Morbid Attachment

Chapter 5

Ji Wang’s eyebrows jumped, and if he could, he would open his mouth right there and bite off Qi Boyan’s finger. His only concern was whether celebrities insured their hands for sky-high prices.

Qi Boyan likely perceived the fierceness in his gaze. He continued to press his hand down with interest, “Want to bite?”

Did he recognize him? Did he not recognize him? If he recognized him and still dared to make a joke of him like this, it was too vile. If he hadn’t recognized him, then he would have sex with just anyone, it was also too vile.

With so many eyes on the set, countless people could see Qi Boyan’s wanton and provocative actions.

Ji Wang pushed Qi Boyan’s hand away. Even if he couldn’t afford to provoke him, couldn’t he avoid him? He apologized in a low voice and quickly escaped the scene with the excuse of finding him a band-aid.

Ji Wang didn't dare to touch the residual feeling on his chin. He buried his head and walked away until he was stopped by Xiao Xu. Xiao Xu asked him worriedly, "Wang-ge, are you okay?"

Ji Wang raised a pair of calm eyes, not sorrowful, even more-so not absentminded. He calmly said, "It's alright, are there band-aids? Qi Boyan was injured.”

Just now Xiao Xu couldn’t understand why these two people's positions were so ambiguous, but now he felt that he was thinking too much. Wang-ge and celebrity Qi were both alphas, what could happen between them?

Therefore, when that ambiguous posture turned into a provocative atmosphere right before his eyes, he almost thought they were going to fight. Xiao Xu was so anxious he could die.

He repeatedly said that he had some. As an attentive assistant, his bag was like a treasure chest that had everything. By the time Xiao Xu helped Ji Wang fish a band-aid out, Qi Boyan had already been surrounded by a caring crowd.

In Ji Wang’s eyes the spot on his hand was a small cut, but in the eyes of others it was a big deal. Qi Boyan’s assistant was frantic - disinfecting, then applying medicine, and even quietly asking whether to go to the hospital for a shot to avoid infection.

Zhou Chuxue stood to the side with an umbrella expressing sympathy, softly asking whether it hurt and whether the injury was urgent.

The protagonist that so many people were concerned over hung his finger in the air and avoided his assistant’s band-aid. His eyes swept over until they fell on Ji Wang a few steps away.

The indifferent assassin stood steady, his eyes calm. The band-aid in his hands had a pattern of chicks eating rice which looked a bit cute.

Qi Boyan pushed away the assistant in front of him and said to Ji Wang, "Come here.”

For a moment, the eyes of everyone surrounding Qi Boyan fell on Ji Wang. Facing all kinds of stares, Ji Wang was not the slightest bit scared. He stepped forward and handed the band-aid to Qi Boyan’s assistant, once again solemnly apologizing.

Before Qi Boyan could say anything Ji Wang said, “If there isn’t anything else, I need to continue studying the script.”

After speaking he turned and left. Qi Boyan’s assistant rolled his eyes. “What kind of person is this? He’s still so arrogant after hurting someone. What script could he have to read, isn’t it just a small role with a few scenes?”

Qi Boyan took the band-aid from the assistant and said slowly, "You go back and have Li Feng come over.”

The assistant had only been at Qi Boyan’s side for a week. He completely didn’t expect himself to be replaced like this. Didn’t everyone say that even though Qi Boyan was famous, he was easy to serve?

The assistant didn’t dare ask why. Qi Boyan stuffed the chick band-aid into the decorative bag on his body. He didn’t apply the bandage and couldn’t care less about the wound. Pushing away the group of people surrounding him, he stepped on to the set.

Ji Wang didn’t read the script at all. He quickly found a place with no people and pulled the mask from his face. Qi Boyan’s blood remained on his mask. He was a high-quality alpha, just a drop of blood was rich in pheromones.

The hot weather, humid environment, and stimulating pheromones made Ji Wang’s waist and abdomen tight. He punched the wall in front of him, praying that the pain would calm the blood boiling in his body from the pheromones.

Ji Wang quietly gasped. The calm he tried so hard to maintain was thoroughly destroyed by the pheromones.

He couldn’t criticize Qi Boyan because he was also a pervert attracted to alpha pheromones.

They were the same type. In the eyes of ordinary people, they were incompatible.

Ji Wang pressed his forehead against the wall. His hand tightly gripped the mask, sweat wetting his eyelashes. He hesitantly lifted his hand and tore open the heavy lapel of his shirt, which was stuck to his sweat-cold skin.

Because of the pheromones, every inch of skin had turned unbearably sensitive. Ji Wang’s fingers followed the bones of his neck and traced down inch by inch until he came across the scar on his gland.

As if carrying a scent, memories rapidly emerged in Ji Wang’s mind.

Memories are structured by scent, sound, and temperature.

The vague aroma of wine, faint cigarette smoke, sweet pheromones.

A tantalizing voice, monopolistic words, as if there was truth in ‘I love you’.

Qi Boyan’s embrace was hot, restraining, but also ice-cold.

Just like Qi Boyan’s pheromones - sweet enough to prevent people from putting up defenses, letting them underestimate the risk, right up until they were captured into an inescapable trap.

After biting his nape open over and over again, Qi Boyan licked his blood and kissed him again. Ji Wang never knew that his pheromone could transform into this kind of taste. It was like a plain, average wine, which Qi Boyan personally fermented into his favorite delicacy.

The blood dyed Qi Boyan’s lips red, making his appearance look both sexy and crazed.

Obviously it was a meaningless mark. No matter how many times the pheromone was poured in, he couldn’t become Qi Boyan’s person. Perhaps because of this, every time Qi Boyan finished biting him, he looked extremely angry.

Ji Wang slowly released his breath. Gnashing his teeth, he carefully read aloud the name that had settled in his heart for a full six years.

“Qi Boyan.”

Xiao Xu looked for Ji Wang for a long time, calling him on the phone several times. It was almost Ji Wang’s scene but he still hadn’t arrived. The director's assistant came to urge him several times, and Xiao Xu was anxious like an ant in a hot pot.

After dialing Ji Wang's phone again, the other party finally answered. His voice was horribly hoarse, as if he had experienced a long torture.

Xiao Xu urgently said, “Ge, hurry over, your part is almost here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Wang appeared in front of Xiao Xu holding his phone. Ji Wang had changed into a new mask, which was a backup taken from the makeup artist.

Ji Wang hung up the phone and stuffed the other mask in Xiao Xu's hand, "Take this and burn it."

Xiao Xu was dumbfounded, "Huh?"

Ji Wang ignored Xiao Xu and entered the set with a sword in his hand. His whole body was cold and terrifying, as if he'd really become an assassin.

Qi Boyan still looked as careless and indifferent as before. Seeing Ji Wang had arrived, he picked up the spear and curled his lip in a provocative smile.

The assassin wanted to assassinate the daughter of the criminal, but was blocked by the general’s rescue. The two powerful martial artists destroyed a large stretch of the woods.

The confrontation between the sharp sword and the spear created a dazzling spark.

The two men in the shot had the same powerful aura and excellent physique, creating a scene of fierce conflict and excitement.

The assassin's every blow was full of hatred, while the general seemed to start off leniently, letting him slip by.

It wasn't until the director called cut that Qi Boyan put away his spear and looked at Ji Wang thoughtfully.

Ji Wang had only a pair of eyes exposed outside the mask, and the redness at the corner of his eyes had become more obvious because of the high temperature.

The director looked at the scene in the camera and repeatedly sighed in admiration. The camera continued to run while the general in the lens slowly walked towards the assassin.

In front of everyone's face, Qi Boyan reached out and touched Ji Wang's face, rubbing a coarse finger across his trembling crimson eyelids and wiping off his moist sweat.

He approached Ji Wang and whispered in his ear, "What did you secretly do before coming to the shoot?"

There was a hint of delight in Qi Boyan's words, "Did you reminisce about my pheromones?”

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