Morbid Attachment

Chapter 16

Ji Wang didn’t know if it was because since they’d met, Qi Boyan had become accustomed to his cold words. In the face of Ji Wang's aggressive tone telling him not to care, Qi Boyan didn’t get angry, and even helplessly smiled: "This is your home, where do you plan to go?”

Ji Wang continued to be in a terrible mood, "So you also know this is my house. It was you who barged in."

Qi Boyan hung up Li Feng's call: "We were perfectly fine, why are you angry again?"

Just like coaxing a boyfriend who was in a bad mood, Qi Boyan's voice was low and hoarse, with a hint of indulgence. He probably also knew it was too excessive for him to brazenly come in here tonight.

Now their roles were reversed. Qi Boyan was the one coaxing, Ji Wang was the one angry. Qi Boyan stood up, “It’s so late, where else can you go?”

For some reason, Ji Wang's brain twitched and he deliberately said, "I go to quite a few places outside my house."

Qi Boyan let out an “oh” and his words rose and fell in a cadence: "Song Ge? Xiao Xu? Fang Zhiping? Hong-jie? Wen Xiaoyong..." Qi Boyan said the names of the people associated with Ji Wang one by one and watched Ji Wang’s eyes widen. Qi Boyan calmly smiled and added the last name: "Or Ren Ran who just returned to China?"

Ji Wang was alarmed and said, "How could you..."

Within this group, there were several people he had only met in recent years. Why would Qi Boyan clearly know them? Did he investigate him?

And how could he know that Ren Ran had returned to China? It couldn’t be that the two of them were still in touch?

Ji Wang really felt that he was hopeless; at such a time he was still worried about this.

Qi Boyan didn’t seem to be aware that he’d said any terrible words. He propped his chin up to Ji Wang and showed an official smile, very fake, but beautiful. Qi Boyan said, “Gege, I still know a lot; what you want me to know, what you don’t want me to know.”

This sounded too incredible. Ji Wang eased his goosebumps and asked, puzzled, "What are you pestering me for?"

He asked this question very sincerely. He truly didn't know why Qi Boyan came to bother him after six years.

If you deeply loved someone, why didn't you cherish them back then?

If it was true love, why didn’t you come to find them for so many years?

Did Qi Boyan know how to love someone? After so many years, he was still as willful, capricious, and moody as he was back then.

Qi Boyan confidently said, "Of course it's because I like you."

Facing the phrase ‘like’, Ji Wang's heart was calm, probably because his trust in Qi Boyan had long since disappeared, so every confession of Qi Boyan’s was a series of lies to him.

Qi Boyan tenderly and sweetly confessed, then ruthlessly said, "You can't go anywhere tonight or else I'll tie you up."

After speaking, Qi Boyan seemed to think of that scene: "This also isn’t bad."

Ji Wang didn’t doubt these kinds of words. After all, Qi Boyan was a lunatic.

Ji Wang could only throw out this sentence, "Tonight sleep on the sofa, tomorrow morning get lost."

After he finished speaking, he took his clothes and went into the bathroom. He purposefully locked the door for fear that Qi Boyan would come in when he was half-washed and act like a demon.

It wasn’t that he was scared he couldn’t resist the temptation, but he was afraid that some bloodshed would happen.

After washing and coming back out, Ji Wang found the living room was already empty. When he entered the bedroom, he saw that Qi Boyan had already occupied the bed, and he’d even considerately reserved half of it for Ji Wang. He didn't even wipe his hair. His breath was even and he was already in deep sleep.

Ji Wang went up to continuously pinch him and woke Qi Boyan from a good dream.

No matter how affectionate celebrity Qi was, he woke up heavy with anger, his face like the bottom of a pot, "You want to murder your husband? You want to exhaust me to death so you can become a widow A1 and go tease a bunch of omegas to come back and have children for you, right?”

Qi Boyan’s words rattled Ji Wang’s body and he couldn’t help but fiercely slap Qi Boyan, “Your hair is still so wet, what sleep nonsense!”

Qi Boyan closed his eyes again, not caring and not listening. He turned over, ignoring Ji Wang.

Ji Wang got out of bed with heavy movements. He didn't intend to sleep overnight in the bedroom. Anyway, his house had two bedrooms and one living room. He went to clean up the other room, laid down on the bed, and closed his eyes to sleep.

The plan was very good, but he couldn't help it, it was as if a fire was burning in his heart. Ji Wang tossed and turned on the bed. He finally fell asleep but dreamed that after Qi Boyan slept with wet hair, he had a high fever the next day, and he still had to go do activities.

He sang and danced on stage, only to fall off because his head was so dizzy. In the audience below the stage, Ji Wang’s eyes split open and he desperately ran over, only to barely catch Qi Boyan in time. The man’s heavy weight pressed down on him and he contentedly smiled, “You still can’t bear to leave me.”

Ji Wang came to, startled awake, and the room was dark. There was another breathing sound beside him. It was Qi Boyan, who had sneaked over and climbed into his bed.

He reached out and felt a handful of wet hair. Twisting his fingertips a few times, it was so wet it was dripping water.

Ji Wang sighed and turned on the light to wake him up. Qi Boyan had just sneaked over, naturally, he hadn’t fallen asleep. His eyes were shining and open as if he was expecting something.

Qi Boyan's pajamas purposefully only had only one button done. When he propped himself up with his arms, the clothes slipped down and half of his shoulders were exposed. His whole body blatantly had ‘seduction’ written across it.

Ji Wang left the guest bedroom, unmoved, and Qi Boyan's voice chased after him: "Are you a snail? Moving your nest all day long!"

It didn't take long for Ji Wang to return holding a hair dryer in his hand. It was an expensive high-end brand.

Maybe it was because you got what you pay for but it’d been six years since he bought it and it hadn’t broken. It worked well for everyday use, the wind was strong and it dried hair fast.

He bought it for Qi Boyan back then, and it cost Ji Wang the money he’d saved from working winter and summer vacations for his wife2. At that time, he thought it was worth it because he didn't feel bad about using money saved for his wife on his wife.

Now Ji Wang's monthly salary could buy several such hair dryers, and he didn’t want to use it on Qi Boyan because he didn’t think he was worth it.

Ji Wang slammed the hairdryer on the bed: "Sleep after blow-drying, my mattress can't get wet."

Qi Boyan looked at the hair dryer and then at Ji Wang: "Help me dry my hair like before."

Ji Wang ignored him. This time he really left, went back to the master bedroom, closed the door, and locked it.

Soon he heard the sound of a hair dryer not far away. It was clearly loud, but this time Ji Wang fell asleep very quickly. He had a good night's sleep, and he didn't even have any dreams.

When he woke up, it was already bright. He opened the curtains and outside was rare good weather. Ji Wang saw the reflection in the window, only to realize that he was laughing.

Not knowing what there was to be happy about, he packed up his mood and opened the door to go out.

The living room was quiet and there was no other person's voice. The smile on Ji Wang's face disappeared. He habitually took a glass of water for himself and sat on the sofa to drink in a daze, his face full of distraction.

Ji Wang told himself to cheer up. He put down the glass of water, then discovered Qi Boyan's pajamas on the sofa and Qi Boyan's clothes drying on the balcony.

He didn't believe that Qi Boyan actually dared to run out of his house naked. He took one look in the guest bedroom to find that the bed was piled full of his own clothes.

It seemed Qi Boyan disagreed with his tastes, and all the clothes in the wardrobe had been emptied and piled on the bed.

The air was full of the smell of Qi Boyan's pheromones. He didn’t know how much this person deliberately released it.

Ji Wang picked up a piece of clothing. It was full of Qi Boyan's scent.

"Is this person a dog? He even marked his territory." Ji Wang muttered to himself but couldn't help but smile again.

When he came to the living room, there was a plate on the table with a bowl covering it. Next to it was a sticky note with calligraphy on it: "I left. If you think of me, remember to call me, the number hasn’t changed. Finish the food.”

Turning the bowl over, Ji Wang couldn't laugh any more after seeing the charred eggs and completely hard bacon.

Ji Wang directly swept the contents of the plate into the trash can.

  1. Alpha
  2. “Wife” here is used in the metaphorical sense to refer to money men save so they can marry their wives

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