Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 228: I came for you

Noah sighed on his way back to his room. He can feel people staring daggers into his back.

Without looking, he knew it was Imari, Julie, Tomboe, and Miyabi. They were camping near his stairs. They probably won't leave even if he entered his room.

Well, he can understand why they're behaving like this. They're worried about Lilith who is moving in with him.

But, what can Noah do?

The school did have that rule. He willingly chose to stay Duo-less so the school had the right to assign a Duo to him.

He was the odd one out so this worked in his favor for a while. They couldn't find a Duo for him.

The school also conveniently forgot to leave clauses and provisions for cases of male-female Duos.

He was sure he created the first male-female duo case with Imari's and Julie's temporary stints as his Duos.

Should he count his lucky stars or mourn his unfortunate treatment?

Noah sighed again. He opened the door to his room.

He left the fields of vision of his female friends.

With his superhuman hearing, he heard the ladies leaving his dorm area before sighing.

However, his temporary peace got destroyed in a few seconds.

He saw an amazing scene unfolding in front of him.

"Oh, you're back already?"

Lilith was already in his room.

She was sipping tea while seated near a white marble table. There are tea, snacks, and other tea-time paraphernalia on the table.

Here's the problem: his table should have been a wooden table no higher than someone's knee. His guests had to sit on the floor to be seated near the table.


That's not the only change to his room.

He couldn't recognize his own room because of the multiple additions in it.

His wardrobe, TV, bookracks, curtains, and other furniture got a major boost in quality. His bed also transformed into a massive King-sized bed with luxurious sofas near it. It felt like he just entered a noble lady's luxurious room.

This room looked more like a presidential suite than a student dorm room.

Lilith obviously came from wealth.

If that wasn't enough, she had a female butler near her. She was wearing a tailcoat suit.

Her butler?

Aren't butlers in coats usually male?

Is she her personal attendant?

What about a maid's uniform?

Why does it feel like he just trespassed into a rich lady's room?

Noah wasn't sure where to start, should he question her premature arrival? Her butler? Her decor? Her teatime? Where is his furniture?

"What's wrong?"

Lilith tilted her head. She roamed her gaze over the room.

"Ah, is the room still too shabby after my renovations?"

"No, that's not it."

Noah couldn't mask his annoyance.

"This is a school. If you want to lavish in a presidential suite, you should go back home."

The female butler behind her tensed up, she stepped forward before Lilith stopped her.

"He is my Duo and roommate, he has the right to comment on the changes made to this room, Sarah."

Lilith explained. She might sound reasonable but she still stood her ground confidently.

"Since this is my hobby, roommate, please make an Exception just this time."

"An exception, again?"

Noah closed his eyes.

He took off his coat and placed it in the fancy wardrobe.

His clothes are still all here and they are all neatly organized and hung in place.


Lilith ordered her butler.

"Pour my roommate a cup of milk tea."

"Understood, miss."

Sarah bowed before quickly leering at Noah. She poured him a cup of milk tea anyway.

Lilith assumed that Noah wanted to drink tea. She seemed to be assuming that Noah will sit down to sip tea with her regardless of whatever plans he had. She is exuding the aura of a cocky noble.

If this was any other time, Noah would have ignored this annoying rich lady.

Since he had questions for her, he didn't mind playing along for now.

Noah sat down opposite Lilith. He also glanced at Sarah who was still glaring at him.

He fired off a question with his chin on his palm.

"Now, I am sure you are educated enough to know that you shouldn't move in with someone you met only a few times."


Lilith stared at him.

"Are you suggesting that I am too relaxed?"

"I know you're here for something, missy."

Noah questioned her.

"Say it, self-proclaimed Exceptional lady."

"Drop the 'self-proclaimed'. I am the Exception."

Lilith beamed at him.

"You're special too, you know? Irregular Noah."

"Stop beating around the bush."

Noah stored his smile away.

"Why are you targeting me?"

Lilith was studying him yesterday. She also attacked him to gauge his abilities.

Regardless of her motives, she was making it obvious that she is here for him. She must be the one pulling the strings to get into a Duo relationship with him.

He isn't going to buy any denial from her.

"For a guy, you're too wary for your own good."

Lilith said before sipping tea.

"But, my objective is simple. You guessed it right? I am here to become your Duo, that is all."


Noah voiced his confusion.

"Don't make me repeat myself."

Lilith used her confident gaze on him.

"I am here to become your Duo."

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