Morbid Attachment

Chapter 25

Ji Wang stayed at Song Ge’s house for the night. In the middle of the night, when Song Ge got up to vomit, Ji Wang also got out of bed and made honey lemon water for Song Ge and cooked him a plate of noodles with poached eggs.

Once Song Ge threw up everything in his stomach, brushed his teeth, and rinsed his mouth, he came over to eat noodles. After eating, he said to Ji Wang, very moved, “Why aren’t you an omega? Or even better, a beta. Then we could get married.”

Ji Wang said with an expressionless face, “You wish.”

Song Ge inhaled a big mouthful of noodles. “My girlfriend thinks I stink when I’m drunk and I vomit. She won’t give me alcohol, won’t give me cigarettes, and won’t accompany me on our anniversary!”

As he talked, Song Ge came out of his sadness. The more he looked at the friend who had taken care of him for several years, the more he felt he was pleasing to the eye. “You’re still the best. Actually, it’s not that I can't give you a baby? You should consider it.”

Ji Wang laughed and scolded, "Enough, if you keep disgusting me, I’ll leave!"

A dramatic energy filled Song Ge and he cried out that he was heartbroken and distressed.

After a round with Song Ge, the two slept in separate rooms. The next day, Song Ge pestered him to go shopping and buy clothes.

Song Ge could still be considered idle at the moment, studying for a doctorate. No one would have thought that Song Ge would take the academic route and even find a classmate from school as his girlfriend.

Halfway through the street, Ji Wang had already been recognized several times, even while wearing a mask. He took group photos and signed signatures. Song Ge didn’t dare continue to drag Ji Wang around, so the two found a coffee shop with good privacy and sat down.

Song Ge said to Ji Wang, "Not bad, you’re becoming more and more like a star.”

Ji Wang corrected him, "What star, I’m just a small actor."

Song Ge took out his phone, "You don't know yet? You have two million Weibo followers."

Ji Wang casually said, “The company bought them, there’s no more than ten real fans.”

Song Ge still didn't believe it, "Why don’t you go on your Weibo and take a look?"

Ji Wang couldn’t convince Song Ge, so he took out his phone and accessed his Weibo account, which he hadn’t logged into in forever. He hardly used this official account and usually left it to the company to take care of. He had a trumpet1 that he still needed to check frequently, otherwise he wouldn’t even know the latest popular memes.

As soon as he logged in, he was overwhelmed by a flood of private messages and comments. Although Xiao Xu regularly took care of them, he’d still accumulated a good number of DMs and comments.

Some praised him for his acting skills, others praised him for his handsome appearance. People called him a precious gege and asked him to pay attention to his health.

The content of the comments was also different, and the IDs were of live fans, which made it look like the comments weren’t bought by the company. Ji Wang scrolled through them one by one and the more he looked, the more surprised he became. At the same time, a warm feeling filled his heart.

Among the endlessly vast sea of people, these IDs gathered here and everyone threw him a little bit of light. While Ji Wang was moved, there was also a sense of unreality.

He blankly raised his head, “How come they…seem to be real fans, not fake data.”

It was rare for Song Ge to see him so stupid, and he almost died of laughter, “Okay, why are you acting like you won the 30 million dollar lottery? In the future this interest will be more and more common.”

Ji Wang put down his phone, still a little dazed, and Song Ge felt sad. “You’ve worked hard, you should be popular.”

It might be good for others to hear this, but Ji Wang could only smile. “Everyone is working hard, there is no ‘should or should not be popular’, luck is also very important.”

Unexpectedly, he thought of Qi Boyan. If you really wanted to say someone deserved to be popular, it should be Qi Boyan. Before that person even debuted, he was already full of light.

The two spent the afternoon in the cafe, then returned home to play games in the evening. During this period, Song Ge called his girlfriend several times, but his calls were all rejected.

Ji Wang pressed the pause button on the gaming controller and casually asked, “Can’t get through?”

Song Ge received his girlfriend's WeChat message, waved it in his hand, and replied, "She said that the concert’s started and it’s too noisy, so it’s inconvenient to answer the phone."

Ji Wang snorted and called Song Ge over. The two gamed for nearly two hours. By the end, Song Ge was begging for mercy. “No way, I’m really tired. As an academic beta, my physical strength can’t compare to you alphas. My shoulder is almost inflamed!”

Song Ge rolled around on the ground and got up. "Let’s order a late night snack, what do you want to eat, crayfish or bullfrog? Should we go out for hot pot?"

Before Ji Wang could answer, his phone vibrated. It was Qi Boyan who called. Thinking about how he had taken initiative to ditch him tonight, Ji Wang originally wanted to hang up, but then felt it was useless. Maybe Qi Boyan could call all night, so he answered.

As soon as he picked up the phone, the other end was filled with noisy ambient sounds. It was everyone shouting for an encore. Ji Wang could even hear someone shouting Qi Boyan’s name until they were hoarse.

Qi Boyan’s voice was a little out of breath, rough and deep, “You didn’t come.”

Ji Wang replied, "I said from the start I wouldn't go."

Qi Boyan suddenly made a pleased hum. "Tell me, if I turn on my phone’s speaker and aim it at the microphone, what will happen?”

In just a split second, Ji Wang reacted and said incredulously, "Are you crazy?"

Qi Boyan enunciated each word, "I’ll give you twenty minutes. If you don't come, you know what I’ll do."

Then Qi Boyan hung up. Ji Wang was so annoyed that he wanted to smash his phone. Song Ge sitting next to him was still waiting for him to order a snack. Ji Wang got up and said to Song Ge, “Give me the keys to your motorcycle.”

To get from Song Ge’s house to the concert venue in 20 minutes was virtually impossible, and adding that Qi Boyan was holding a concert there, there was probably a traffic jam now.

Ji Wang took Song Ge's keys and rushed to the parking lot. He straddled Song Ge's motorcycle and put on his helmet.

There was only one way, and that was to take shortcuts.

Riding like wind and thunder, Ji Wang finally arrived at the front of the concert venue half an hour later. At a glance, he saw Li Feng waiting for him by the entrance.

Not even waiting to take off his helmet, he strode forward, "What the hell did Qi Boyan do?!"

Li Feng heard his voice and breathed a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, Mr. Ji came in time, come with me."

Ji Wang roughly took off his helmet and tucked it under his arm. "How did he call me just now? On stage? In front of everyone?"

Asking three questions in a row, Ji Wang’s heart was almost jumping out of his chest. Qi Boyan didn’t play his cards according to logic, really making him feel bad.

Li Feng consoled him and said, "Master Qi called you when he returned backstage after the concert finished."

Ji Wang looked at the stage. Qi Boyan was still on it, his buttons half undone and his white shirt wet against his body. His dancing was very seductive. He drew himself closer to his dancer partner’s thigh, holding the microphone and singing with a rough, deep voice.

"What's finished, isn't he still performing?" Ji Wang questioned.

Li Feng immediately explained, "Now it's the encore, after the last song it’s really over."

Ji Wang was finally led to the seat Qi Boyan had arranged for him. Everyone looked at him in surprise because he arrived so late after the end of the concert, and it was Li Feng who brought him in.

He was now extremely glad that he wore a mask when he went out. Ji Wang gripped his helmet. This seat really had an excellent view and was very close to the stage.

After the seductive and intense dance finished, the lights turned from red to blue and the melody gradually softened. Qi Boyan kept his eyes on Ji Wang under the stage and walked straight towards the front of the stage.

Finally, he sat down at the front of the stage and looked at Ji Wang.

"I know better than anyone that you are in my heart."

"I love you."

"I'll stay with you until daybreak."

The final note gently faded away and huge fireworks burst out behind Qi Boyan. The fireworks rose high at both ends of the stage. Ji Wang didn’t watch the fireworks. His ears were filled with the screams of fans but he only looked at Qi Boyan.

Meanwhile, this Qi Boyan, who had forced him to come and made a scene of himself at the concert, left his microphone and quietly exited the stage as the fireworks fell and faded away.

After finishing his solo, he never looked at Ji Wang again.

It was as if Ji Wang was not the one forced by him to come, nor was he the one Qi Boyan watched while singing love songs.

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