Holistic Fantasy

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 237: You don't need to know


The second pebble bullet hit the intruder on his right shoulder.


The pebble turned to dust as the full force hit the intruder and staggered him. The intruder tumbled four meters before stopping.

This was all the time Noah needed to catch up.

He flinched slightly upon seeing the intruder's real figure.

The intruder's gender and age couldn't be immediately discerned as it was wearing a mechanical battle suit that is 1.8 meters tall. The mechanical mask made the intruder look like a cyborg.

Noah quickly got the confirmation that the intruder is a male human.

"You brat!"

The male operator bellowed.

He did a quick roll before pulling out his rifle.

Noah steeled up.


He slapped the rifle away like he was swatting a fly.


The intruder took out a combat dagger and slashed at Noah's chest with zero hesitance.

Noah moved back a step.


The knife cut open his uniform. The dagger was only mere inches away from creating a huge gash on Noah's chest.

This attacker means to kill anyone preventing his escape.

The rifle attack and this knife slash. The enemy is incredibly hostile.

Noah also turned angry.

When talking doesn't work and the enemy starts punching, I will reply in kind.

That is Noah's combat principle.

Since he isn't pulling any punches, Noah saw fit to fight him seriously.


Noah anchored his right foot and seized the attacker's right wrist. He twisted it to the side with incredible force.


A bone-chilling sound came from the attacker's left wrist.


The attacker cried in anguish.

Noah pulled his right arm back and gathered energy that made his fist shine brightly. It formed a spiral on his fist.

In an instant, he did a quick jab on the attacker's chest.


The powerful punch sent shockwaves out.

The punch also shattered the intruder's armor.


The Annihilating Punch buried the intruder in a nearby wall. He flew like a broken kite.


Not surprisingly, the intruder spat out blood before passing out.

The intruder was pinned into the wall like he was crucified. Noah exhaled the air in his lungs before getting out of his battle stance. He frowned at the sight of his torn uniform.

"Are you alive?"

Noah can hear faint breathing sounds from the fainted intruder.

That Annihilating Punch wasn't at 100% power because he needed speed. It was only about 60% of its potency.

Anyone lower than Rank IV would have died after taking a hit like that.

Although the intruder wasn't Rank IV, his power was on par with a Rank III Exceed. His defense must be high seeing as he survived a hit of Annihilating Punch from him.

He looked at the broken pieces of armor.

"This is the reason, isn't it?"

He wanted to pick up the broken pieces when someone called out to him.

"Oya oya, leave it to me, you freakish Exception."

Noah frowned again, this was the sound of an old enemy.

he looked up to see a lady in bunny maid cosplay. She crossed her arms despite letting Noah see the clothed garden within her skirts. She grinned maliciously.

"As reckless as ever, Exception, do you not know mercy?"

"That was merciful enough."

Noah looked at the fainted intruder.

"Is this your friend? Tsukimi-sensei?"

"The rat might not know me but I know him."

She said.

"No, I know the people behind them."

She said as she jumped down.


She grabbed the intruder by his head before clicking her tongue.

"A Unit, eh?"


"What is that?"

"I wonder."

She shrugged.

"Just know that you don't need to know."


Noah continued.

"We are being targeted and you say I don't need to know?"

"You? Targeted?"

The teacher laughed.

"Relax, it isn't you that they're targeting."

"Not me?"

Noah was confused.

"That's all the talk we have for today."

Usa-sensei left with the intruder in her hand. She leaped past the wall.

"Just remember to keep an eye on your environment, Exceptional Brat."

Usa-sensei left just like that.

Noah started thinking when Usa-sensei left.

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