Morbid Attachment

Chapter 24

Ji Wang suddenly sat up from the bed, a fine layer of sweat appearing on the tip of his nose. His cheeks heated up uncontrollably. He confirmed the words on the website again, any sleepiness gone.

He closed the computer, his heart beating faster, and as if talking to himself, he murmured, "Don't believe him, it's just a tattoo."

Ji Wang looked at his ring finger. The scar that remained was smooth. When the laser hit the surface it was painful, but Ji Wang didn’t use anesthesia. He hoped to use the pain to etch the memory into his mind and tell himself that some things shouldn’t be done so recklessly.

Just like tattoos, just like emotions.

There used to be a string of letters on the ring finger, ‘mortífero’. They went around the finger like a collar of English letters turned into a ring, locking Ji Wang.

He once thought that he would never regret getting this tattoo in his life. In fact, just a few years later, under the instruction of his company, he removed the tattoo without any hesitation.

After closing the computer, Ji Wang’s heart gradually calmed down. He closed his eyes and this time quickly fell asleep.

At eight o'clock in the morning the next day, Ji Wang went to the company for a meeting and listened to Hong-jie plan his future position and route. At noon, he went to have a meal with the company's senior management for the first time since joining the company. This was only because he recently had a small increase in popularity.

In the afternoon, Ji Wang went to class and exercised. His schedule on the second day was similar to the previous day. However, he switched to a different gym because he’d been recognized at his last one and caused a commotion. Hong-jie made the decision to invite a personal trainer for him, a young alpha.

Full of vitality, with hormones as strong as pheromones, the instructor liked physical contact a lot. Probably because of his relationship with Qi Boyan, Ji Wang felt somewhat uncomfortable.

But he also knew that not many alphas could stand each other's pheromones.

Just like the first time he’d received Qi Boyan's pheromones, he felt very uncomfortable.

At that time, Qi Boyan should have been equally uncomfortable, but during the course of their relationship, Ji Wang had released pheromones countless times. Qi Boyan behaved very naturally, as if he couldn’t feel the discomfort.

Because of this, Ji Wang had been so convinced that he was an omega.

After exposing his gender, the willful little madman had no scruples and even licked Ji Wang's face as if he’d adapted well, coaxing him with great experience, "You’ll get used to it soon. It's just a little uncomfortable at the beginning."

Qi Boyan casually wiped his palm from Ji Wang's chin to his chest, wiping the sweat away from Ji Wang's body. He stretched out his hand and hooked Ji Wang's chin while simultaneously invading Ji Wang, ordering in a deep voice, "Accept me.”

After his body had been completely possessed, even his pheromones were not spared, making Ji Wang feel very pained. Even if the back of the neck had been pseudo-marked once, the pheromone fusion between an alpha and alpha was still not a pleasant affair.

It was like two swords locking together. Pheromones also had their own temper. Once it sensed outsiders, it tortured the body, clamoring that it wouldn’t accept it, it was unwilling.

Ji Wang was tortured so badly that he ignored a lot of the pain in his body.

But as time passed, the discomfort gradually became bearable, as if forming a critical boundary. Below the threshold, he continued to have a strong reaction to Qi Boyan.

What did Qi Boyan say to him at that time?

"Looks like we're both perverts, gege."

It was simply perverted. The relationship between an alpha and alpha had always been denounced1.

When the private trainer touched Ji Wang’s waist again, Ji Wang took a few steps back and coldly said, “Verbal guidance is fine.”

The trainer looked at him in surprise, "We’re all alphas, you don't need to mind, right?"

After speaking, the trainer seemed to realize something, and he looked at Ji Wang with strange eyes.

Ji Wang didn't answer. He directly interrupted the class and contacted Hong-jie, saying he wanted to change the location and switch to a beta trainer.

Hong-jie said on the phone, "This coach is very famous in the industry. Many celebrities like to train with him.”

"He's an alpha, the smell is too strong, I don't like it." Ji Wang said.

Hong-jie was surprised because in her impression, Ji Wang had always been a person who could endure hardships. Generally, he wouldn’t come to trouble her because of trivial matters. She didn’t know what the fitness trainer had done.

Thinking about it this way, Hong-jie felt that the trainer had to be changed. Even the best-tempered artist in her hands couldn't stand him. She said, "I'll arrange this matter tomorrow. These next few days, you should watch more variety shows at home. Even though there’s a script, your understanding of variety shows is also very important, and will directly determine the quality of your performance.”

"If you perform too poorly on the show, you’ll waste the good opportunity the company fought to give you." Hong-jie directly gave Ji Wang a week's leave and asked him to make up lessons at home.

Ji Wang received a vacation and chose not to go out to play. The first three days, he honestly listened to Hong-jie’s words and watched many variety shows in the movie room. On the fourth day, Song Ge came over to poach him, “If you stay in this room for too long, your hair will grow out.”

This was Ji Wang’s shortcoming. He was prone to getting overly addicted to things. Every time he played a new role, he would have a long entry phase. He would lock himself in his room and think about the character’s every move, gradually enriching and turning a hollow character into flesh and blood on his own body.

Ji Wang’s way of acting was a bit obsessive. Thinking about it now, he was also obsessive in his feelings, as if he was destined to be so.

Song Ge was a loyal friend. Once he learned that Ji Wang was locking himself up, he would be responsible for digging him out of the room and taking him to the bar for a drink.

This time was no exception, but the subject over drinks tonight was Song Ge complaining about his girlfriend’s star-chasing behavior.

Ji Wang's mind was still filled with the dialogues and jokes of various variety show artists, and it took a long time for him to recover from the trance. "Concert?"

Song Ge slapped the table with a bitter expression, “Yes! Damn Qi Boyan! Liang Xiaoxiao is unconscionable! Our one year anniversary happened to coincide with Qi Boyan’s concert, and she doesn’t want to celebrate with me, she wants to go to the concert with her friends!”

Ji Wang belatedly said, "When is the concert?"

Song Ge, "Tomorrow! So you have to drink with me tonight. I have to get wasted, it's better to pass a heartbreaking day like tomorrow drunk!"

Ji Wang listened to Song Ge’s various babblings and unconsciously became distracted. He hadn’t picked up the concert ticket. A part time worker, an auntie, would come to his house once a week, so she should have already cleaned the trash can.

So don't think about it. There was no need to go to the concert, and going would be pointless.

In the middle of the night, Ji Wang sent Song Ge home. After skillfully taking care of his old, drunken friend, he finally sat down on the carpet in front of the sofa in a thin sweat.

Pressed against his back was Song Ge, who smelled overpoweringly of alcohol and was talking nonsense. Ji Wang turned on his phone and received a text message from Qi Boyan.

Will you come?

This was the first time Ji Wang returned Qi Boyan’s text. The reply was quick and brief. He said, no.

  1. This phrase ‘诟病’ is actually the Chinese title for this web novel and translates to “denounce” or “criticize”. The English name “Morbid Attachment” was used to stay consistent with the English name of the manhua-adaptation

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