Morbid Attachment

Chapter 26

The concert was over, and the surrounding fans reluctantly got up and left. Ji Wang sat in the same place and didn't move for a long time. After a while, Li Feng came over, inviting Ji Wang to get up and go backstage.

Qi Boyan was waiting for him in the dressing room. Again, it was the dressing room. Ji Wang wasn’t very willing to be with Qi Boyan in a closed space.

The way Qi Boyan looked sitting on the stage singing to him made him feel like he was being stung over and over again. Since he’d met Qi Boyan, these pains were enough.

His psychological defenses repeatedly retreated. He’d even asked ‘why didn’t you come find me all these years?’ and didn’t receive an answer, which was already the most telling answer.

He didn’t want to come find him, so why did he find him now? Was it because after seeing him by chance and on a whim, he was rejected several times, and now his desire to win was activated?

In a public place with everyone watching, was singing a love song really for him, or was it just seeking a thrill?

Ji Wang’s thoughts were a mess, but the only thing that was certain was that he was far more apprehensive than Qi Boyan. Qi Boyan’s threat just now, he’d heard clearly.

Qi Boyan didn’t care whether their relationship was made public, but Ji Wang cared. This concern wasn’t because after the announcement, he would lose something or be blackened and criticized. It was because he cared about Qi Boyan’s career and reputation.

Just like right now, the two of them could only secretly meet, which was enough to prove that their relationship didn’t benefit each other at all.

Pushing open the door to the dressing room, Li Feng took the initiative to stop and guard the door. Ji Wang felt a little distressed for this assistant who’d met such an unscrupulous Qi Boyan.

Qi Boyan quietly sat in the innermost part of the room. When he saw Ji Wang come in, he just lazily looked up and glanced at him, roughly pulling the rubber band off his hair, “You’re here.”

Ji Wang looked at the door. There was no place to sit, so he stood. “Why did you insist on me coming?”

Qi Boyan used a cotton pad to roughly wipe off his lipstick. After so many years, Qi Boyan’s method of removing makeup still made Ji Wang hurt.

With blush still staining the corner of his mouth, Qi Boyan stood up. “Didn’t you hear it just now? The song I sang for you.”

Ji Wang calmly replied, "You sang for your fans."

As if his answer was funny, Qi Boyan laughed for a while and approached Ji Wang. “So you want me to directly say at the next concert, ‘Until Daybreak’ is a song dedicated to Ji Wang?”

Ji Wang stepped back but there was a wall behind him and he couldn’t go anywhere. “I don’t want that, what I want is for you to disappear from my life.”

This sentence was too heavy, far more lethal than all of Ji Wang’s previous words.

Qi Boyan was stunned. Standing in place, his face was a little dazed. In just a few seconds, he came back to his senses. “A person can’t disappear from another person’s life unless he dies. Gege, do you want me to die?”

The word ‘die’ fiercely stabbed Ji Wang. He didn’t mean this, but he hated Qi Boyan who misrepresented his words, turning them into a knife that stabbed his heart.

Qi Boyan strode forward. “You want me to stop pestering you, chasing you. Thinking about it, you wish I was dead. Hm? Isn’t that so? Gege.” He grabbed Ji Wang’s hair and ruthlessly pulled down, forcing Ji Wang’s cheeks to lift up. His eyebrows wrinkled slightly in pain.

Ji Wang didn’t go along with Qi Boyan’s words. He tightly gritted his teeth. “I only want you to stop bothering me.”

Qi Boyan wiped his finger on Ji Wang’s lips. “Gege used to always say such nice things, how come every word now is what I don’t like to hear?”

After speaking, he didn’t wait for Ji Wang to say unpleasant words and blocked Ji Wang with his lips.

The fragrance of cosmetics, a little wine smell, and a strong peach fragrance. Qi Boyan actually drank wine, didn’t he hate wine the most? Ji Wang lost his mind for a moment. Then, Qi Boyan pried his lips apart and stormed in.

Qi Boyan’s kiss was the same as him, fierce and provocative. He tangled his tongue, sucked his lower lip, and occupied every part of his mouth, including the most sensitive, itchy upper palate.

Ji Wang was forced to raise his head and receive this irresistible kiss. His hand pushed hard on Qi Boyan’s shoulder, but he didn’t understand why this person still had the strength to hold him tightly in his arms after a two hour concert.

Gradually, a blush appeared on his face just because he was surrounded by Qi Boyan's pheromones.

How could an alpha seduce another alpha with their own pheromones? This was because Qi Boyan wrapped Ji Wang with his pheromones over and over again during his happiest moments. This was a domesticated reaction.

Qi Boyan’s lips left his and there was a slight wet sound that made people blush. The lipstick on the other’s lips had completely disappeared; maybe Ji Wang ate it, or maybe it was himself.

Ji Wang’s eyes were slightly red, Qi Boyan’s favorite color. His fingers slid along Ji Wang’s cheek and finally stuffed into Ji Wang’s mouth, carelessly playing with the other person’s tongue, “Don’t even think about biting. The blood will flow into your mouth, and in the end it won’t be me who’s in a rut.”

Ji Wang’s teeth just wanted to apply force, but he was stopped by Qi Boyan’s words. He could only reluctantly let his mouth be played with by Qi Boyan.

After a while, Qi Boyan contentedly pulled out of his mouth, as if he’d confirmed his territory. He slipped his wet fingers down and held Ji Wang’s waist, but didn’t do anything that went too far.

Qi Boyan, “Your mouth is better for kissing than talking.”

He didn’t know what Qi Boyan thought of when he said again, “Or sucking..” Before he finished speaking, he was punched in the stomach by Ji Wang.

This time it was using real strength. Qi Boyan bent over and coughed several times.

Ji Wang pushed him away and tried to use the back of his hand to wipe the wetness from the corner of his mouth. "If you provoke me again, the next time I punch you won’t be in the stomach.”

Qi Boyan clutched his waist and still didn’t get up, as if he was in great pain. At first, Ji Wang felt happy, but later he became a little nervous. “Stop playing dead.”

Qi Boyan raised a pale face. "You leave."

After speaking, he clutched his stomach as if his interest had come to an end and stumbled back to his seat. How could Ji Wang leave, even if he really wanted to?

Qi Boyan braced his hand on the table and forcefully swept the makeup off. “Get out of here!”

Things crashed to the ground, making a lot of noise.

Ji Wang sarcastically said, "Why, don't want to pretend anymore?"

Qi Boyan didn't answer. Instead, after a period of heavy breathing, he knelt down on his knees and fell to the ground.

Ji Wang was alarmed. He hesitated for a few seconds, then stepped forward and turned him over. When he looked at his face again, it was already faintly blue; he’d passed out.

Li Feng outside the door heard the activity and couldn't help but knock on the door, "Master Qi, are you alright?"

Ji Wang shouted, "Quickly come in!"

At this, Li Feng finally opened the door and went in. As soon as he saw Qi Boyan unconscious on the ground, his face immediately changed. He closed and locked the door and hurried to the two of them. "What happened?"

Ji Wang panicked, "I punched him in the stomach and then he passed out."

When Li Feng heard these words, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled. "Master Qi has a bad stomach and he drank a little wine today. It was already a little painful when he went on stage."

Ji Wang's hands trembled. "Send, send to the hospital, hurry up..."

Just as the two of them were talking, Qi Boyan opened his eyes and woke up after a brief period of unconsciousness. “Don’t go to the hospital.”

Ji Wang looked down at him. Qi Boyan struggled to get out of Ji Wang’s arms and said to Li Feng, "Give me painkillers."

Li Feng said, “We should still contact Dr. Chen to come over here.”

Qi Boyan lost his patience, “I said…” Before he could speak, Ji Wang covered his mouth. He raised his eyes in astonishment and Ji Wang said to Li Feng, “The road must be blocked after the concert. He has a stomach ache this bad, he should go to the hospital.”

However, Li Feng didn’t agree with Ji Wang’s words and hesitated for a while. “To be safe, it’s better to go to Dr. Chen’s private hospital. Otherwise, if we’re photographed by the paparazzi, it won’t be good.”

Qi Boyan was angry when he saw that neither of them were paying attention to him. “I said to give me painkillers, not to go to the hospital! Didn’t you two hear me?”

Ji Wang lowered his head and gave Qi Boyan a hard look. "Don't be noisy!"

Qi Boyan was stunned by the scolding. Li Feng next to him wanted to laugh even though it was such an inappropriate time. He never thought the tyrannical Qi Boyan would also experience such a day.

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