Morbid Attachment

Chapter 4

Ji Wang unhurriedly, slowly turned his head back, tilting his body to give way. A drop of sweat rolled into his eye and stung painfully. The metal buckle and silver spearhead made a crisp noise before eventually slipping from the spearhead. The belt returned to Ji Wang’s waist and gently swayed.

The sound of the horse’s hoofs coolly pressed into the road beside Ji Wang. The general’s armor reflected light, a small sliver falling on Ji Wang’s face and covering the heat-flushed corner of his eye.

Qi Boyan’s vision was impartial and seemed to focus on Ji Wang’s body for a second. At this moment the lead actress came forward holding a small umbrella to greet Qi Boyan.

Ji Wang retreated backwards. This wasn’t his drama or the location he should be standing in. He walked to Xiao Xu’s side. Xiao Xu stared at Qi Boyan until he felt Ji Wang return, saying in a low voice, “My god Wang-ge, Qi Boyan’s aura is so strong, he really is very handsome!”

Somehow Ji Wang couldn’t help but ask, “Is he more handsome or am I?”

Xiao Xu almost choked on his own spit. Between telling the truth and having a desire to live, he chose the latter: “Wang-ge, of course you are also handsome, the two of you aren’t in the same category.”

In fact, Xiao Xu hadn’t lied. Ji Wang’s facial features and figure were all impeccable. The difference between the two was in their aura.

Qi Boyan was used to being a major celebrity, followed and loved by everyone. His every move was confident and noble. His aura was simply different from that of an ordinary person.

If Ji Wang was a perfectly sculpted work of art, low-key and understated, Qi Boyan was the stars in the sky, unfathomably radiant.

Ji Wang patted Xiao Xu on the shoulders. “I’ve troubled you, later I’ll send you a red envelope.”

Xiao Xu held Ji Wang’s hand, kissing up to him, “Wang-ge, wait until you become a big star, you’ll definitely be more handsome than him!”

Before Ji Wang could speak, he heard a greeting. The voice was so familiar to him that Ji Wang instinctively felt uneasy, but this sound was definitely not directed at him.

In public settings, alphas and omegas with comparatively strong pheromones apply a patch to show good manners. Other than private surroundings or special occasions, people were not so restrained.

To be honest, Ji Wang’s pheromones were not that strong, but he still used a patch. Qi Boyan couldn’t have recognized him.

However, Xiao Xu nervously clutched his sleeve. Even though he was wearing heavy clothes, he could still feel the scorching stare confirming that the sound was directed at him.

Ji Wang felt like he was being watched by a ferocious beast, his entire body in a cold sweat.

He heard another “hey”, this time with some ridicule mixed in.

Xiao Xu said in a small voice, “We have names, we’re not called ‘hey’.”

In the next second, Qi Boyan said, “Mo Ming, come over for a moment.” Mo Ming was the name of the assassin character Ji Wang played.

Qi Boyan hadn’t recognized him. When he realized this, Ji Wang relaxed a little, then very quickly an indescribable anger rushed upwards.

Ji Wang walked to his side. The director spoke to Ji Wang, “Can you come tomorrow?”

This question made Ji Wang hold back the urge to look towards Qi Boyan. He intentionally lowered the pitch of his voice, “I need to ask my manager.”

Probably not expecting an unknown small actor to decline his own invitation, Zhou Lie’s eyebrows pinched in dissatisfaction.

Zhou Lie looked at Qi Boyan before saying, “Tomorrow we want to continue shooting, we’ll likely add scenes for you.”

Ji Wang reluctantly asked, “Why?”

Zhou Lie impatiently responded, “Adding scenes is not good enough for you, don’t worry, money will also be added.”

Zhou Lie waved at Ji Wang, indicating the topic was over.

Perhaps it was because Qi Boyan was next to him, but Ji Wang would normally never get upset over a trivial matter like this. What’s more, Zhou Lie wasn’t wrong to say that adding scenes was a good thing. For a small-time actor like himself, refusing would mean failing to appreciate this kindness.

Fierce emotions surging in his heart, Ji Wang exhaled deeply. “Ok.” He nodded. Like every recruit comes and goes, this insignificant small role similarly left.

After that he was like a spectator, standing on set to watch Qi Boyan film MV content.

The actress playing the omega female lead was named Zhou Chuxue. She was currently many alpha and betas’ female goddess.

Zhou Chuxue was delicate and exquisite. Standing next to Qi Boyan, they made a good match.

Xiao Xu gossiped with Ji Wang, “I heard Qi Boyan is fickle, every drama he shoots he dates someone new. Will Zhou Chuxue also end up in his pocket…I hope not!”

Ji Wang hugged his hands and didn’t say anything. No one knew better than him - whoever Qi Boyan wanted, Qi Boyan could get.

When Qi Boyan still played rock and roll, many people in the music industry had extreme personalities and relationships were very chaotic. Unlike others, at the time Qi Boyan was more focused on making music.

Of course, Qi Boyan was also special. Unlike other people who took illegal drugs or fell in with the wrong crowd, Qi Boyan preferred alphas.

An alpha doing another alpha - Ji Wang was the alpha being “done”.

At this time Qi Boyan’s song played. Today’s MV was filmed for this theme song. Even though Xiao Xu was complaining about Qi Boyan and Zhou Chuxue’s situation, he couldn’t help but hum along.  

It really was pleasant to listen to. Qi Boyan’s songs were all very popular.

After waiting an hour, Ji Wang stepped forward holding the sword. It had reached his scene. He needed to assassinate the female lead and let Qi Boyan play the hero saving the beauty.

Qi Boyan lowered his head to let the makeup artist neaten the embellishments on his crown. A string of beads hanging with gems fell beside Qi Boyan’s long hair. It was an obviously flamboyant way of dressing, but Qi Boyan made it look good.

Qi Boyan swept his eyes over Ji Wang, raising his voice, “Come here.”

Ji Wang stood without moving. Qi Boyan: “In a moment you’ll have to fight-act with me, won’t you fight against me?”

Ji Wang had no option but to walk over. His sword was not edged but was still very heavy. There was an inherent danger. Ji Wang’s movements were light. It was just a trial, there was no need for a real fight.  

But when he saw Qi Boyan’s smiling eyes, malice couldn’t help but surge up. His actions were inevitably heavier than before.

With a bang, the spear in Qi Boyan’s hand was knocked to the ground. Ji Wang’s movements stiffened. He even forgot to conceal his original voice. “Are you alright? Are you injured?!”

As soon as his voice came out, he reacted. He looked at Qi Boyan. The other party also quietly looked at him. Without much surprise, and even with a bit of teasing, Qi Boyan raised his hand.

A tiny wound was cut open on the slender fingertip. A drop of blood slowly seeped out.

Unlike his unconcerned expression, his voice held a bit of distress. “What should I do? I hate it the most when others hurt me.”

Ji Wang ruthlessly ground his jaw hidden underneath his mask. “Is that so? Apologies, I didn’t know Mr. Qi was so delicate.”

Qi Boyan’s bloody hand suddenly slammed toward Ji Wang. Hooking his chin, he didn’t remove Ji Wang’s mask. Instead, separated by the fabric, he pressed against Ji Wang’s lips. “Actually, it doesn’t matter, you can help me stop the bleeding.”

Stop the bleeding? Stop it how?

Ji Wang quickly knew where to stop the bleeding.

Qi Boyan’s finger forcefully pushed down on Ji Wang’s mouth, practically stuffing the material of the mask in between Ji Wang’s lips.

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