How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai

How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 96

Translated by: Niladri


Recap: En route to visting Dangyin county to recover the golden silkworm Gu from his mother’s ex, the duo of Lu Heng and Duan Feiqing stop at the deserted Duan Family’s home in Anyang county. There, they encounter a white-clothed lady and her maid, and after a bout of exchanging blows, the lady recognizes Feiqing as her cousin. Lu Heng finds out that the lady was an important member of Duan Feiqing’s harem in the original plot. Lu Heng asks his little assistant for more information…


Without waiting for Lu Heng's instructions, the little assistant was exceptionally diligent in transmitting the information regarding the white-clothed lady. To say it was information, in reality it was just a few brief sentences. The Saintess of the Western Region’s great Clear Sun religion, Ling Musha. Within the original world’s main plot, this Ling Musha was the most trusted and beloved person of the son of fate Duan Feiqing, and whenever there was some serious matter, he would discuss with her.

The white-clothed lady took a few steps forward: "Elder cousin, I’ve finally met you."

Duan Feiqing was still in front of Lu Heng guarding him with a vigilant look on his face: "This young lady, what brings you here inside my Duan family’s courtyard?"

Seeing his response, Ling Musha raised her hand and took off the veil on her face, revealing the delicate face that had been hidden under the veil. Behind the veil, there was a face resembling fairies of the Moon Palace.

Duan Feiqing's expression changed, and his eyes revealed a bit of nostalgia.

The moment when the white-clothed lady lifter her veil, Lu Heng immediately stepped forward and stood beside Duan Feiqing.  At this moment, he saw that the other person’s expression was unusual, but there wasn’t any anger in Duan Feiqing’s heart. Just then the little assistant had transmitted the information, from which he knew that Ling Musha's mother and Duan Feiqing's mother were twins. Duan Feiqing was showing such an expression, presumably because this Ling Musha looked somewhat similar to his mother.

Don’t tell me that this Duan Feiqing has a love-for-mother kind of plot? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the original owner respected Ling Musha so much huh. This kind of stallion character design is really powerful and even people who look like their biological mothers can enter the harem. In Lu Heng's heart, he clearly distinguished Duan Feiqing from the original world line from the current Duan Feiqing. Only their external appearance was same, inside they were completely different souls.

Having walked hand in hand with Shi Kong for so long, if they didn’t even have this little trust between them, it would be an insult to each other's feelings. Just now, Lu Heng's foul mood merely stemmed from a desire to monopolize and nothing else. No matter how much he rationalized it, hearing that his beloved actually was involved with another person as their companion, in the end it was difficult to reconcile.

Duan Feiqing's was absent-minded for merely an instant before he recovered within the blink of an eye. Not sure why, he glanced at the person standing beside him, only to see the other person looking towards the white-clothed young lady, with his eyes full of interest and corners of his mouth slightly raised.

Duan Feiqing suddenly remembered what Lu Heng had said before about marrying a wife and having children. There were quite a few points of similarity between the appearances of this white clothed young lady and his mother, and combined with their current location, it brought back quite a few memories from his childhood. Just now the instant his eyes fell on her, he remembered that his mother had said when he was young that she had a twin sister, and that twin sister had given birth to a daughter named Ling Musha not long ago. It's just a pity that they were situated too far away, and there was no opportunity to take Duan Feiqing to meet this cousin.

As for his dearest Heng, why was he so paying so much attention to her? This is the first time that his dearest Heng had looked at someone other than himself with a gaze filled with emotions. Must destroy, he really wanted to destroy the thing that held his attention. A trace of scarlet started to pervade from the corner of Duan Feiqing's eyes.

Ling Musha was totally unaware. Seeing Duan Feiqing's expression changing, she thought it was because of mentioning her aunt in front of her cousin. She smiled slightly and stepped forward: "Elder cousin, can you return the short sword to me?"

Duan Feiqing looked down at the short sword in his hand. This short sword should be an imitation of the Shadow Sword. Although the forging method was rather rough, the shape and material are exactly the same as the Shadow Sword.

The Shadow Sword was of great significance to Duan Feiqing. In his opinion, this shadow sword was left by his mother, who accompanied him through his entire teenage years. When his family’s situation changed, he met his dearest Heng.

Duan Feiqing had gifted the shadow sword to the other person. During the few years he endured his imprisonment, the light sword was destroyed, his internal energy was crippled, and the young master Feiqing, who used to be dressed in fresh clothes and was vigorous like a horse, no longer existed in this world. After being rescued by Lu Heng again, the Shadow Sword returned to Duan Feiqing's hands. Since then, in this world, there only existed the Duan Feiqing who survived because of his dearest Heng.

This shadow sword carries with it the friendship between him and his dearest Heng. How can such a special object have an imitation? Duan Feiqing hooked the corner of his lips: "You want me to return this sword to you?"

"That's right, that day I got a piece of the extremely rare flying stone after so many years in the religion. Although this short sword is only an imitation, it is the only successful one. I begged my mother for a long time before she agreed to give this short sword to me for self-defense." Ling Musha said, creasing her nose, looking very charming and lovely.

"You have to take good care of such a precious thing, girl." Duan Feiqing smiled and handed the sword back to Ling Musha.

Ling Musha extended her hand and received the sword. Before she could utter words of thanks, a crisp ringing sound reverberated throughout its body. She looked again and found that the short sword in her hand had shattered into several pieces.

"Miss Ling, I'm very sorry. When I seized the sword just now, I lost my sense of control for a moment and ruined the short sword." Duan Feiqing apologized, "I will definitely find another weapon to compensate for your loss."

Ling Musha's face was sullen, but Duan Feiqing’s etiquette was flawless, and combined with a very sincere expression of apology in his face, she was unable to vent her anger. In the end, it was because she was too impulsive and attacked the other person without a clear understanding of the situation*. After all, only the material of this short sword was special. To say it’s a spirit weapon, it would be completely incomparable to the shadow sword.

[T/N: implication is – the sword broke during their battle in previous chapter]

She had to say resentfully: "It's not your fault, elder cousin. I was being too reckless. It's normal for you to lose your sense of control when facing my sudden attack."

Lu Heng who was standing at the side could clearly see that Duan Feiqing had absolutely not accidentally destroyed the short sword when he seized it, but that the man had just now poured internal power into it and forcibly broken the short sword.

Why was the matter of this person destroying the other person’s weapon treated as something insignificant? Lu Heng had barely conjured this thought, when Duan Feiqing, who was beside him, swayed, half kneeling on the ground, a trace of blood oozing from the corner of his mouth. Lu Heng grabbed the other person’s wrist at once and found that his internal energy and blood were in turmoil. Not surprisingly, the short sword was made of the same material as the Shadow Sword, so it was nigh indestructible. This man used his internal energy to destroy it. In order to avoid leaving any traces for Lin Musha, he had forcibly withdrawn his internal energy in an instant, so it would have been surprising if there was no backlash.

What kind of craziness did he suddenly get that he was willing to break the short sword despite the risk of internal injuries? Lu Heng looked up at Duan Feiqing and wanted to tell him off. However the other person’s gaze was distorted and tinged with the colour of insanity. Not good, this Feiqing is going to go crazy.

Ling Musha, who was on the side, also saw that something was amiss and she whispered: "<<heart sutra of the heavenly demon>>? How could my cousin suddenly go crazy without any stimulus?"

"Perhaps being in this sorrowful place has triggered the inner demon in his heart." Lu Heng was also a little unclear about the situation.

Who is his dearest Heng talking to, and why is he talking to others? Duan Feiqing's eyes were red, and he could only see Lu Heng standing in front of him and another fuzzy slender figure. Who is that woman? Is it his dearest Heng's sweetheart? Is he going to have a family with that woman and have children? Destroy; destroy everything that will snatch his dearest Heng away from him...

When Ling Musha saw Duan Feiqing's expression getting crazier and crazier, she was also anxious. The <<Heart sutra of the Heavenly Demon>> was a holy scripture in the religion which had unparalleled power, but she has also seen how merciless and crazy the people who practice this scripture become and finally becoming demons. She took out a dagger from her waist, and as soon as she gritted her teeth and cut open her palm, she stepped forward to feed the blood into Duan Feiqing's mouth.

Lu Heng’s eyes moved fast quickly grabbed her wrist: "What do you want to do?"

"I'm cultivating the body of pure glazed glass, which is designed to restrain the negative effects of the Heart sutra of the Heavenly Demon>>. My blood can relieve his heart demons!" Ling Musha explained in a hurry, throwing away Lu Heng's hand, she was about to continue.

"My dearest Heng, whose hand are you holding?" Duan Feiqing, who was half-kneeling on the ground, asked in a piercing tone.

A glint of cold light flashed.

"Be careful!" Lu Heng pulled back Ling Musha, and a few strands of fine black hair floated down to the ground.

Ling Musha was pulled by the abrupt force and stumbled to the ground, barely dodging the fatal sword strike. She sat frozen on the ground with lingering fears, and looking at the brutal expression on Duan Feiqing's face, she didn't dare to take even half a step towards to him.

Seeing Duan Feiqing's flicking his wrist, the Shadow Sword was about to strike again. Lu Heng stepped forward while evading, and with one hand restrained the other person’s left hand holding the sword, and stuffed a pitch black pill directly into Duan Feiqing's mouth with the other: "Swallow it."

Feeling the familiar aura on his lips, Duan Feiqing opened his mouth and swallowed the pill into his stomach.

"You, what did you feed cousin?" The changes in front of her eyes were too fast, Ling Musha looked at Duan Feiqing who was lying on Lu Heng's shoulder, and asked dazedly.

"It’s just to let him have a good sleep and nothing else, Miss Ling. I'm very sorry for scaring you. However, as how things are now, I'll take him in to rest first." Lu Heng nodded to Ling Musha and carried Duan Feiqing on his back. He walked into the courtyard carrying the other person flung over his shoulders.

This little girl is so powerful, Ah. Ling Musha hadn't recovered yet, and only this thought remained in her mind at the moment.

Within the other courtyard that Ling Musha’s maid had meticulously taken care of, Lu Heng randomly picked an unoccupied room and carried down Duan Feiqing from his shoulders onto the bed. Just now this person suddenly had his heart demon break out. Fortunately he had this dream Gu that he specially developed for him.

This Gu can draw out the most pleasing things in people's hearts, satisfying the obsessions in their heart, and pulling them out from the abyss of madness. Lu Heng sat in front of the bed and kept an eye on Duan Feiqing's situation.

His distorted face slowly regained its tranquil appearance and his heart demon was appeased, indicating that the dream realm had already been constructed.

Afterwards, a gentle and relieved look appeared on Duan Feiqing's face, and it seemed that he had fallen into a dream. Lu Heng slowly relaxed his heart that was suspended in mid-air. It would take a while for this person to wake up, so Lu Heng calmed down and thought about what just happened.

[Little assistant, what was the body of pure glazed glass that Ling Musha spoke about? 】The negative effect of the <<heart sutra of Heavenly demon>> has always been a point of concern for Lu Heng.

[The query conditions are unlocked, please accept the information. 】

Lu Heng read it carefully, and suddenly felt that this world line was full of malice. No wonder that in the original world line, Ling Musha could become the little junior sister who replaced the childhood sweetheart, and became the main wife of the stallion master. This body of pure glazed glass was designed to solve the negative effects of the <<heart sutra of Heavenly demon>>. Fresh blood can only cure the symptoms. The way to cure the root cause is to visit the Wushan and bring clouds-and-rains* with those who practice the body of pure glazed glass.

[*euphemism for sex]

Lu Heng glanced at the person on the bed and thought to himself, it seems that in such a world, it was natural for this person was to have mental problems.


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T/N (15-Oct) : Hi dear readers, with great sorrow I regret to inform you that I am dropping this novel. It's been an amazing journey of 96 chapters, and I really hoped to complete this novel. I was especially really excited about next-to-next arc, but I don't think I will be able to reach that point.

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