Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 234: Returning the favor

Today's class is noisy for some reason.

Within a day, Julie and Lilith kept competing in everything from normal class subjects to combat classes. The two also kept sticking to Noah like gum.

Lilith's over-attachment could be understood.

As Noah's Duo, they were supposed to improve their skills and live like partners.

Julie's competitiveness is mind-boggling.

Not only did she bicker with Lilith, but she also kept rubbing herself against Noah like a possessive cat.

It was apparent, no one wanted to lose Noah.

It also took no time for news of this to spread throughout the school.

Noah became the center of attention.

The girls are just doing their things, gossiping and sharing intel. The guys are more overt with their thoughts, they are super jealous.

Lilith and Julie are both foreign beauties.

One looked like the serene moon while the other had the fiery passion of the sun. It wouldn't be wrong to call them the most precious flowers in the academy.

With two beauties fighting over Noah, the guys were incredibly envious.

Even some of the girls were envious of his treatment.

If not for Noah's overwhelming power that allowed him to defeat a teacher on the first day with mortal strength then the male students would have banded up on him.

Noah wanted to state his innocence.

He has no idea how it got to this point.

Julie treated him like her closest family member.

He felt like a father to her.

She tried to earn his affection with her various antics.

Julie also liked crashing in Noah's bed with him.

This helped Julie with her unease.

For her, sleeping together with Noah is the highest point in her school life.

Lilith threatened to take this away from her.

With her sense of crisis and competitive spirit blazing, the two staked their claims.

As for Lilith, she is competing for a simple reason.

It was fun for her.

Compared to boring classes, the competition for Noah set her hunting spirit on fire.

Julie and Lilith fought the entire day.

The two kept bickering near Noah until he was almost sick.

That wasn't the most tiresome part. Julie's Duo, Imari also kept staring daggers into Noah's back. She was not happy with him.

Miyabi and Tomoe also stood in the distance. They looked like they were silently judging Noah for his severe case of Playboy disease.

If this isn't chaos then he doesn't know what is.

Noah finally reached his limit. When classes were over, he immediately departed from the classroom and headed straight for his dorm.

Noah assumed he could escape his problems by hiding in his room.

Alas, God has no such plans for him.

Sitting at the white table in his room, Noah understood what it was like to sit on a mat made of needles.


The butler serving Lilith is currently ironing her clothes. However, she kept her steely gaze firmly on Noah.

No, she is staring holes into Noah. It looked like she was imagining herself ironing Noah's face with the iron in her hands.

Resisting her bloodlust, he sat there in a tense state. He sighed as his energy reserves fell further.

However, he can't help but notice that Sarah still did her job perfectly despite diverting her attention. Noah can't even protest.

"Look, if you don't like me just say it."

Noah said.

"Or, are you only good at making people hate you and disgrace your master like a bad butler?"


Sarah turned dark.

This is what Noah wants to see.

If she is mad at him, Noah can single out her faults.

Despite his taunt, Sarah kept her cool in the end.

However, she leered at him with a more ferocious intensity.

He can still handle being around Lilith and the other girls. However, take his peaceful time in his room away from a man with nothing to lose then you have a supervillain in the making. Maybe this is karma getting back at him for not doing something about Usa-sensei.

He reckons he can't sleep peacefully once Lilith comes back.

He had a bright idea. Standing up, he made sure he was in Sarah's field of vision.

Sarah assumed he was leaving when Noah started undressing.

He took off his coat...

He took off his shirt...

He took off his pants...

With his brief being the only article of clothing left, Sarah knew this guy is about to pull down his brief.

"What are you doing?!"

Sarah shrieked.

"Y-You shameless bastard! The mistress was wrong to choose you!"


Noah snickered.

"It's my room, can't a man change his clothes in the comfort of his room?"

"There is a changing room! Go there!"

Sarah's rebuttal was met with Noah's smart comeback.

"Okay, you mean the fitting room with Lilith's garments in it?"

Sarah choked on her words.

Noah is done with taking the short end of the stick, he is now the dealer of pain.

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