Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 236: The infiltrator


Noah sighed.

“A Duo, eh?”

Eating, sleeping, playing, living together, and sharing burdens.

That is what it means to be a duo.

The school is adopting this format because the few that graduate from this school will start working in pairs in the Dawn Organization.

This is to make sure the students can get used to working in a team. They want the students to develop their teamwork, and ability to collaborate instead of just individual prowess.

There was some camaraderie between Noah, Imari, and Julie when they were a group.

This sense of comrade is not there with Lilith.

He just isn’t used to dealing with Lilith’s antics. This lady likes to eat customized lunches by Sarah than the food in the student cafeteria.

She also offered to prepare meals for Noah but he didn’t like this kind of treatment so he turned her down.

Lilith’s motivation for bagging him is just for his special Blaze.

He couldn’t care if she was aiming for him just for his Blaze.

The other Duos had the time to develop their camaraderie.

Lilith just got here so they were behind the others.

He would have been as distant if it was other people, Lilith’s attitude is just icing on the cake.

“I need to figure out how to get on better terms with her.”

Noah bitterly laughed.

“When did I start treating her as a Duo?”

She just wants a Duo with special Blazes.

However, he isn't the same kind of Exceed as her.

He is prepared to end the Duo with her whenever she is tired of this charade.

How to foster camaraderie when they started out on rocky foundations?

"Nah, things will work themselves out."

Noah stopped on his way to the cafeteria.

He felt a foreign presence near the dorm.

The intruder slowly slid down along the walls like a villain.

Noah turned towards the source.


The intruder ran the same moment Noah noticed him. The intruder's quick action was all the reason Noah needed to give chase.


He immediately got into a rapid dash.

Visibility is starting to wane with the sun going down.

The two raced across the ground.

They displayed superhuman speed.

Is the intruder an Exceed too?

He sped up while closing the distance between him and the intruder.

The intruder didn't appreciate being chased like this.

The intruder took out a weapon.

It was a rifle.

Noah stopped briefly.

Bang bang bang

The intruder rained bullets on Noah.

Noah chopped the tree near him with his hand.

The tree fell in the path of the incoming bullets.

Bang bang bang

The bullets couldn't pierce the tree.

The intruder pulled away after slowing Noah down.

"You've skills."

Noah got into a stance before he did a massive leap.

Stones flew everywhere when he explosively jumped.

He grabbed a flying pebble and threw it at the intruder. This pebble flew like a bullet at the intruder. The speed of such a bullet would make anyone who got hit enjoy a swift extrication from reality by having a hole blown through their heads.

The intruder leaned slightly to the left before using the momentum to turn around.

The pebble missed the intruder by inches.

The intruder confirmed that the attack wasn't from a gun much to the intruder's shock. Noah attempted to shoot the intruder with a pebble shot!

What inhuman strength!

This momentary astonishment caused the intruder to pause briefly.


Another pebble bullet attack came for the intruder.

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