Morbid Attachment

Chapter 11

Ji Wang was stunned and didn't leave. The boy saw Ji Wang's face in the mirror and his hand stopped for a moment. He turned around, his arm propped on the back of the chair, and his hair ornaments fell down along the curve of his hair: "Who are you?"

Ji Wang’s friend Ren Ran had just finished speaking with someone when he came to this corner to find Ji Wang: "Why are you here?"

Ren Ran saw Qi Boyan and showed a vague smile: "Come to see our beloved lead singer?"

Qi Boyan didn’t give Ren Ran a single glance. The makeup on his face was only half removed and his lips were still an attractive red. Ji Wang subconsciously swallowed and announced his name: "My name is Ji Wang, ‘Ji’ as in ‘discipline’, ‘Wang’ as in ‘outlook’1."

After speaking, Ji Wang bent down and picked up the hair accessory on the ground, which was a scissors-shaped hairpin, and handed it to Qi Boyan. As if he had lost interest in Ji Wang, Qi Boyan turned back to the mirror and continued to remove his makeup. He didn’t pay attention to Ji Wang anymore.

Ren Ran couldn't idly stand by for any longer. He stretched out his hand to grab Qi Boyan, but in the next second, Ji Wang held his wrist in a heavy grip.

Ji Wang had an unprecedented desire to protect this beautiful omega. He’d only seen the other once and he was already crazy to the point of thinking of baby names.

Ren Ran naturally noticed Ji Wang's monopolistic gaze and whistled, "Alright, I won’t touch your omega."

In fact, Ren Ran's statement was a bit insulting. It was clear that he and Qi Boyan were meeting for the first time, so how did the other party become his omega.

However, considering Ren Ran's assessment of Qi Boyan as beautiful and lascivious, you could tell how contemptuous he was towards Qi Boyan. Ren Ran extracted his hand from Ji Wang's palm: "I'm going to find Brother Lin for a drink, I'll call in a bit."

Ji Wang watched Ren Ran leave, still holding the cold hair accessory in his hand. He hesitated, then stuffed it into his pocket.

Immediately afterwards, he found his action was seen by Qi Boyan. Those big, slightly raised eyes were looking at him straight in the mirror. Ji Wang's face was hot and he was so embarrassed that he didn't know what to say.

Ji Wang didn’t get shy easily. He lost his parents during his childhood and his grandmother raised him. His character matured and stabilized early. In addition, because of his appearance, there were endless peach blossoms2. Although he was only eighteen, he had already experienced many relationships.

He was fairly experienced in this area, but he didn't expect to be beaten back to his original form in front of an unfamiliar omega.

After Qi Boyan removed his makeup, he stood up and started to pack his things. After he stood, Ji Wang was shocked again. This omega really was too tall, almost surpassing him.

The boy swung the bag on to his body and said coldly, "Excuse me."

Ji Wang stepped aside in a daze, without stopping the other. Qi Boyan left without looking back, his casually tied long hair swaying on his back, very provocative.

If he could, or to say if it were possible for him to become familiar with Qi Boyan, he wanted to touch Qi Boyan's hair. He didn’t know what feeling that would be like.

Later, Ji Wang did touch Qi Boyan's hair. He kissed and smelled it, and in bed he grabbed and nipped it.

He was also an alpha, he instinctively bit at what fell by his face, which was Qi Boyan’s hair. If that could also be considered a “mark”, Qi Boyan’s hair belonged to him.

Time flew, Qi Boyan cut off his long hair, and it was no longer exclusively Ji Wang’s. And on his own body, many traces of belonging to the other party also disappeared.

Ji Wang took his gaze back from the main leads’ table and drained the wine in front of him in one gulp. Xiao Xu came back holding a plate of fruit: "Ge, don't just drink, eat some fruit."

He ate a few bites of watermelon as a gesture and then continued to drink, pretending not to see Xiao Xu's angry face.

His relationship with Xiao Xu was like that of two brothers. They had known each other for many years and Xiao Xu had been his assistant since his debut.

When Xiao Xu was going through difficulties, Ji Wang helped him out a lot. As a result, Xiao Xu was later unconditionally devoted to him. In truth, this kind of relationship was not suitable from his assistant, because Xiao Xu would take initiative to help conceal things he didn’t want the company to know.

To be precise, Xiao Xu was not a competent assistant to the company, but he was a reliable younger brother to him.

Fortunately, he wasn’t popular. He spent every day honestly acting in dramas, there were no secrets. The biggest turn of events was due to Qi Boyan.

With a hint of alcohol, Ji Wang swept over Xiao Xu's shoulders, "Xiao Xu, what happened to me these past few days, don't tell Hong-jie."

Xiao Xu wrinkled his nose, "Ge, I understand, don't worry."

As they hooked shoulders and privately talked, the director and the lead actors brought wine over to toast them. Zhou Lie was in front, Qi Boyan was in the back, his eyes fixed on where Ji Wang’s arm linked with Xiao Xu’s.

Ji Wang's first reaction was to take his hand back, but after realizing what he had done, he was extremely upset.

Qi Boyan had nothing to do with him now, so why should Qi Boyan manage him? Even if he had scandals everywhere, he still wanted to intervene in the affairs of an ex?

Zhou Lie held up his wine to toast him. Ji Wang suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and stood up with his wine glass to salute.

Just as their glasses were about to touch, Qi Boyan shouted for them to wait. His voice was as light as a feather, but caused Ji Wang's scalp to tense. Sure enough, Qi Boyan said he would add wine for him and picked up a bottle of wine from the side, pouring it into Ji Wang’s cup.

The wine poured out from the sharply tilted mouth of the bottle and passed the wine glass, following Ji Wang’s arm to soak his sleeve. Coincidentally it was the arm Ji Wang was using to hold Xiao Xu. Zhou Lie and the female lead were stunned while Xiao Xu was startled on the side. Ji Wang remained expressionless. Qi Boyan raised his lips and insincerely apologized, "Sorry, my hands slipped."

Ji Wang held his drenched arm, not bursting out in anger, and only said to the director, "Excuse me, I'll go to the bathroom."

Zhou Lie said quickly, "Go ahead." After speaking, he vigorously whipped Qi Boyan: "What are you doing, are you drunk?" Qi Boyan said with a smile but not a smile: "Maybe."

Ji Wang pressed Xiao Xu down, who was about to get up and accompany him: "I’ll just go by myself." Otherwise, he worried Qi Boyan might go mad when he saw Xiao Xu leave with him.

When he exited the crew's private box, the noise was hidden behind the door. Ji Wang felt that the wet coldness on his arm made him very irritable, like his heart had also been soaked in alcohol until bitter, so acidic.

He walked to the bathroom and ignored the alcohol-stained cloth on his arm. He washed his face and dampened his just-styled hair.

When he looked up, the person he least wanted to see had appeared in the bathroom. In front of Ji Wang's eyes, Qi Boyan turned the lock with a mysterious and loud click.

Ji Wang's eyes were red with wine. He held the sink and said in a low voice, "I don't want to fight with you, get out."

Qi Boyan walked forward slowly. As he approached, his pheromones seemed to invade as well.

Amidst the sound of water, Qi Boyan hugged him from behind. With his delicate face leaning against his shoulder, his short hair scratched Ji Wang's ears.

Qi Boyan's voice was made hoarse by wine, "I was beaten fiercely enough last night, do you still want to beat me today?"

Ji Wang didn't break away from Qi Boyan's hands. He let the other’s hand climb up, undo the two buttons on his chest, slyly sneak in, and press against his heart: "You can beat me if you want. Just don't hit my face."

He gently sucked a kiss on Ji Wang's cheek: "You don't feel sorry for me at all anymore, Gege."

The author has something to say: Troublesome person.

  1. In Mandarin the same pronunciation can have multiple words associated with it, so when someone introduces themselves they will often use common phrases to indicate which Chinese characters are used to write their name.
  2. women

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