Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 232: The assassin returns

"W-why are you?"

Imari couldn't believe Usa-sensei's back.

Noah is calmer, he faced her with raised guard.

"Good reflex, Exception."

Usa-sensei isn't mad. It looks like she forgot that Noah beat her within an inch of her life before. She licked her lips like a sadistic killer.

"I want to fight to the death with you again."

"You want to do it again?"

Noah stood between Imari and Usa-sensei.

"You tried to punch me, I wouldn't classify that assault as just 'want to."

"Well, I didn't use my Blaze."

Usa-sensei couldn't hide the savage violence in her grin despite shrugging him off.

"I just wanted to greet you since you Sublimated. I am genuinely glad that you became stronger, my dear student, Noah."

Usa-sensei proved that she wasn't lying.

"Though it pains me that I can't fight you at this stage, I still have my job to do, I wouldn't want to lose it again after pulling so many strings to get it back."

"You got your job back?"

Imari got into an attack stance.

"What does that mean?"

Imari couldn't believe this.

Usa-sensei tried to kill Noah & co before.

How did this assassin get her job back?

"You wanna know?"

Usa-sensei taunted them.

"It's simple, my previous employer took me back, and this school hired me again. That's it."


Imari's eyes widened.

"The school hired you again?!"


Usa-sensei laughed out loud like a criminal.

"Yes, that is the case!"


Imari panicked.

"H-how can they let this happen?"

She tried to kill them, is the school mad? Hiring someone like this again?

This is just ridiculous!


Usa-sensei shrugged. She enjoyed Imari's confusion and frustration.

"Hey, ponytail, I am sure this isn't the first time you saw something ridiculous happening in this school, is this your first day?"

Imari was stumped for words.

Considering they are studying at a school that made students duel each other on the first day and kicking out the losers. This outcome seemed normal when compared to the military-style training regime and research they conduct on the students here.

Hiring an assassin back is something the school would do.

Noah seemed like he anticipated this. His sarcastic attitude attracted Tsukimi-sensei's attention.

"Oh, you look like you know more than the little girl, Outlier."

Noah had prior information.

At least, he must have found out about something.

No, Noah didn't find out anything, he just deduced it from various clues.

Usa-sensei is an Exceed, she belongs to the Dawn Organization.

As a Rank V Exceed, they would never fire someone like her, she is just a walking Private & Confidential dossier.

It was hard to believe that Usa-sensei would sneak into this school, and train her way up the ladder just to get sacked for killing a bunch of promising students.

No, the more plausible explanation would be her orders were from the school itself.

In other words, the management of this school ordered her to attack them.

She is also acting overtly like a braggart for an assassin sent by an external party to kill promising students. Logically, killing as many students quietly would be the best MO.

She risked her primary objective by running around and yelling like a berserker.

"Yes, you're more troublesome than the hairless brats."

Usa-sensei pursed her lips.

"Anyway, it is up to you whether you believe me or not. I will report to class later. Oh, don't create trouble for me, okay? The schoolmistress wouldn't give a rat's furry ass no matter what kind of report you try to lodge."

Usa-sensei changed her personality. She returned to her sweet persona. Giving Noah a cute wink, she bade them goodbye.

"Come, you two, time for class."

Usa-sensei skipped happily away. She flipped her personality switch from a sadistic killer to a caring teacher within seconds.


Imari grabbed Noah's arm.

"It's fine."

Noah kept his eyes on Usa-sensei.

"It looks like she can't do anything to us just as we cannot do anything to her. Let us just keep our eyes on her."

Imari relaxed a bit.

As she said, Mikuni introduced her during the first period.

Julie, Tomoe, Miyabi, Aoi, and Tohru were outraged by her appearance.

Mikuni stopped them before they can make a fuss. He also told Usa-sensei to continue teaching like nothing had happened.

Someone should give Usa-sensei an oscar. She just taught the class as if she didn't try to kill them before. Her sweet and caring persona belied the savagery within.

Usa-sensei left the class when the chime rang. The ones who were attacked all converged near Noah.

After Imari explained the whole thing to them, they were similarly frustrated and puzzled by Usa-sensei's reappearance.


Aoi clicked his tongue.

"I can't believe they let someone like that back. This smells fishy as all hell."

Tohru nodded. Meanwhile, Tomoe, Julie, and Miyabi just stayed silent.

"Calm down."

Imari assured them.

"Usa-sensei lost to Noah, she won't do anything stupid.

Noah is cool as a cucumber, his confident stature instilled a sense of relief within his social group.

They knew that they were fine with Noah around.

Only Noah knows that Usa-sensei isn't an easy opponent, she went easy on them last time.

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