Morbid Attachment

Chapter 22

When returning to the bar, the two took a shortcut and walked through a set of alleys again. Qi Boyan held the Coke given by the proprietress in his hand and walked in tandem with Ji Wang.

While waiting for the skewers, Ji Wang went to the pharmacy to buy a pheromone inhibiting sticker. Only after sticking it on did he dare get closer to Qi Boyan.

Even so, Ji Wang was still separated from Qi Boyan by some distance.

Qi Boyan seemed tired of this distance. He stopped to look back and the wind blew his pheromones toward Ji Wang.

His omega pheromones were rose-scented. When the wind blew, the scent that Ji Wang previously thought was light now felt too strong.

He felt neither good nor bad about Qi Boyan’s pheromones. When he thought again how Qi Boyan couldn’t smell his pheromones, the result should be that their pheromone compatibility was very low.

Ji Wang didn’t care whether the compatibility was high or low. He only cared if he liked someone. His heart told him that he fell in love with Qi Boyan at first sight, even if his instincts didn’t respond.

Qi Boyan said, "What are you doing so far away from me? Didn’t you already apply the inhibiting stickers?”

Ji Wang took an inhibiting sticker from his bag and handed it over the empty gap, “You didn’t apply one, I can smell you.”

Qi Boyan was delighted, "What? Could you still fall in a rut with this smell?"

This was said casually and frivolously, as if he was dissatisfied with his own pheromones. Ji Wang subconsciously comforted him, "Although it's not to the level of a rut, your pheromones still smell good."

He struggled to find the right compliment in his head, "Rose scent is very...fashionable.”

He vaguely remembered that a major brand launched a rose-scented perfume. He heard that the pheromone of the designer's goddess, an actress who retired from the circle many years ago, was rose-scented.

Qi Boyan approached Ji Wang step by step. "I don’t want to apply it."

Ji Wang good-temperedly stuffed the inhibiting sticker back into his pocket. "If you don't want to, you don’t have to put it on.”

The distance between him and Qi Boyan had already exceeded the limit of safe social interaction. Ji Wang's eyes flitted away, and he dared not look at Qi Boyan's face. This was until Qi Boyan forced him against the wall of the alley and Ji Wang had no way to retreat. Finally, he set his gaze on Qi Boyan.

"Why were you so sure earlier that I don't like you?" Qi Boyan asked curiously.

Ji Wang's breath was a little short and his face was very red, "Because of your eyes."

"What?" Qi Boyan frowned in confusion.

Ji Wang lowered his eyes and stared at the ground, "When you look at me on stage, it's like looking at a stranger."

Qi Boyan came a little closer to Ji Wang again, "So, aren't we strangers? I only know your name, and tonight is only the second time we’ve spoken."

Ji Wang hummed, "Maybe it is for you."

Qi Boyan suddenly took a few steps back, "What do you mean 'maybe it is for me'? Is it possible that you’ve seen me many times since the last meeting?"

After speaking, he added in surprise, "You're stalking me?!"

Ji Wang didn't know that Qi Boyan could scatter his train of thought like this, "I haven’t, how could I do something like that?"

Qi Boyan closed in step by step, "Then what did you mean?"

Ji Wang was embarrassed for a long time. He was afraid that his sweetheart would treat him like a stalker, but how could he properly say the next few words?

Qi Boyan didn't have the patience, "If you won’t say it, forget it."

Ji Wang hurriedly said, "Don't." He finally stretched out his hand and presumptuously grabbed Qi Boyan's arm. "Because...I saw you in a dream."

His voice was so soft that Qi Boyan couldn't hear clearly, "What?"

Ji Wang finally exclaimed, "Because I always dream of you! In my dreams, I’ve seen you many times!"

Ji Wang still remembers Qi Boyan's astonished look at that moment and his unstoppable laughter after being surprised.

The car violently swerved, cutting off Ji Wang's memories. He returned to his senses, feeling that the shock just now was too great. His back was in extreme pain from the jolt.

It turned out that Xiao Xu, in the driver’s seat, suddenly stepped on the emergency brake. On a rainy night, the visibility was low, and there was a car accident ahead. Even if Xiao Xu drove carefully and hurriedly stepped on the emergency brake, he was still rear-ended.

Xiao Xu’s seat even had the airbag pop out. He unbuckled his seatbelt with difficulty and turned around to ask Ji Wang, “Ge, are you alright?”

Fortunately, Ji Wang was always very safety conscious. Even when sitting in the back seat, he would wear a seat belt. There was basically nothing wrong other than a little back pain.

Xiao Xu took an umbrella and got out of the car to check the situation. Ji Wang waited in the car for a while, then Xiao Xu came back and told him that it wasn't just their car. There was a series of rear-end collisions and major traffic accidents. He had to stay and wait for the insurance company people and traffic police to come over. It would possibly take the whole night.

Ji Wang said, "I’ll stay with you."

Xiao Xu quickly shook his head, "Ge, if you accompany me, we will definitely be on the news. If Hong-jie finds out she’ll kill me. Put on your mask and wait in the car. I’ll find a driver to pick you up and send you back."

After a while, Hong-jie's call came. Xiao Xu had notified Hong-jie. A car accident that involved her own artist was a big deal. Hong-jie repeatedly confirmed with Ji Wang whether there was any pain and whether he needed to go to the hospital.

Ji Wang said there was no need, nowhere was hurt. After waiting for another hour, the car sent by Hong-jie arrived at the scene with much difficulty. Ji Wang looked at Xiao Xu with concern, "Call me if you need anything."

Xiao Xu waved his hand, "Ge, this is what assistants are meant for. Don't worry about it, go back and take a shower and sleep, there is still an itinerary for tomorrow."

When Ji Wang arrived at his house, it was already very late at night. Ji Wang dragged his exhausted body and entered the password to open the door. Pushing it open, the room was bright and gaming music emerged.

Ji Wang subconsciously thought it was Song Ge. He put his bag aside and said, "Song Ge? Why did you come to my house in the middle of the night? Did you fight with your girlfriend?"

He took off his rain-drenched jacket, his movements aggravating the pain on his back, “Stop always making trouble for your girlfriend…”

Ji Wang's words stopped. In front of him was the Qi Boyan who wouldn’t go away. He was wearing Ji Wang’s clothes, sitting on his cushion, and holding his gaming controller.

Qi Boyan put down the controller in his hand and didn't care that the villain on the TV had been knocked down by the dragon several times. He stood up, "Why did you come back so late?"

Ji Wang didn’t speak.

Qi Boyan said again, "You left earlier than me and came back so much later than me, did you go see someone?"

Ji Wang didn't want to acknowledge him at all. He was already tired and in pain. He couldn't rest when he got home and he was being questioned by the ex who broke into his house.

"You're trespassing." Ji Wang said harshly, "If I call the police now, you’ll be on the news."

Qi Boyan stubbornly asked, "Where did you go? Whose place? Was it Ren Ran?"

It was okay when he wasn’t listening. As soon as this name was mentioned, Ji Wang violently said, "Aren't you investigating me? Mr. Qi should be the clearest on where I went."

After saying this, Ji Wang planned to bypass him, but he was roughly grabbed by Qi Boyan. His back collar was suddenly pulled so hard that the buttons on the front flew off and one of them bounced against Ji Wang’s chin, hurting him.

He angrily frowned, but Qi Boyan was even more furious, "Who are you sleeping with!"

Ji Wang couldn't see his back, but he guessed that it might be the wound causing Qi Boyan to misunderstand. However, this misunderstanding didn't make Ji Wang feel relieved. It was just the damned alpha desire to dominate and monopolize.

In his own territory, other males couldn't even pass by.

Because of this, his first impression wouldn’t be to realize it was a wound. He wouldn’t ask him if something had happened or an accident had occurred. He would only think he was sleeping around and bringing a fully marked body home.

Ji Wang's tone was thoroughly cold, "Get the hell out."

Qi Boyan was breathing heavily and continued to tear his clothes off.

The movements bothered his injury, but Ji Wang gritted his teeth and held back the pain in his mouth.

Behind him was complete silence. Even the sound of breathing had stopped. After a long time, Qi Boyan’s shaking hands touched his back, “Why is it like this? Are you injured?”

Ji Wang wearily closed his eyes and didn't answer.

The hand feeling his back didn’t stop because of this and Qi Boyan said, "What happened?"

Ji Wang seemed to have made up his mind to ignore him. Qi Boyan hugged Ji Wang and his lips kept kissing where he was bruised, "Don't ignore me, Gege, I was wrong, you know I'm most afraid of you ignoring me."

“I’m so scared that when I dream about you, I cry.”

"But because I can dream of you, I also feel very happy."

"Ji Wang, in all these years, have you ever dreamed of me?"

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