Morbid Attachment

Chapter 19

Ji Wang pulled his finger out of Qi Boyan's palm. Qi Boyan didn't grip him too hard, as he’d achieved his goal of giving Ji Wang a ring, and wouldn’t force the rest.

But in the next second, Ji Wang switched to holding Qi Boyan’s left hand. This made Qi Boyan’s eyes light up. Before he said anything, Ji Wang pulled Qi Boyan’s hand in front of him and pulled the other’s sleeve up at the wrist.

Last time Qi Boyan was at his house, he didn’t know what was pasted on his wrist. Ji Wang couldn’t see that he had a new sheet music tattoo.

But it wasn’t just a tattoo. The skin underneath the tattoo was slightly raised, like a scar proliferated from a wound.

Ji Wang had been tattooed before. He knew that the scar from a tattoo wasn’t like this. The scar looked like it had been slashed by something sharp.

Before he could see clearly, Qi Boyan pulled his hand away, “Gege, although I would love to hold hands with you, the photographer will be impatient.”

Ji Wang looked up at Qi Boyan, his lips twitching.

What could he ask? If Qi Boyan attempted to commit suicide? Otherwise, why would he have a wound there?

This was Qi Boyan, not someone else. Qi Boyan, a narcissist who cherished his own life. Qi Boyan couldn’t seek his own death.

Even though he tried to persuade himself, Ji Wang’s facial expression was rattled. Qi Boyan bypassed Ji Wang to open the door and call the staff in.

Then he was caught by Ji Wang. Ji Wang stared straight at Qi Boyan with a pair of frightened eyes, his fingertips leaving sticky, cold sweat on the back of Qi Boyan's hand.

Ji Wang had complained about and blamed Qi Boyan, but it didn’t mean he wanted him to have a miserable life. Ji Wang hoped more than anyone for Qi Boyan to live well, so he could hate him with a clear conscience and complain about him with righteousness.

He couldn’t accept that at some time he wasn’t aware of, Qi Boyan was in so much pain that he wanted to give up his own life; moreover, he remained completely ignorant to this fact.

Ji Wang’s breathing was rapid and his jaw trembled: “What the hell happened to your hand? Tell me the truth!”

He fixed his stare on Qi Boyan’s lips, feeling that every minute and every second was too long, but Qi Boyan remained wretchedly silent. He wondered if he was trying to come up with an excuse to fool him.

When Ji Wang came back to his senses, Qi Boyan had already embraced him, softly and timely supporting his back. Compared with six years ago, the current Qi Boyan could easily wrap him in his arms and comfort him like an adult.

Qi Boyan whispered, "Shh...Gege, don't be afraid, it's not what you think. It was a small car accident. I have other wounds on my body, not just this one."

Ji Wang's body was still shaking uncontrollably: "You’re lying to me."

"I’m not," Qi Boyan said calmly and naturally, his tone sounding very convincing.

He then released Ji Wang, unbuttoned his suit jacket, and pulled out his shirt. There were indeed some inconspicuous wounds on his waist and lower abdomen. Ji Wang didn’t know why he didn’t notice them when Qi Boyan was naked in front of him the other day.

He reached out and touched the scars, feeling Qi Boyan’s abdomen tighten because of his touch. Ji Wang had never been in a car accident. He wasn’t sure if the impact could cause such wounds, or whether it could leave such a scar on Qi Boyan’s wrist.

Before he could think about it in detail, Qi Boyan muffled a laugh, "Gege, if you keep touching, we won’t be able to go out.”

Ji Wang suddenly returned to his senses. In fact, he didn’t believe that Qi Boyan was someone who would try to commit suicide. It was just that he was frightened stupid by this scar and his mind was full of terrible guesses.

But no matter what, the current Qi Boyan still appeared in front of him with a smile on his face, which made Ji Wang let go of some of his worries.

Ji Wang pushed away the arms embracing him, his mood quickly shifting1. He took initiative to walk to the door and open it to let the staff come in.

Xiao Xu was the first to rush in, his anxiety and worry written on his face.

Ji Wang hinted with his eyes that Xiao Xu shouldn’t talk nonsense. No matter how foolish Xiao Xu was, he wouldn’t shout in public that Qi Boyan was taking advantage of his Wang-ge. After he came in, he closed his mouth and quietly stood next to Ji Wang.

Qi Boyan asked the makeup artist on his styling team to apply Ji Wang’s makeup and redo his hair. Ji Wang’s solo photos from earlier would be kept as backup and they would take another set of photos with his current look.

Ji Wang watched Qi Boyan cleanly arrange things and saw the staff in charge listen and take notes down on a tablet. Once again he felt how important popularity was in this circle.

If you weren’t popular, you at least needed strong backing, but unfortunately Ji Wang had neither.

It didn't take long for the staff to lead the two of them to the set. Ji Wang thought he would see Fang Shengyun there, but he didn't. He wasn’t sure if Fang Shengyun had left the studio or hadn’t yet come out of the dressing room.

There was only one chair on the set. Qi Boyan took the lead and sat down, then pulled Ji Wang, who was standing beside him, into his arms.

He was sitting and Ji Wang was standing. Naturally, Qi Boyan's cheek was leaning against Ji Wang's chest, where there was a complicated and gorgeous neckline, like blooming flowers piled on Qi Boyan’s cheek. Ji Wang subconsciously looked down towards Qi Boyan’s gaze, his look also sufficiently deep.

The photographer was quick-witted and captured this story-filled photo.

Ji Wang broke away from Qi Boyan's hand and gritted out between his teeth, "What are you doing?"

Qi Boyan also whispered, "Be professional."

These words practically pinched Ji Wang’s weak spot. He absolutely couldn’t allow others to question his professionalism, especially when this person was Qi Boyan.

Because of this, in the next photos, Ji Wang’s aura was full and he arranged many fitting poses. In the end, his performance in the photos was on par with Qi Boyan.

While selecting photos, Qi Boyan and Ji Wang stood side by side. Qi Boyan chose several photos and said to the photographer with satisfaction, "You shot well."

The photographer also laughed: "It's the two of you who are easy to photograph. The scene was very eye-catching."

Ji Wang also looked at the pictures. In the photos, he was different from usual.

There seemed to be some extra flavor, but Ji Wang couldn’t put his finger on it.

At eleven o'clock in the evening, Ji Wang was still not finished yet. He wanted to stay to take solo photos, while Qi Boyan continued to shoot in another studio.

As the time grew late, Ji Wang was more or less certain that Fang Shengyun had left. So was Fang Shengyun not a guest star? Then what was Fang Shengyun doing here today?

Without waiting for Ji Wang to suspect something, Xiao Xu had already brought first-hand gossip.

After the shooting ended, Ji Wang went back to the first dressing room and waited for the makeup artist to come and remove his makeup.

Before the make-up artist arrived, Xiao Xu secretly told Ji Wang what he’d inquired about.

On the surface, Fang Shengyun came to take promotional photos, but everyone said that he actually came to block Qi Boyan. The two of them had a disagreeable conversation in the dressing room and Fang Shengyun left with a dark expression on his face.

Xiao Xu sighed: “It’s said in the circle that Fang Shengyun has a strong background and it’s 80% true. You can see - he makes an appointment to shoot, then if he says he won’t shoot, they don’t shoot. He says he wants to break his contract, and he breaks his contract, no one dares to say a thing.”

Ji Wang didn't speak. Xiao Xu took his phone out again and on it was a photo he’d just secretly taken of Qi Boyan and Ji Wang, "Brother, today you were really handsome."

Although Xiao Xu didn’t want to admit it, this was all due to Qi Boyan’s contribution.

Qi Boyan seemed to know exactly what looked best on Ji Wang. The clothes and hairstyle he chose for Ji Wang were both very fitting, bringing Ji Wang’s charm to 100%.

Xiao Xu continued to blow rainbow farts, making Ji Wang feel embarrassed. When looking at the photos, he could only focus on Qi Boyan. As for himself, Ji Wang felt it was merely okay.

At this time, the makeup artist also came in and removed his makeup. Seeing that Xiao Xu was looking at the photos from just now, she also praised, “It’s really handsome, my two assistant girls both said they would follow your Weibo.”

With outsiders present, Xiao Xu was much more shy and didn’t dare continue to brag, “Yes, it’s not quite the same as Wang-ge’s style before.”

The makeup artist searched her mind for a moment and after a long time, based on her many years of experience, she said, “Maybe it’s because there’s a spark between Ji-laoshi and Qi-laoshi.”

She smiled and said, "The two’s gaze carries a lot of tension, all tangled together. Ji-laoshi is indeed an actor, his eyes are very dramatic.”

Ji Wang and Xiao Xu were silent for a moment, neither of them knowing what to say.

Who knew that the makeup artist's commentary wasn’t over yet. Her red nails tapped on Xiao Xu's screen, magnifying Ji Wang's face: "Should I say sexy or charming? I feel like if this photo is released, the response will be quite good. "

As soon as she finished speaking, Ji Wang’s reflection in the mirror from his neck to his cheek slowly turned red.

  1. Original phrase is “翻脸像翻书” or “his face turning like pages of a book”

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