Morbid Attachment

Chapter 28

When Qi Boyan heard these words, his first reaction was to show a surprised look, and his second reaction was, "What mark?"

Yes, after so many years, Qi Boyan really fucking forgot these immoral deeds1.

Ji Wang's brain was buzzing with anger. "The temporary mark on Ren Ran's neck! How dare you say you didn't make it?! Qi Boyan, are you human! He is my best brother!"

Qi Boyan first heard what came after and then was accused of not being human. He propped up his body and was equally angry, “So you dumped me on my birthday because of this?”

Ji Want felt incredulous, and it was difficult to understand Qi Boyan’s three views2. He also began to doubt his own thinking, “Do you think a temporary mark isn’t a mark! He’s an omega! Do you know what it means to do this! What a terrible thing it is for him!”

As soon as these words fell, Qi Boyan swept the things on the head of the bed to the ground, “Him! Him! Him! Your mouth is full of him! Let me ask you, did you break up with me because of him?!”

Ji Wang’s chest was rapidly heaving up and down, and his calf had been hit by something Qi Boyan knocked down, causing pain.

“Isn’t this enough? You’re just like Ren Ran said, a half-hearted scum! I was crazy to be with you!” Because his emotions were out of control, these words violently spewed out of Ji Wang’s mouth, and he couldn’t take the current situation into account at all.

Qi Boyan could always make him explode at will, because he cared about this person, cared about him like he was possessed!

After the words were thrown out, Qi Boyan seemed to be stunned. He looked at him for a while and suddenly laughed. His lips moved, but his eyes didn’t smile at all, “Yes, you’re right.”

Qi Boyan lifted the blanket, slowly sat up, and stepped on the ground next to the hospital bed, “I see one and I mark one, why? I accidently marked your beloved omega, are you sad?”

Ji Wang took a sharp breath. This unconfirmed matter was finally said from the party’s own lips. Ji Wang actually felt pain. He thought he’d been preparing for many years, but the moment he heard the answer from Qi Boyan’s mouth, he almost suffocated.

Qi Boyan forcefully pulled the needle out of the back of his hand and blood splashed on the snow-white blanket. He ignored the pain in his stomach, forcibly stretched out his hunched back, and approached Ji Wang with blood and rich pheromones on his hand.

Ji Wang didn’t hide, he didn’t want to hide anymore. Qi Boyan’s blood-stained hand pinched his cheek and he heard the handsome demon in front of him say in a suppressed, presumptuous voice, “Therefore, you should be more tactful. Keep those omegas away from you, don’t let them get close, then they don’t have to be marked by a scumbag like me.”

He bit down hard on the word “mark”. If this word had a physical body, then it would have been ground up by Qi Boyan’s teeth and cast all over Ji Wang’s body.

Qi Boyan was still talking. God knew that Ji Wang exhausted all of his strength to control himself and stop from punching him.

“Do you hate me? You should hate me. Ren Ran is so good, an omega that matches you well. But what can you do? You’ll never be with him in this life.” Qi Boyan’s tone became sinister, his face expressing hateful intentions.

It was like if Ji Wang dared to be with Ren Ran, he would immediately mark Ren Ran. Every omega Ji Wang liked couldn’t escape this misfortune.

Ji Wang took a deep breath and closed his eyes to adjust his breathing. When he opened them again, he indifferently slapped Qi Boyan’s hand away, as if he didn’t care about the blood on his fingertips, “Qi Boyan, you really make me sick.”

He stepped back after he spoke. Seeing that Qi Boyan was fixed in place by his words, Ji Wang turned his head and walked out of the room with no hesitation.

When he came out, he saw Li Feng standing at the door, staring at him, hesitant to speak. Ji Wang hurriedly walked by with his head down. He vaguely heard Li Feng calling him from behind, but Ji Wang ignored it.

He walked very fast, as if he was being chased by a ghost. It was indeed a ghost, even an evil ghost.

Their argument was so loud just now that Li Feng should have heard it. After coming out of the hospital, Ji Wang was blown by the cold night wind and barely managed to regain his senses.

If it wasn’t Li Feng, but someone else, there was a risk his affair with Qi Boyan would be exposed. Ji Wang’s life was very smooth, except for his relationship downfalls.

He didn’t want a past embarrassing relationship to destroy his current situation.

Standing below the hospital, Ji Wang couldn’t help but want to smoke. As soon as he took out a cigarette, the smell of blood mixed with pheromones on his hand rose up, and he struggled between smoking and not smoking. In the end, he bit the mouth of the cigarette between his teeth, lit it, and resolutely inhaled.

Smoking the cigarette, he looked back at the quiet building. The lights on the second floor were the direction of Qi Boyan’s location. He didn’t know if Qi Boyan had lost his temper again and smashed a lot of things in there.

When Qi Boyan pulled out the needle just now, there was a lot of blood flowing on his hand.

However, there was no need for Ji Wang to worry about this. There were many people around Qi Boyan - doctors, nurses, and Li Feng - who could help Qi Boyan deal with the wound. Ji Wang staying only made his already poor stomach even worse.

Besides, tonight, he really didn’t want to face Qi Boyan again.

Even though since they were reunited, he never once wanted to face him. Facing Qi Boyan, he could never be entirely cruel, and he couldn’t shut himself down. His heart was constantly being tortured and pulled along, which was very painful.

After walking out of the private hospital, there were no taxis on the road late at night. Ji Wang was full of bitterness and walked aimlessly. His phone rang again. Ji Wang glanced at it; it wasn’t Qi Boyan, as he thought, but Ren Ran.

And the last thing he wanted to answer right now was Ren Ran’s call.

He and Ren Ran couldn’t be brothers. Ever since six years ago, when Ren Ran came to his house with bandages wrapped around his neck, from that moment on, he and Ren Ran could no longer be brothers.

They could only be friends, the kind of friends who had contact with each other but couldn’t make a deep connection.

That night, Ren Ran suddenly came to his house. As soon as he opened the door, he threw himself into Ji Wang’s arms and cried. Once he’d cried until he couldn’t open his eyes, he stopped Ji Wang, who was so anxious he wanted to call the police.

To this day, Ji Wang still remembered Ren Ran’s expression at the time. With a combination of weakness and helplessness, he said to forget it.

Ren Ran said it was only a temporary mark, like getting bit by a wild dog.

What’s more, a temporary mark couldn’t be punished, and could only be morally condemned. His reputation wasn’t good enough. The earlier news of alphas being drawn to fight for him hadn’t gone away. If this kind of disturbance happened now, the school would inevitably have a headache.

Ji Wang felt that Ren Ran didn’t want to confess the perpetrator, so he could only comfort Ren Ran and let him sleep in his room. He went to the living room by himself, planning to find someone to consult.

An omega was temporarily marked by an alpha. Although the mark would fade in a week, it was too inappropriate for an alpha to do such a thing to an omega who wasn’t their lover.

Ji Wang was worried in the middle of the night and went to take a look at Ren Ran again. He found that while Ren Ran was sleeping, the bandage on his neck had loosened, and a familiar scent filled his bedroom again.

The ridiculous thing was that this bedroom had filled with this scent so many times because of himself.

But today, this scent came from the body of his best brother, Ren Ran.

Peach scent was too rare, so rare that he and Ren Ran’s social circle had only one.

Why were Qi Boyan’s pheromones on Ren Ran’s body? The peach scent and Ren Ran’s own tea fragrance mixed to create a brand new pheromone smell, which was far more moving than the pheromone fusion between two alphas.

Ji Wang gripped the door, but for the first time, he didn’t have the courage to walk in. His legs were trembling, his vision even shakier, and he almost fell to the ground. He wanted to grab Ren Ran and immediately question him, but he couldn’t. He just slowly walked in and carefully fixed the bandage on Ren Ran’s neck.

Only then did he slowly walk out of the room. That night, he sat there until dawn, hardly closing his eyes all night.

As long as he thought about this situation, his heart was like being roasted over a fire, wanting to scatter like ashes and disperse like smoke3.

At dawn, Ren Ran walked out of the room. Seeing Ji Wang, whose sitting position was almost the same as before he went to bed, Ren Ran didn’t immediately speak.

Instead, he gently came to Ji Wang and sat down with his arms lying on Ji Wang’s lap, his cheeks resting on the backs of his hands. Because of this, the back of his neck and the bandages almost immediately pierced Ji Wang’s eyes.

Ji Wang didn’t push Ren Ran away and Ren Ran said in a mute, weepy voice, “Ji Wang, you really can’t be with Qi Boyan.”

Before Ren Ran could wait for an answer, he felt a hand press heavily on his head. Ji Wang asked him, “Why, because you like him?”

“How is that possible!” Ren Ran suddenly sat up, not at all hiding his disgust, “Because he isn’t worthy of you.” He didn’t know what came to mind, but Ren Ran’s face turned pale, “Qi Boyan isn’t as good as you think. I’ve told you many times he…”

Ji Wang interrupted Ren Ran, "I know now."

He looked at the back of Ren Ran's neck without sadness or joy, and repeated, "I now... understand completely."

Ren Ran followed his gaze and touched the back of his neck. He was distracted for a moment and then realized something. He looked at Ji Wang, silent for a while, "Will you break up with him?"

Ji Wang looked away and didn't speak.

Ren Ran put his hands on Ji Wang's knees, "You have to break up with him. If you continue being with him, nothing good can come out of it for you. I’m seriously warning you, Qi Boyan’s family is far more complicated than you think.”

Ji Wang was in a trance, and he didn't know if he’d heard it. Ren Ran's hand touched his neck again, and soon he noticed that Ji Wang's eyes closely followed his neck.

Ren Ran gritted his teeth and made a decision. "Everything I do is for you, Ji Wang. If it was someone else, I wouldn’t care, but you’re different. I can't watch you jump into the fire."

"What's so good about him, he's just a vile and half-hearted scum."

"Ji Wang, leave Qi Boyan, you can't continue being with him anymore."

  1. This is said from Ji Wang’s POV
  2. “Three views'' refers to someone's worldviews or value system
  3. Means to be annihilated, to disappear like smoke

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