Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 231: I am not looking at your face

The morning in Kouryou Academy is a serene one.

Maybe Noah woke up too early but there are only students out jogging at dawn. No other individuals could be seen.

The soft gale rustled the nearby trees and shrubs.

As Sakura petals filled the air, the pinkish floral decorations littered the floor like a scene from a travel promotion video.

Noah chose this scenic route instead of going to the cafeteria to grab some grub.

This is the first time he took it easy.

Ignoring this school's true nature, it is certainly bigger than any schools he has seen.

He saw the map of this place once. There are gyms, track fields, training grounds, plazas, parks, floral parks, and courtyards.

This kind of amenities could hardly be one-upped by any schools out there.

Noah is sure there are no other schools in this nation that can be compared on the same level as Kouryou Academy.

The students here hung out at the park when they could, after all, it'd be a shame not to take in the sights.

Noah was stunned by the scale of this facility the first day he got there. He just never had the chance to tour a place like this.

Lilith is the reason he got this chance.

He threw Lilith into the corner of his mind before strolling around the academy.

He could see students in their gym uniforms training their stamina with long runs. Some of them failed to notice Noah while those who did notice him couldn't help but whisper with their training mates.

His superhuman ears heard them talking about the Irregular.

This first-year student is racking up a storm of fame.

He has a Revolver as a Blaze while Kokonoe had a shield, both are dubbed the Exception and the Irregular.

Other than these two, there are students like Julie who is as cute as she is deadly in combat.

Then, there is Tomoe who had martial skills in addition to her Blaze mastery.

Imari is also famous because she is pretty and she wields her blade to potent effect in battles. Heck, even Miyabi is high on the popularity ranking.

Of course, she is popular not only because of her meek personality, her enormous Howitzers certainly contributed to her fame.

Their fame rose further when they became the rare few that won the right to ascend beyond Rank I Exceeds through the Sublimation ritual.

Sometime later, Lilith who is another Exception joined the school after transferring from the British sister school. She looks on par with Julie while sporting a figure on par with Tomoe and Imari. Truly, the first-years this time are monsters in their rights.

Noah mumbled.

"This is getting out of hand."

"Yeah, you're out of hand."

Someone answered him.

"After all, you're living with the super beautiful English student after forming a duo with her."

Noah looked back.

Imari stood behind him with crossed arms. Her bulging divine hills were accentuated by her wet gym uniform. She is, however, annoyed with him.

"Hmm? Where is the beautiful dormmate you're living with?"

Imari sounded like she is mocking Noah but she is just jealous.

Because of Lilith's exciting sharing of the bed custom, he couldn't help but be conscious of Imari's frontal bumpers.

Although isn't packing fissile material like Miyabi, she is still as curvy as Lilith.

After all, he saw her in her birthday suit once.

Subconsciously, he compared both of them. Imari's had a bigger rack than Lilith's.

Imari wasn't aware that he was ogling her. She assumed he was just zoning out.

"Noah, are you listening to me?"


Noah scolded himself for letting his mind wander. He chortled in an embarrassed manner.

"Hey, good morning."

"Good M-, no way, buster!"

Imari flicked Noah's forehead before berating him with arms akimbo.

"You're not someone who would zone out like this. Are you Noah? Who is inside that body?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Plus, I am looking at your chest, not your face."


Imari flinched.

"My chest?"


Noah shut himself up before he gave himself away. He changed the topic immediately.

"Right, Imari, why are you up so early?"

"I am just out for my routine morning training. You know this."

Imari grumbled.

"Furthermore, I couldn't get a good rest."


Noah asked.

"WHy not?"

"It's nothing!"

Imari poked him in the forehead.

"Worry about your dorm mate!"

Imari huffed and puffed before walking the other way


Noah chased her.

"Hey, did I anger you?"

 "It's nothing!"

Imari said.


Something cut through the air as Noah's senses took over.

He swung his fist back.

A dull thud rang.

He looked at the pale and smaller fist.

That pale fist sent his body back a few steps.

He identified the assailant as someone with bunny ears and draped in a maid uniform.

Imari gasped when she saw the assailant.


Rito-sensei is back again.

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