Morbid Attachment

Chapter 15

Ji Wang stood in the kitchen, looking at the hot water boiling in front of him and wishing he could slap himself twice. In the living room, Qi Boyan walked around in slippers. After a while, he asked, "What happened to the old sofa? The current one is too hard."

"I want to drink milk tea, not coffee. The company makes me drink coffee every day!"

His voice sounded from far away and then nearby. Qi Boyan, who was exhausted just moments ago, walked in full of energy, opened Ji Wang's refrigerator, and glanced inside, "Why is there only alcohol, I hate alcohol. "

Yes, Qi Boyan was a rare person who hated cigarettes and alcohol.

Ji Wang slammed the cup in his hand on the table, “After you drink water, get out of here!"

"No." Qi Boyan simply refused, "I'm going to take a bath. Get me a toothbrush and a face cleanser."

The vein on Ji Wang's forehead jumped. Just as he turned his head to say something, he saw Qi Boyan take off his hat and put it on top of the refrigerator.

The long hair coiled under the hat slipped out and fell over his shoulders. Ji Wang went absent-minded for a moment because of the familiar house and the former Qi Boyan.

After Qi Boyan took off his hat, his eyes never left Ji Wang. He obviously received a satisfactory reaction from Ji Wang's face. He casually swept his hair behind his head and approached Ji Wang step by step, "Do you like it?"

However, Qi Boyan failed to successfully embrace Ji Wang. Ji Wang’s elbow pressed against his chest and prevented him from getting closer.

Qi Boyan didn't force it. He stepped out of the kitchen and undressed as he walked.

Ji Wang looked at the expensive designer shirt thrown directly onto the foot of the kitchen door and felt a little distressed, "Can’t you properly take off your clothes!"

He originally didn’t want to care, but couldn’t help it. Ji Wang chased out to pick up the clothes but saw in front of him that Qi Boyan had already stripped naked. As soon as his eyes fell on his perfect body, Ji Wang was immediately stuck in place. His hand gripped the clothes and for a moment he forgot to straighten his waist.

Qi Boyan noticed. His fingers slid around the edge of his underwear, hooked up, and let go again. The elastic of the underwear hit the skin, making a loud noise. He smiled mischievously, "Does it look good?"

Ji Wang suddenly returned to his senses and threw the clothes in his hand at the man in front of him, "Who allowed you to use my bathroom!"

Qi Boyan ignored him, and Ji Wang couldn't even push the naked man out of the room. That would really become a headline and go viral overnight, improperly viral.

With no other choice, Ji Wang could only pick up the clothes that had fallen on the floor. As soon as he put them in the washing machine, he remembered something.

He took off the necklace ring around his neck and put it in the cabinet.

When going to the set, Ji Wang didn’t often wear this necklace. When playing a role, there were requirements for makeup, hair, and clothing.

However, in everyday life, the necklace rarely left his body. The chain broke several times but it always broke on the bed without losing the ring, as if something was protecting it.

After Ji Wang put away the necklace, he sat on the sofa in a daze, feeling that the current situation was absurd.

Qi Boyan returned, and Ren Ran also returned. Both acted as if nothing had happened in the past, and he who was so worried was the abnormal one.

The truly abnormal person stuck his head out of the bathroom, "Toothbrush!"

Ji Wang reluctantly pulled out a new toothbrush and handed it to Qi Boyan. The man leaned out from behind the bathroom door, his wet long hair stuck to his porcelain-white body, dripping water down.

Qi Boyan took the toothbrush and asked, "Why does your house have a new toothbrush?"

The subtext of these words was to ask whether many guests came to stay the night at Ji Wang's house.

Ji Wang didn't want to answer and had no reason to respond. He looked around Qi Boyan's charming body and stopped at Qi Boyan's neck. Before he could see what the necklace was on it, Qi Boyan turned around. Standing under the showerhead, he invited him in, "Shower together?"

His response was to close the bathroom door on Qi Boyan, then contact Xiao Xu and ask him for Li Feng's phone number.

Even if Qi Boyan went crazy, his company and assistant shouldn't go crazy with him.

Although artists are free in their leisure time, this freedom must also be limited.

He believed that Qi Boyan's company wouldn’t want to see him entangled with an alpha. Maybe the company already knew about it and even warned Qi Boyan.

Qi Boyan's character meant he wouldn’t do as he was told. If he offended the company, he would definitely face difficulties1.

The more he thought about it, the more he was unable to control his concern for Qi Boyan. Ji Wang resentfully thought, why had this habit been put aside for six years but still hadn’t been erased from his body.

Xiao Xu sent over a string of numbers. Ji Wang dialed and the other side picked up quickly. Ji Wang reported his identity, and Li Feng immediately said, "Mr. Ji, is Master Qi with you?"

Ji Wang really guessed right, the headstrong Qi Boyan had sneaked over.

Li Feng anxiously said, "We got into separate cars earlier to throw off the paparazzi. I didn't know that halfway Master Qi forced the chauffeur off the car and drove himself to who knows where!”

Ji Wang was about to give out his address when his mobile phone was taken away by a wet hand. Behind him, Qi Boyan held the mobile phone in his right hand and grabbed the back of Ji Wang's neck with his left hand. Placing his fingertips on the warm neck, he threateningly squeezed and said to Li Feng on the phone, "I'll go back tomorrow."

He didn’t know what Li Feng said, but Qi Boyan impatiently said, "Leave me alone!"

"Leave me alone!" These words tugged at Ji Wang’s heart. Profound memories could never be easily erased.

Qi Boyan said exactly the same thing six years ago when Ji Wang and Qi Boyan had just gotten together.

In the same room, with the same two people, the only difference was that Qi Boyan said these words to him.

The cause of the incident was when they had just gotten together, Qi Boyan's cell phone frequently rang, and was hung up by himself.

After hanging up too many times, Ji Wang couldn't help but ask whose call it was. The other tossed the phone away and said it was an insignificant person.

It was hard for Ji Wang not to care about this. You had to know that before Qi Boyan was with him, his relationship with people was really messed up.

He thought his little boyfriend was an omega who liked omegas and betas, and he had just "broken him straight". It was only after falling in love that he found out that he was the one who had been "broken crooked".

So which old lover was it?

Moreover, Ji Wang was originally the passive one in this relationship. He didn't want to break up so quickly.

Even the friends around him were not optimistic about this relationship.

When the phone rang again, Qi Boyan was taking a shower. Ji Wang stared at the phone and really wanted to pick it up.

If it was any previous lover, Ji Wang would never do such a dishonest thing.

But this person was Qi Boyan, the one Ji Wang had been chasing with countless trials and tribulations. The star finally picked from the sky, the moon fished out of the water, he couldn’t help but want to take everything into his whole heart.

Ji Wang couldn't stand loss, let alone betrayal.

He held the cell phone and suffered untold hardships until Qi Boyan walked out and saw his phone in his hand.

Ji Wang held the phone, his lips moving, trying to explain, but he didn't know what to explain.

Qi Boyan came over and took the phone, "What are you doing?"

Ji Wang, "Your phone... keeps ringing, so..."

Qi Boyan said, "Don't mess with my phone."

Ji Wang stifled his breath, only feeling that the nerve in his head was pounding wildly due to the suffocation. He said, "Okay, this time it was my fault."

Qi Boyan, "The tone of your apology is too bad."

He still had to comment on the tone? At the end of his rope, Ji Wang planned to go to the balcony to smoke a cigarette. Qi Boyan saw his plan, "Didn't you say you want to quit?"

Ji Wang perfunctorily responded, "I’ll quit tomorrow."

The glass window on the balcony reflected the scene in the living room. Qi Boyan picked up his mobile phone and called back. His expression was neither good nor bad.

Soon Qi Boyan laughed. Ji Wang inhaled a breath of smoke and came to Qi Boyan. Qi Boyan didn't know what he wanted to do, but Ji Wang had already kissed him and transferred the puff of smoke directly into Qi Boyan's mouth.

Qi Boyan coughed and pushed Ji Wang away, eyebrows tightly pinched.

Ji Wang let out a sigh of relief, finally feeling a little better, and laughed. After Qi Boyan coughed, he said to the phone in a hoarse voice, "I'll go to your place tonight."

Ji Wang's smile froze and Qi Boyan hung up the phone. Ji Wang subconsciously took his hand, "Where are you going?"

Qi Boyan shook off his hand, "Leave me alone!"

Ji Wang still remembers to this day the palpitations and discomfort he felt when Qi Boyan said these words to him.

Ji Wang forcefully pulled himself away from the bad memory. Qi Boyan behind him was pinching his neck as if playing.

Ji Wang slapped away Qi Boyan's hand, got up, and walked towards the door.

Qi Boyan grabbed him, "Where are you going?"

Ji Wang coldly looked back, "Leave me alone!"

  1. “穿小鞋” or “wear small shoes” is an idiom that means to make life difficult for someone

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