Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 229: Can't acknowledge your point

Seeing the confidence in Lilith's eyes, Noah knew this girl isn't bargaining. She wants him and will not back down.

She isn't going to budge on making him her Duo.


Noah blurted that question out.

"Why are you so adamant on forming a Duo with me?"


Lilith asked him a rhetorical question.

"We are the same, aren't we?"

Noah looked at her.

"Just because of this?"

"Don't you get it?"

Lilith is excited.

"I thought I was the only Exception. When I found out there are people like me, do you know how happy I was? Aren't you as elated as me?"

She is glad she isn't the only Irregular in this world.

She is probably talking about his Revolver Blaze bearing similarities to her Rifle Blaze.

"We both have guns for Blazes, this means we are of the same kind."

Lilith beamed at him.

"It's almost like we were fated to encounter each other."

Lilith couldn't hide her happiness. She is genuinely ecstatic to find someone like her.

"If we are talking about irregular Blazes, Tooru falls into this category too, yes?"

Noah calmly assessed.

"Couldn't you have gone after him?"

"Ah, that Irregular."

Lilith already knew about Tooru.

"I am also happy to hear that he has an abnormal Blaze. But, he has a Shield Blaze, and, he has a Duo already. I am more interested in your Revolver Blaze."

"Since we are gun-type Exceeds, we have similar souls."

Noah turned silent. He sipped the milk tea in front of him before ending the silence.

"Blaze differs based on the individuals, yeah?"


Lilith flinched.

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"Imari has a Katana Blaze because her thing is Kendo and the study of swords. Tooru has a Shield Blaze because he is likely hiding a strong desire to protect."

Noah looked at Lilith.

'Now, Lilith, I wonder why your Blaze manifested as a hot weapon, a rifle?"


Lilith calmly explained.

"I liked hunting ever since I was a kid."


Noah asked.

"You mean you like to hunt animals?"

Noah continued.


Lilith made a finger pistol.

"I was so intrigued by my rifle that I would disassemble my hunting rifle, reassemble it, and repeat this over and over again. Even with my eyes closed, I can reassemble my rifle."

"To me, the rifle is a familiar concept to me."

Lilith shrugged.

"Maybe that is why my Blaze manifested as a Rifle?"

Noah confirmed his theory that the Astar Mark manifested Blaze in terms of simple cold weapons. However, it can also manifest hot weapons like pistols and rifles.

The other Exceeds couldn't manifest guns because their souls can't manifest these complicated weapons.

However, a strong enough desire, a person's experience, earnest wishes, and psychological factors can manifest these complicated weapons.

He reckons it would be very hard to replicate this outcome. But, Lilith's account told him enough. She is a rifle geek and her inclination to hunt contributed to the manifestation of a Rifle Blaze.

He laughed after coming to this conclusion.

He isn't laughing at Lilith, he is laughing at the implications for himself.

"No, Lilith."

Noah explained.

"We're not the same."

"What was that?"

Lilith knitted her brows.

"We both have gun-type Blazes!"

"Again, we aren't the same."

Noah closed his eyes.

"Our souls did take gun forms but our souls have different colors."

"Your rifle Blaze is meant for you to hunt and obtain your prized targets."

Noah announced.

"But, I am different."


Lilith frowned.

"Different, how?"

Noah explained.

"You want to take away an anime's life and freedom with your Rifle. Me? My Revolver is a reflection of my past, how I used my gun to kill people."


Lilith tensed up. Sarah also wavered.

Did he just admit to murder?

"Now, do you understand?"

Noah stood up. He spoke down to her.

"Your soul is still a pure white shade of innocence. My soul is stained red with blood. We both have guns but they do not carry the same weight."

"Hence, Lilith..."

Noah turned around.

"Forgive me for denying that we are the same kind."

Noah got into his bed.

"I am tired, I will sleep first."

Lilith silently watched as Noah went to sleep. She was left alone with her own thoughts.

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