Morbid Attachment

Chapter 27

The outward appearance of Dr. Chen’s hospital didn’t look like a hospital, mainly to be covert. Otherwise, a celebrity entering and leaving the hospital for a minor illness or pain would be written by the paparazzi as having an abortion or miscarriage or tumorous cancer.

Li Feng explained to Ji Wang in the car that Dr. Chen was the personal physician of many artists in the industry. He was confidential, cautious, and had superb medical skills.

Qi Boyan had already taken a painkiller, as he wished, and huddled listlessly in the corner of the car. Even the seat belt was fastened by Ji Wang.

Ever since Ji Wang entered the car, his face was cold and he didn’t speak. Li Feng made small talk for a long time, and although Ji Wang politely responded, the atmosphere didn’t improve.

The drive was half an hour, quiet all the way. When they arrived at the hospital, Dr. Chen and two nurses greeted them at the door. A wheelchair was arranged in case Qi Boyan couldn’t move because of the pain.

Qi Boyan got out of the car and his face darkened when he saw the wheelchair, "I won’t sit."

Ji Wang didn’t say a word. He directly acted, pressing the sick and discontent Qi Boyan into the wheelchair. Then he said to the surprised Dr. Chen, “We’ve inconvenienced you, please quickly send him in.”

Dr. Chen nodded and the two nurses pushed Qi Boyan away. Ji Wang followed, and Dr. Chen politely asked, "Who are you?"

Ji Wang casually replied, "Mr. Qi's bodyguard."

Qi Boyan, who was sitting in the wheelchair, laughed, but because of his stomach muscle’s contractions, had to stop halfway through his laughter.

When he arrived inside the hospital, the equipment was complete and there were many items to be inspected, so Ji Wang was relieved. He was afraid that for the sake of privacy, Qi Boyan didn’t even want his life.

After a series of exams, which took a long time, it was finally determined that it was a gastric hemorrhage. There was a high probability that it was due to his body’s poor condition, plus Ji Wang’s punch just managed to hit his stomach, so the resulting external pressure caused bleeding in the stomach.

Li Feng had been on the phone with the company the whole time. He came over with an embarrassed expression and said to Qi Boyan, “Master Qi, there is an advertisement shoot tomorrow. The company’s opinion is to delay the flight by five hours, and we will go to the airport at 11 o'clock tomorrow. "

Ji Wang was alarmed. “He’s already bleeding from his stomach, how can he take a plane!”

Li Feng whispered, "There is no other option."

Qi Boyan held down Ji Wang’s shoulder and said to Li Feng, “Go and ask Dr. Chen if there are any emergency solutions.”

Dr. Chen arrived shortly after. “Mr. Qi, it’s better for you to stay in the hospital for observation to see if the bleeding is serious.”

Qi Boyan said, "Sorry, I still have things scheduled tomorrow."

Dr. Chen had no choice but to say, "Then you can only take injections and medicines. You should pay attention to your physical condition in the next few days. If you’re still in pain or have other symptoms, you have to immediately go to the hospital for an exam."

Qi Boyan nodded and agreed to the arrangement. Dr. Chen went down and called the nurse to give Qi Boyan an IV.

Ji Wang’s body was frozen. He’d beaten Qi Boyan into this state, but how could an alpha fall down because of someone else’s punch? To what degree was Qi Boyan’s body destroyed right now?

You obviously don't like to drink alcohol, so why drink!

He had a lot to say and ask, but before he opened his mouth, the nurse came in and skillfully inserted the IV drip. After the nurse left, Ji Wang disapprovingly said, “Is your company crazy about money?”

Qi Boyan leaned against the hospital bed, his face still bad, “Gege, don’t make me laugh, my stomach hurts.”

Ji Wang coldly said, “Who’s making you laugh? Their artist is in this condition and they’re still thinking about rushing to the schedule!”

Qi Boyan put the hand without the IV needle behind his head, “There’s no other way, I’ve signed the contract. There’s only one year left, and it’s still 100 million.”

Ji Wang was speechless, “Other than you, does no one in your company make money?!”

Qi Boyan seriously replied, “They make money, but only I am the most profitable. To be accurate, it should be that I’m the craziest about money.”

“Since you aren’t in good health, why drink?” Ji Wang didn’t stop his questioning.

Qi Boyan sighed and turned over to lay on his side, facing Ji Wang, even if this position made his stomach feel sick.

He stuck his hand in front of Ji Wang. "Gege, my hand is a little cold."

Infusions cause the temperature of a hand to drop, but not this quickly. Ji Wang knew this man was lying, but still unconsciously held his hand.

The fingers were warm and delicate, and the fingertips had thin calluses left from playing musical instruments. It was their first time holding hands since they’d been reunited.

Qi Boyan closed his eyes, looking tired and like he wanted to sleep. Ji Wang didn’t dare to move. He just sat with Qi Boyan for a while, until his phone vibrated.

Taking out the phone, the caller ID showed ‘Ren Ran’. He hadn’t contacted him in so many days, and the first time he called was during such a special situation. Ji Wang didn’t know whether to answer, and soon Qi Boyan opened his eyes, “Who’s calling?”

Ji Wang wanted to let go of Qi Boyan’s hand to leave and answer the call, but was caught by Qi Boyan, “Answer it here.”

If it was before, Ji Wang definitely wouldn’t have heeded this kind of request. But now, he’d sent Qi Boyan to the hospital with one punch and couldn’t refuse, so he answered.

As soon as the call connected, Ji Wang greeted him without saying his name.

Ren Ran asked where he was and if he wanted to come out for a drink.

Ji Wang glanced at Qi Boyan and said, "I won’t go out, I don’t have time.”

Ren Ran said in an odd voice, "Still busy so late? Song Ge said that you asked for leave these few days, didn't you?"

Song Ge, this traitor, wholeheartedly wanted the two of them to reconcile and leaked his itinerary.

Ji Wang casually found an excuse, "It's for work, let's meet up next time."

Ren Ran agreed and Ji Wang breathed a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to hang up, he heard Qi Boyan say, "Who's calling?"

Probably because the surroundings were so quiet and Ji Wang’s phone reception was very good, Ren Ran heard it and also asked, “Who’s next to you?”

These two people, maybe because Ji Wang’s expression looked different, but Qi Boyan sat up. The hand with the IV needle inserted in it pretended to move, and when Ji Wang panicked and held his hand, he let down his guard. Qi Boyan snatched Ji Wang’s phone away and looked at the caller ID on the screen. Qi Boyan sneered, “I wondered why you lied, so it’s him.”

Qi Boyan pressed the phone to his ear, "He's here with me, he's very busy. He doesn't have time to pay attention to you."

Ji Wang was about to grab the phone, but was pushed away by Qi Boyan. Because the movement was too big, blood flowed back into the infusion tube, and Ji Wang instantly stopped moving.

He could only watch Qi Boyan arrogantly say to the phone, "You can't recognize my voice?"

"Ren Ran, you really haven't made any progress after being away for so long."

“The warning six years ago didn’t teach you your lesson?”

Hearing this, Ji Wang couldn't help but say, "I’ll say it again, give me the phone."

Qi Boyan angrily looked at Ji Wang and finally slowly returned the phone.

Ji Wang picked up the phone and Ren Ran's indignant voice came from the receiver, "Don't think you can threaten me! I'm not afraid of anything!"

He interrupted at the right moment, "Let's talk about it next time, Ren Ran, I'll hang up first."

Ren Ran was stunned, "Where are you! You and Qi Boyan are together? What are you thinking! Didn't you hear what he said just now? He threatened me!"

Ji Wang still said, "I'm sorry."

Ren Ran angrily hung up the phone. Ji Wang indifferently turned to look at Qi Boyan, “What lesson from six years ago?”

Qi Boyan was already lying back on the bed, and said a little irritably, “What do you think!”

Ji Wang tightly clenched his phone, the veins on the back of his hand exposed, “Why, do you want to mark him again? Qi Boyan, how can you act like this!”

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