The Marquess' Daughter of a Small Country Awakens in the Enemy Country

Chapter 1 - Marrying into The Enemy Country (敵国に嫁ぐ)

translated by: myonnie

"Lady Bertine, I can't wait for two weeks until your wedding ceremony. Believe me when told you I've never seen such a wonderful wedding dress in my whole life!"

"Thank you. I'm looking forward to the day too."

Bertine, the marquess' daughter, was twenty-four years old at present, chatting with her friends who had come to see her wedding dress. She had an oval-shaped face, with light brown thick, waist-length hair. Her green eyes, slightly slanted like a cat's, exuded her strong will and intelligence.

Bertine looked at the congratulatory items delivered from the entire country, thanking God for her good fortune being born in this country. The heaps of piling gifts were her wedding presents, the joyous event taking place in two weeks.

Without a doubt, the house of Marquess Juan in the Saint-Leuhan Kingdom was wrapped in celebrations and festivities.

Saint-Leuhan Kingdom was a small island country surrounded by the blue sea, located close to the mainland.

Until a few decades ago, that small country was a poor country with only salt and seafood to depend on for its economy.

However, the king of three generations ago changed the policy to make the country specialize in tourism as a means to survival. The country had been on the path of becoming a tourism-oriented country ever since then.

Currently, a war on the neighboring continent between Centor Empire in the north and the Allies in the south were transpiring near the borders, but Saint-Leuhan wasn't actively participating in the war. The kingdom only took the safe side of sending military funds to the empire because of their good relationships.

A smart move, considering Saint-Leuhan's military capability was only a few archers guarding a certain area of the sea other than the soldiers guarding the royal palace.

None of Saint-Leuhan's citizens were concerned about the outcome of the war, crystal clear from how Bertine's friends who visited today only looked at the wedding dress and gifts as they chatted about the 'recent business profits'.

"I'm currently creating a party handbag incorporated with the latest trend, you see. The idea is to have glass beads sewn all over it! I've taken a number of orders from the empire princesses."

"I'm thinking of producing first-rate feather cloaks. It will be thin, warm, and light. That way, I'm sure it'll be popular with the noble ladies as luxurious outdoor clothes."

No country had yet attempted this small country even with all its wealth. And the reason was the environment of the island, which was nicknamed, the "natural fortress".

Around the island were sharply pointed reefs surrounding it, making it inaccessible for large warships to come near. Even small ships had to go through a fixed route requiring a certain intricate way of steering the ship. The ship had to move as smoothly as possible like a thread passing needle hole, or else holes would fill the bottom of the ship and cause it to sink.

As the reefs surrounding the island prevent possible incoming invasion from the continent, the warm currents flowing around the islands keep the climate warm throughout the year. Thanks to that, the island was constantly attracting permanent residents and tourists from Centor Empire who liked the lack of stinging summer heat and freezing winter cold, securing their stable earnings of foreign currency.

That day, Bertine was called by her father, the prime minister, who came home from the royal place in a hurry even though it was still past noon.

"My Lady, My Lord is requesting you to come to his study immediately."

"All right. I'll be there soon."

Bertine asked permission from her friends to leave for a moment before rushing to her father's study. When she entered the study, her father broke the news with a stiff face.

"The empire lost to the Allies."

"My... That was unexpected. Does that mean it'll affect our country as well?"

"Yes. Our country was providing military funds to the empire. We were identified as one of the defeated nations and the Allies demanded reparation fees for damages. And the amount was huge, I'll say. To the point that we can't afford to pay it even if we added the royalties' private fortune to the nation's assets."

"Is that so..."

'Why are you telling me this?', Bertine wondered as she listened. The Marquess let out a deep sigh and raised his face.

"Therefore, it's decided that you will marry His Excellency Cecilio Bonifacio from that country in exchange for a reduction in the reparation fees."


'But I'm getting married in two weeks,' Bertine thought, confused. Bertine's father, Marquess Maxim de Juan, bit his lips with a ghastly face full of bitterness over the decision, but she still couldn't take it in. 'Why me?'

"Both the royal family and the crown prince's younger brother have only sons. You are the only daughter with marriageable age among the six marquess families. Bertine, please forgive your father for not having the power to refuse."

"Father, what do you mean 'forgive'... This decision, has it been finalized?"


Bertine's father averted his gaze from his daughter and kept his emotions in check, while Bertine got up from the chair with no expression on her face and headed to her room without uttering a word, body limp. Right when she entered her room, she slumped down on her bed with a thud, face down to the mattress. Having no idea what was going on, Dorothee, her handmaid, waited on her lady in puzzlement.

"Please have the visitors leave."

"Yes. Um, My Lady? May I know what happened?"

"Apparently, I'm going to marry His Excellency Cecilio of the Allies or something like that."

"Eh!? A-Anyhow, I'll tell the visitors to go home for now!"

Saint-Leuhan Kingdom valued the skill of making a fortune more than military prowess. The royal family of this country was a fervent believer in, 'no earning skill, no competence', yet why couldn't they pay for the reparation fees? Bertine couldn't believe it.

The royal family was well-off. Did they give all their wealth to the empire? They should be using the surplus of their assets for military funds. Perhaps the country was being stingy to pay the reparation fee, hence why they decided to offer her.

Bertine's brother, who had returned from the royal treasury, affirmed Bertine's speculation.

"His Majesty told me that he wanted to prevent the treasury from becoming bare. They're too heartless, Bell. This brother wishes he can run away somewhere with you, away from this mess."

And what would happen if he did that? Deep down, Bertine knew that his brother, a civil official, would lose his means of living if he ran away with her. Where would they even go? Running away to the empire would mean presenting themself to get caught as a criminal.

"We have no other choice, brother. We can't do anything."

Bertine then repeated, as if chanting a spell, that it couldn't be helped, it couldn't be helped. Otherwise, she would have bawled, "I don't want to go! I don't want to marry into the Allies!"

(If only Mother was still alive, she would have held my hand and grieved with me.)

Despite Bertine's sorrow, the preparations for her marriage to the Allies proceeded surprisingly quickly. Two days later, they had finished the procedures to dissolve her engagement with Andrew, her fiancee of over five years.

Both families gathered in a room reserved for nobles at the town hall, but only the patriarch, the Earl, came from Andrew's family. The countess, who had frequently told her, "For me, you're already my daughter," was nowhere to be seen.

"I see that Lord Andrew isn't present."

"I'm sorry, Bertine. Andrew is quite depressed. He's not in the condition to come here."

Bertine's fiance, a man with a passion for literature. He once told her that he dreamed of publishing a book while working as a civil official. Was he always the type of man who put his own feelings before those of his miserable fiance? Could he not even say the final words of goodbye? Bertine wouldn't ask him to run away with her, but in truth, she wished he would at least show her some sympathy by telling her some consolation or farewell at their last moments.

(It can't be helped, it can't be helped, it can't be helped...)

Bertine smiled weakly and signed the papers to end the engagement.


Two weeks later.

Seen off by the royal guards and nosy crowd, Bertine boarded a ship heading to the port on the continent.

Many people were curious and came to see the sacrificed Bertine.

Everyone who scurried to the harbor was talking to each other with knowing looks on their face, their voice in a whisper. No one congratulated her on her newly arranged marriage. She would marry into the "Southern Allies", which the people of the Centor Empire and Saint-Leuhan look down on as "a barbaric, less cultured country".

Long ago, the southern part of the continent was a land of dozens of tribes with their own small territories. It was far from peaceful with the constant skirmishes among each other, but a man named Cecilio Bonifacio brought them together into one nation.

'Rumor has it that Cecilio is a war-loving man who loves bloodshed. He conquered all other tribes using only his prowess,' 'Unrivaled womanizer,' 'A barbaric man who ridicules culture and art.'

The rumors that reached their ears were never good. It's no surprise that Dorothee, Bertine's maid who came along with her, hadn't stopped crying all this time.

"Dorothee. You should go home with the other servants once we arrive there. I'm sure your parents are worried sick."

"How can I! My Lady, you will be all alone if I leave!"

"It's okay. I'm sure I won't be killed. I'll do my best to make His Excellency love me."

"My Lady... you're truly unfortunate," Dorothee said so and cried again. Bertine was supposed to be the one who wanted to cry the most, but she helplessly took the role of comforting her handmaid.

Once the ship arrived at the port of the continent, the bride processional of five carriages prepared by Bertine's father proceeded in silence. The dispirited Bertine gradually regained her calm thanks to the unusual sight.

"His Excellency may be a kind person, and I may be able to live a more pleasing life here unexpectedly. Being pessimistic like this won't do me any good," Bertine voiced out as a reminder to herself. She continued the journey in the carriage in a better, though still forced, mood.


Another two weeks later, they arrived in Ebott, the capital city of the Southern Allies. Ebott was a large city filled with newly constructed stone buildings of two, three stories.

"My. Dorothee, don't you think it's quite different from the rumors?"

"It's as you said, My Lady. I thought the city would have tents made of wood and fur..."

"Dorothee, that's rude. But seems like the information I have is quite old as well."

Little that they knew that this would be the last time they could laugh and chat like that before arriving at Cecilio's residence.

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