Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 227: Noah's Duo

The next day, the first year's classroom.


Julie sat unmovingly in her seat. There is a dull aura around her that suggested she wasn't a happy camper.

"Are you still huffing about yesterday's party?"

Imari sighed.

"You slept halfway through, it was your fault."


Julie mewled.

"But, I wanted to have fun with everyone."

"Yeah, what did you think we were celebrating?"

Imari poked Julie's forehead.

"We celebrated because we Ranked Up, we can do it again. The next time we Rank Up, we can throw another party. Plus we could do another party anytime, don't sulk like this."

Julie's expression turned brighter.

"You're like a kid."

She said after seeing Julie's emotion shift between happy and unhappy over petty matters.

Plus, she looks and acts like an innocent kid. She always called other people her dad and mum.

Noah listened to the two ladies as his thoughts wandered off.

He thought about the girl with the Rifle.

He was sure that rifle was a Blaze.

She is an Exceed but he's not sure if she's a student here.

With such an exceptional Blaze, he doubts he would have missed a student like her.

Hence, it is likely that she is a newcomer.

Herein lies another question, she seems like she came here for Noah.

She is probably looking for someone similar to her, 'my kin' was it?

Who is she?

Noah entered a thoughtful state.

Mikuni the substitute teacher opened the classroom's door. He started off with shocking news.

"I know our school has been embroiled in chaos recently. But, today, we are welcoming a new transfer student."

"A transfer student?"

The students gasped.

People who can undergo the Lucifer process are 1 in 1000. Meanwhile, even fewer are able to complete the process and become an Exceed.

A new transfer student this late into the year seemed odd which Mikuni conceded was shocking too.

Then, the new transfer student entered.

The students were immediately captivated by her.

She looked like a foreigner just like Julie.

However, she is a stunning beauty, unlike Julie's immature cuteness.

She also had a bombastic figure that oozed feminine charm. Her glossy golden locks gathered everyone's attention like a shining meteor in the night sky.

If Julie is the soft and glowing silver moon then she is the radiant golden sun.

Julie made people look at her subconsciously while this lady's presence made everyone look at her due to her overwhelming aura.

She had blue eyes that looked like sapphires of an oceanic blue hue.

Her blonde hair reached her waist.

Noah frowned at the sight of this lady.

She combed her hair with her finger before walking up to the podium. She set her eyes on Noah who sat at the back. She beamed at him like a prideful lioness.

Noah recognized her as the same girl who pointed a gun at him yesterday night.

Yes, the transfer student is the Rifle Girl he saw yesterday.

"Lilith Bristol."

She introduced herself with her hands on her waist.

"I am a transfer student from the sister academy in England. I know this is sudden but I will allow you all to call me by my name with my special permission."

Lilith immediately came off as someone who stood proud.

Nobody felt disgusted, they could tell she had the background and abilities to back her slightly smug attitude.

Imari exclaimed.

"What an intriguing girl."


Lilith chortled.

"Thanks for the compliment."

Lilith grinned before leaving the podium.

She went past every empty seat in her way until she found an empty seat at the back of the class.

Next to Noah.

Imari, Julie, Tomoe, and Miyabi immediately exchanged looks. They knitted their brows.

Noah reckoned that she was here for him but he didn't think she would be so upfront about it.

No, this wasn't the end.


Lilith said.

"Please continue."


Mikuni pushed up his glasses.

"Noah, you're going to form a duo with Lilith."


The students went blank.



Imari exclaimed.

"So they're going to be living together?"

Julie's ahoge stiffened while Miyabi and Tomoe gasped.


Noah frowned.

"Isn't this inappropriate?"

"Noah, you didn't form a duo with anyone since the start of school. Our curriculum was designed around developing Duos."

Mikuni said.

"We willfully ignored this before since you're the odd one out. However, with the addition of this new student, we have even numbers. According to school regulations, when a student fails to choose a Duo, the school will assign one to them. Surely, you haven't forgotten this part?"

Mikuni looked at Lilith.

"Plus, the Exception didn't protest against this decision."



The students were puzzled.

Noah looked at Lilith only to see her gazing back at him.

"This is fate."

Lilith announced like she just caught her prey.

"Let's take care of each other."

"As the Exception and the Irregular."

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