Morbid Attachment

Chapter 2

After exiting the bar, Song Ge passed Ji Wang a bag. “Happy birthday, here’s your gift.”

The words “happy birthday” inevitably evoked Ji Wang’s memories. Adding that night’s excessive exposure to Qi Boyan, Ji Wang felt the alcohol in his stomach churn to the point where he wanted to puke.

Ji Wang maintained a gentle smile in front of Song Ge and accepted the bag. “Thank you, next time I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Song Ge shrugged. “Alright, who knows when next time will be. You’ll surely be very busy in the near future.”

Ji Wang didn’t think the same. “Not necessarily. You also know that I have nothing to do when I’m not shooting a drama."

Song Ge had high expectations for Ji Wang to become famous ever since he debuted. He’d continuously say to Ji Wang, “How could you not become popular with your handsome looks?”

To be honest, Ji Wang wasn’t popular. He had no strong desire for fame. To him, acting was just a way to make enough money to eat.

Ji Wang said goodbye to Song Ge and got in a cab before opening his gift. Inside he discovered a case of pheromone cologne. The sight briefly left him speechless. Ji Wang sent a WeChat message to Song Ge with a photo of the cologne and a question mark.

Song Ge didn’t think this gift was random at all. “This cologne is the same fragrance as Qi Boyan’s pheromones. I spent forever begging my girlfriend for it!”

Ji Wang: “Why would you give this to me?”

“Don’t you like peaches? Qi Boyan’s pheromones are also peach scented.” Song Ge added a sentence, “Oh, that’s right, your pheromones smell like brandy. If you spray yourself with this cologne, you’ll smell like Prunus persi, your favorite!”

Ji Wang tossed the phone and cologne to the side, not planning to respond. He decided that even if he didn’t have any dramas and had lots of spare time, he wouldn’t hang out with Song Ge.

To be honest, he didn’t blame Song Ge. He knew in his heart that no one knew his past with Qi Boyan. Who would think that a big-shot celebrity like Qi Boyan dated a small, unknown actor like himself.

After getting out of the taxi, Ji Wang saw Hong-jie had called him three times already. Getting out, Ji Wang originally planned to leave the cologne in the taxi, but his plan was useless after the driver called out, “Young man! Your belongings!”

Ji Wang had no option but to take the bag, planning to throw it in the garbage can below his house. Even though it would disappoint Song Ge, Ji Wang would rather drink a thousand glasses of Prunus persi than accept a bottle of Qi Boyan’s pheromone cologne.

At this moment Hong-jie called him yet again. Ji Wang picked up and the other side began talking about work. Hong-jie let him know she had arranged for him to be on a variety show that would begin shooting next week. The guests hadn’t been finalized yet but the production team was pretty good, so the producers behind-the-scenes should also be high quality.

Although this new program was only testing the waters, it could guarantee follow-up publicity and resources.

With Ji Wang’s status he normally wouldn’t be invited, but his most recent drama was decently popular. Plus, the program team needed a relatively accommodating actor capable of enduring some hardship.

Hearing this, Ji Wang understood what was going on. In a variety show with both big and small-name stars gathered together, someone would always have to take on the activities that big stars dared not do.

Hong-jie had already planned out his future. She expressed that this variety show would provide many opportunities for Ji Wang to achieve quick popularity.

Hong-jie: “Xiao1 Wang, you know that I’ve treated you well these years and wouldn’t deceive you. This variety show is an extraordinary opportunity. You have to grab on to it.”

Ji Wang illuminated the combination lock before realizing he was still holding the bag of cologne and had forgotten to toss it. He used his shoulder to hold his phone in place, casually replying, “How much did they pay?”

Hong-jie was almost suffocated by Ji Wang. She’d talked so much about the benefits, and all Ji Wang cared about was money.

Ji Wang truly only cared about money. Something as intangible as popularity couldn’t compare to the reality of money you could hold in your hand. Fortunately, the number Hong-jie reported was high enough to entice him. After the company took their cut, the amount left in Ji Wang’s hands meant he wouldn’t starve to death even if he didn’t shoot another drama for a year.

“No problem, tomorrow I’ll go to the company to sign the contract.” Ji Wang entered his room and casually tossed the cologne on the floor. After finishing his conversation with Hong-jie, he went to shower in the bathroom.

Hot water washed down, trickling from his wet hair to his body. Ji Wang’s neck was naturally slender. In fact, every part of his body was incredibly good-looking. Even if he didn’t act, he could make money as a model.

Unfortunately, like his finger, the back of Ji Wang’s neck also had a scar. The scar at the bottom of his neck was from past repeated injuries. The skin couldn’t heal fast enough before the injury re-opened. Eventually the skin retained a mark from the wound that was unable to fade away.

However, this was only a faint scar that couldn’t be used to prove anything. It couldn’t compare at all to the mark between an alpha and omega.

If someone could see the back of Ji Wang’s neck they would surely be shocked, because no alpha in the world would let another person attack them in that spot.

You had to understand that alphas were naturally repulsed by one another, like how one mountain can’t contain two tigers. What’s more, alphas were disgusted by the pheromones of other alphas and naturally wouldn’t allow themselves to be subordinated by another. Allowing another alpha to leave teeth marks on their nape was a brazen symbol of humiliation.

This type of situation was extremely rare. Violating their innate tendencies, they were like their own separate category.

The good news was that Ji Wang’s scar was positioned low, so most clothing was enough to cover it up. When he couldn’t cover it with clothing he would use one or two other methods to conceal it.

He didn’t plan to let others use this scar to pry into his past. Even he didn’t like to think about the memories from that period of time.

Ji Wang exited the bathroom and opened the fridge to grab a bottle of beer, still naked from the waist up. He turned on the TV which was again playing the wretched but familiar sounds of Qi Boyan.

Qi Boyan was splitting a chocolate bar with a stunningly beautiful actress. In the commercial they played boyfriend and girlfriend. Qi Boyan was extraordinarily tender towards the other person.

He said, "I love you."

Ji Wang changed the channel, then took the cologne to the entryway and smashed it into the trash.

The frail cologne couldn’t hold up against Ji Wang’s repeated battering. The bottle shattered to pieces inside the trash can, spreading a pleasant scent throughout the room.

If Song Ge smelled this cologne he’d be able to guess that it bore the faintest resemblance to Ji Wang’s own pheromones.

Ji Wang’s pheromones had the light scent of alcohol which wasn’t easily circulated.

Ji Wang's face was tense and he forced out one phrase: “Bastard.”

Just now, this scent flooded the entire room, practically invading Ji Wang’s every pore. The scent created by the ambiguous blend was dizzying, making his limbs numb and powerless.

Qi Boyan bit his earlobe and said, “You keep saying you don’t like it, but your pheromones are enticing me. They’ve practically got me drunk.”

Ji Wang ruthlessly scratched open Qi Boyan’s back in response, but Qi Boyan used his increasingly heavy pheromones to envelop and subdue Ji Wang with a smile.

As long as Qi Boyan visited once, his scent wouldn’t disperse from the room for days.

At the time, Ji Wang really enjoyed entertaining friends in his house, but afterwards he didn’t dare.

He was scared that if Qi Boyan, that lunatic, came to find him, he wouldn’t bother concealing his scent in the slightest just because Ji Wang’s friends were present.

If he wasn’t a lunatic, then why would he release this type of cologne?

If he wasn’t a lunatic, why would he continue to wear that damn tape recording on stage?

Ji Wang raised a hand to cover his face. This evil man seemed scared he would forget. Over and over he reminded him and tormented him until he’d nearly gone mad.

  1. "Xiao" means "little" and is often added to the front of a name as an affectionate way for someone to refer to someone else who is younger than them

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