fit nicely into her palms.

Noah's eyes shrunk when he saw Blaze.

It isn't a cold steel weapon. It is a hot weapon with the design of a rifle.

She equipped a hot weapon just like Noah. She had a complex weapon that went outside the norms of a Blaze.


The girl giggled. She pointed her Blaze at Noah.


The lady fired without hesitating. The black bullet flew out of the barrel like a dark lightning bolt.

Noah manifested his Blaze in an instant. He used his revolver.


At the same time, he fired a quick shot that collided with the lady's shot.


The Rifle's bullet got smashed away by Noah's bigger revolver bullet.

The revolver bullet pierced through the rifle's path.


The bullet flew into the darkness, barely missing the girl's face.

They didn't care that they both missed. They were stunned by what they just witnessed.

Noah couldn't believe his eyes, he was shocked.

The lady started brimming with excitement and elation.

The lady took a look at Noah's revolver before laughing like she was having the best time of her life.

"As expected, we are the same kin."

Noah growled.

"Who are you?"

"You will know soon enough."

The girl turned around, revealing her back to Noah.

"We shall see each other again, my fated kin."

The lady leaped into the night sky. She drew a beautiful parabola in the air before disappearing into the distance.

Noah didn't give chase. He looked between his revolver and the mysterious lady.

His revolver's engravings pulsed with ripple-like effects.

Noah stored his Blaze away. He mumbled out loud.

"My kin, huh?"

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