Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 230: Special bonus for you

After talking to Lilith, Noah fell asleep rather easily.

He isn't clouded by negativity.

Yes, he killed someone. But, he doesn't regret doing so.

They had it coming.

This is his burden to bear, Lilith has no right lumping herself in with him.

She might be cocky and aggressive but that is only because she finally found someone with a gun-type blaze like her.

Imagine Lilith's disappointment if he told her that his Blaze was a result of his Revolver being modified by his Soul.

He didn't want to lie to this lady.

While his action might pour cold water on Lilith, it beats playing her and telling her the harsh truth further down the road.

Tooru has a Shield Blaze, in terms of being the same kin, he is the better candidate.

If she goes after him then that would be killing two birds with one stone.

He slept because he wanted to give Lilith some time to think about her decision.

In his hazy consciousness, he heard someone mumbling near him.

"You look like a normal human when you're asleep. Why did you say we aren't the same?"

"I don't care, I am making you my Duo and that is final. This is fate."

He felt a surge of warmth near him.

"Alright, I am hitting the sack too."

Noah decided against waking up, he allowed that warmth to get close to him.

The night ebbed away.

Having rested himself, his consciousness got summoned when he felt something soft snuggling up to his face and neck.

That slightly bouncy and meaty firmness would put the highest-grade pillow to shame due to the immense comfort it offered.

He knitted his eyebrows, it is getting hard to breath with the marshmallow-esque pillow suffocating him.

Without animosity and killing intent, Noah lowered his guard. However, without oxygen, he was quickly being forced into a state of awakeness.

He slowly opened his eyes only to see a field of vanilla porcelain white.

The springy pillow had a pearl white glow to the pillow's case.

That is the color of healthy skin.

The red glow of the pillow case suggested that it wasn't an artificial construct suffocating him, rather, it was actually someone holding his face onto her bosom.

He could smell and see vividly who was holding him.


His eyes went wide open in shock.

Lilith was using his head as a hug pillow. Not just that, she is sleeping in her birthday suit for some reason.

Due to this sudden jerk, the pointy tip of one of her divine mountains entered his mouth.


She moaned.

"That tickles..."

A bomb went off inside Noah's mind.

He surpassed the speed of his Leap by jumping away from the human hug pillow near him.

Since he kicked away the blanket in the process, he could see her entire figure including her forbidden garden.


Lilith stirred in her sleep, she scratched the part between her Howitzers. Her action made her jugs jiggle with unbelievable physics. That scene etched itself into Noah's mind.

She murmured.

"Sarah, is it morning yet?"

"No, I am not your weird butler."

Noah's voice shook.

"Also, wh-why are you naked?!"


She yawned while waking up.

"You know I can't sleep with my clothes on, Sarah."

"Anyway, hurry and put something on!"


Lilith responded half-awake. Then, she slumped back down on the bed as she signed for the second round of ZZZs.


Struck with disbelief over this lady's antics, Noah confirmed that she is asleep. He couldn't find the words to chastise her.

It is morning but the sun's not yet risen. The other dorm students are probably still fast asleep.

Noah sighed before tucking Lilith in gently.

"You look so mature. Why do I have to take care of you like a kid?"

Noah got up again. He cleaned himself in the bathroom before picking out his clothes for the day.


He quietly left the room after suiting up.

Lilith opened one of her eyes when she heard the door snap shut. She revealed a mischievous grin.

"As expected, it was correct to make you my Duo."

Lilith was fake-sleeping just now.

"But, I didn't think he would see me in all my glory. And I covered myself with a blanket too."

Lilith pulled the blanket over her head.

"Nevermind, I will just chalk this up as a special bonus for you."

Then, the rhythmic sound of someone sleeping reverberated in the blanket.

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