Morbid Attachment

Chapter 10

The director yelled ‘cut’ and called Ji Wang over. Zhou Lie asked Ji Wang what was going on. His acting skills yesterday were excellent but today he wasn’t performing as well.

Qi Boyan’s acting was obviously even worse than his, but there was no way Zhou Lie could criticize Qi Boyan. He could only attack Ji Wang. Ji Wang obediently lowered his head and endured the scolding, “Director, give me another chance, I will definitely act well.”

The sound of footsteps came from behind. It was easy to recognize who it was because of Qi Boyan’s shoes. The toe of the boot had decorative metal which created a peculiar sound when stepping down. Ji Wang remembered it after hearing it once.

He subconsciously straightened his back. Qi Boyan said from behind, "Forget it, director, this scene doesn’t need to be filmed."

This was Qi Boyan’s MV and his company was paying for the shoot. Even so, Zhou Lie’s face couldn’t help but blacken after hearing Qi Boyan so arbitrarily decide whether or not to film the scene.

Zhou Lie suppressed his anger, “Everything is set up already. We should shoot, otherwise the scene arrangements will all be wasted."

Ji Wang felt the sweat on his back slowly soak through his clothes, but Qi Boyan standing behind him still didn’t say a word.

As Zhou Lie’s facial expression turned more and more ugly, Ji Wang turned around and met Qi Boyan’s eyes, “It’s true, Mr. Qi, everything’s already prepared. Let’s film the scene.”

“You can rest assured that this time I will perform well,” Ji Wang said carefully.

Qi Boyan was seemingly waiting for him to say this sentence. “Then we’ll listen to the director and shoot.”

Saying this, Qi Boyan stepped forward and took Zhou Lie's by the shoulders, "Ge, let's get together for supper tonight? Yuan-jie is coming to visit our set."

Zhou Lie’s expression calmed after hearing this name, “Stinky boy, you still want to eat supper even though you don’t know whether filming can finish tonight.”

Qi Boyan said breezily, “How can we not finish filming? If it really won’t work, I’ll tell the company to add to the budget.”

Ji Wang watched Zhou Lie’s face go from fuming with rage to beaming with happiness and regretted getting himself involved.

Why did he care who Qi Boyan offended? Qi Boyan’s connections were much better than his and he was more skilled at attracting people’s affections.

The filming restarted and Ji Wang was true to his word. He worked hard, diligently saying his lines. Even the emotion in his eyes was three points deeper than before. The obsessive love displayed almost caused the staff on the scene to believe that Ji Wang really did love Qi Boyan.

It’s only acting, Ji Wang said in his heart.

When the director yelled ok, Ji Wang was a little hopeless. His eyes were red and he sat there in a daze, his hands covered with sticky fake blood.

Qi Boyan stood up and Li Feng brought over some wet towels. Qi Boyan accepted them but didn’t bother with his own hands, instead pulling Ji Wang’s hands and wiping them clean for him first.

Qi Boyan’s cheek was still a little swollen. With his eyes cast down, he looked very serious, as if there was nothing more important than cleaning the blood on Ji Wang’s hands.

The moist feeling on his hands startled Ji Wang out of the scene. He forcefully pulled his hands out of Qi Boyan’s and propped his body up with a sword, leaving the scene with the residual sticky feeling in his hands.

Ji Wang actually didn’t have many remaining scenes. No matter how willful Qi Boyan was, he could only add a few scenes. Regardless of who the assassin loved, it couldn’t change the fact that he was an insignificant character in this story.

The protagonist will be shocked by his feelings and startled by his behavior, but he will never sincerely hand over his heart to a supporting character.

Zhou Chuxue stood on the side of the set, her assistant holding an umbrella for her. Ji Wang nodded politely at Zhou Chuxue, but was stopped by the other party.

Female omegas look more petite and feminine, making people feel extremely protective.

However, what Ji Wang didn’t understand the most was how to respond to omegas. He was so embarrassed that he didn't know what to do with himself. It also occurred to him that because of Qi Boyan's obstinance, a portion of the female lead’s scenes were taken over by him.

After acting for so long, Ji Wang knew this was rude. Even if Zhou Chuxue hated him, Ji Wang would accept it, not to mention that Zhou Chuxue didn't react, which made Ji Wang feel even more guilty.

Zhou Chuxue harmoniously chatted, "Mr. Ji, I’ll treat you to this cup of coffee." After saying this, Zhou Chuxue took coffee from her assistant’s side and handed it to Ji Wang.

Ji Wang took it sincerely and calmly said, “Thank you, you have also worked hard.”

Zhou Chuxue smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Ji Wang had nothing to say, not to mention Zhou Chuxue's assistant was looking at him with displeasure. Ji Wang tactfully took the coffee and left.

After filming the last single-person storyline, Ji Wang finally finished. The protagonist’s group was still acting. Ji Wang went to the makeup artist to remove his makeup and change his clothes. After everything was done, he could finally let out a big sigh of relief.

He was actually very tired, so tired that he felt that he might pass out after getting home.

Ji Wang sat in a chair and waited for Xiao Xu. The curtain of the dressing room was pulled open and Li Feng walked in: "Ji-laoshi, you1 worked hard. I will send you back to the hotel to rest.”

Ji Wang’s face froze: "My scenes are finished."

Li Feng: "I know, the car is waiting outside, let's go first."

Ji Wang put away his phone and stood up. He didn't speak. He resolutely lowered his eyebrows and stared deeply at Li Feng, causing Li Feng to force a smile, “Mr. Ji, don’t be angry. There will be a finale banquet tonight and the crew needs to take some photos to save for future promotions. You have to take part in it.”

Ji Wang didn't speak anymore. He wasn't someone who didn't understand the rules, but he wanted to leave now, and he was just a minor character who wasn’t important to the crew.

Ji Wang was well aware who really wanted him to stay.

Another person walked into the canopy. It was the director’s assistant who persuaded him to go to the hotel last night. Ji Wang could not give Qi Boyan face, but he had to give the director face.

Now that the director had come forward, Ji Wang had no choice but to stay and participate in this wretched closing banquet.

Going around and around, they ended up back at the hotel again. Xiao Xu said he would go back home to get his clothes and Ji Wang did not refuse this time.

He suspected that he might temporarily not be able to go home. Who knew what other tricks Qi Boyan would play?

Later, Ji Wang put on a set of more formal clothes and Xiao Xu stood by and praised his handsomeness.

Ji Wang rubbed Xiao Xu’s head, warmly saying, “That’s enough, go drive, let's not be late.”

The finale banquet was very lively. Everyone was drinking. Zhou Lie didn't even eat anything, he downed wine table by table and was already mostly drunk.

The lead actors Qi Boyan and Zhou Chuxue followed behind the director, but the glass of wine that Zhou Chuxue was holding hardly changed. Some people dared to urge Zhou Chuxue to drink wine, but they were mainly blocked by Qi Boyan.

When he drank too much, Qi Boyan's face became a little white, but his lips became redder. He looked even more beautiful than when he hadn't drank.

Yes, beautiful. Eighteen year old Qi Boyan was practically beautiful to death. His appearance, holding a microphone with a head full of long hair, drove many people crazy.

Ji Wang was stunned the first time he saw Qi Boyan in that underground bar because he had never seen such a good-looking person. He asked someone else about Qi Boyan's gender.

The man told Ji Wang that his name was Qi Boyan, and he was a beautiful, wanton omega.

The beautiful and wanton omega, after singing a fierce rock and roll song, directly left the stage, ignoring the shouts for an encore from the audience below.

Ji Wang’s friend was familiar with the boss and took Ji Wang backstage. The omega Ji Wang had fallen in love with at first sight sat in front of the makeup mirror, roughly removing the makeup from his eyes. The intensity made Ji Wang feel distressed.

He walked forward and before he knew how to speak, he heard the young and beautiful boy unceremoniously say, "No invitation, get out."

Ji Wang froze. He subconsciously looked at himself in the mirror. He was very handsome, not inferior to any alpha present. So why did this rumored-promiscuous omega reject him at first sight?

  1. Uses “您”, the polite form of addressing someone

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