Morbid Attachment

Chapter 7

In fact, if Ji Wang was more tactful, or maybe more easygoing, he could sleep with Qi Boyan tonight and part ways with him tomorrow. Treat it like a reunion, just like every old lover who easily gets together and easily parts again.

Unfortunately, Ji Wang couldn't do it, so Qi Boyan was doomed to be disappointed.

Although Qi Boyan was right, he couldn’t forget Qi Boyan, it wasn’t to the point of thinking about him day and night. Instead, he always remembered Qi Boyan at inappropriate times.

When drinking, taking a shower, every time he saw the scar on his ring finger.

What's more, even if Ji Wang wanted to forget, he didn't have the impartial circumstances for it.

Everywhere he went, there were Qi Boyan's advertising photos, Weibo, Moments1, and all kinds of other software apps. You could see him on any of these. Qi Boyan was everywhere in his life.

Leading up to this day, when Qi Boyan finally appeared in front of him, within reach.

Qi Boyan's handsome face leaned against his hand, his eyes lovingly staring at him. His inviting appearance was very charming. If there was anyone left in the world who could still reject Qi Boyan, it was probably only Ji Wang. Who wouldn’t want to sleep with Qi Boyan?

Ji Wang flipped his hand over and pinched Qi Boyan’s chin with a firm grip, but Qi Boyan’s expression didn’t change. He still looked so confident, waiting for Ji Wang to kiss and sleep with him.

The floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel were glossy and bright, reflecting the pair's shadow. Ji Wang slowly leaned down. They stared at each other's lips, their breathing pattern thrown into disorder.

The air tensed, forming a shaky string about to break, waiting for someone to completely throw reason to the back of their mind.

When the two equally handsome pairs of lips were about to meet, Ji Wang stopped. From a very close distance, Ji Wang said coldly, "I said, get out and have my assistant come back."

These words completely ruined the atmosphere. Ji Wang pushed away Qi Boyan's face. It didn't take long for Qi Boyan's chin to slowly show marks from his fingers.

Ji Wang gripped a handful of wet hair, "I have no interest in you."

Qi Boyan followed Ji Wang's force and leaned back on the sofa, "Lie."

Ji Wang smiled and shook his head, "I’m an alpha, as far as I’m concerned omegas are more attractive."

Qi Boyan's face distorted for a moment, but soon his expression returned to appearing calm, even a bit leisurely. He asked curiously, "Really? After you broke up with me, you slept with an omega?"

Ji Wang didn't want to discuss his private life with Qi Boyan. He picked up his phone and planned to call Xiao Xu. How could Xiao Xu be so obedient towards Qi Boyan? Qi Boyan told him to leave and he really left.

When Xiao Xu came back Ji Wang needed to have a talk with him.

His fingers lightly tapped a few times on the screen. Ji Wang hadn’t found Xiao Xu’s number yet before his hand hurt and the phone flew away and fell onto the heavy carpet.

Qi Boyan stood up, standing taller than Ji Wang, his face still smiling, "Why, is your assistant an omega?"

Ji Wang was mute, thinking this situation was absurd. He was too lazy to talk to Qi Boyan. He bent over, planning to pick up the phone and see if it was broken. As a result, Qi Boyan kicked the phone and it flew even further away.

“Are you sick!” Ji Wang was furious.

Qi Boyan's smile faded, his face expressionless as he said, "Look at me when you’re talking to me."

Ji Wang lifted his hand and sneered, “I’m already tired of your face.”

Qi Boyan wasn’t angered by Ji Wang's words. Step by step, he approached Ji Wang until he’d pressed him into the side of the hotel table.

Ji Wang pushed Qi Boyan away with his hands on his chest, "Stay away from me."

Qi Boyan's hands passed Ji Wang's waist and rested on the table behind him. With his arms forming a circle, he trapped Ji Wang in his embrace. “Don’t be angry, I’ll replace your phone.”

Ji Wang felt the pheromones on Qi Boyan's body become increasingly heavy. He pinched his eyebrows and said, "F*ck off, if you’re in a rut go find someone else."

Didn’t Song Ge say that Qi Boyan was with Fang Shengyun? Then Qi Boyan should go to Fang Shenyun instead of shamelessly staying with him.

Qi Boyan's eyelashes hung down slightly, looking as if he was hurt. "Ji Wang, I really missed you.”

At that moment, the strength of Ji Wang’s resisting hands relaxed a little. Qi Boyan was like a lion spotting his prey expose a weak spot. He ruthlessly pounced forward, opened his mouth, and mercilessly bit Ji Wang's neck.

Alpha's canine teeth are sharp as a knife, easily biting through human skin. Pheromones fiercely flowed into the wound and filled Ji Wang's body, making Ji Wang’s vision even go black for a moment.

It hurt, everywhere hurt. Qi Boyan's scent mixed with his until every corner of the room was stained with their pheromones.

While dizzy, Ji Wang was turned over by Qi Boyan and pressed against the table. The bathrobe was roughly torn open from the back, exposing the former scar.

With the attitude of a winner engraving their prey.

Looking at the slender neck in front of him and the marks he’d left himself, Qi Boyan narrowed his eyes, licked his bloody canine teeth in satisfaction, opened his mouth again, and bent down.

After six years, Ji Wang was ferociously "marked" again. He was stupid. He heard the phrase “I missed you” and became careless without even knowing whether it was true or not.

It wasn't until Qi Boyan filled Ji Wang's body to the brim with pheromones that he released his mouth. He rubbed the tip of his nose against Ji Wang's neck, mumbling coquettishly. With both hands separated by the loosened bathrobe he pulled Ji Wang into his embrace.

When an alpha is momentarily attacked by another alpha’s pheromones, they will temporarily feel weak and powerless.

Ji Wang’s mind was muddled and his face was flushed. Symptoms of a pseudo-“rut” were emerging after the "mark".

However, Qi Boyan didn't take this opportunity to swallow Ji Wang into his stomach. Instead, he groped Ji Wang's body like he was holding a fun toy, confirming the changes that had occurred over the years to the other’s body.

After half an hour, Ji Wang finally broke out of the abyss of entangled and colliding pheromones. His arm struck back with force and he struggled free from Qi Boyan's embrace.

Then he turned around and slapped Qi Boyan across the face.

With a loud snap, Qi Boyan's face was slapped by Ji Wang to one side.

As the perpetrator, Ji Wang cut a sorrier figure than Qi Boyan. The nape of his neck was bitten open, blood flowed to his collarbone, and the snow-white bathrobe was dyed red.

His entire body was shaking from anger, "Bastard!"

Qi Boyan slowly turned his head back. He rubbed his thumb across the corner of his lips and said in a slightly perplexed tone: "Ji Wang, I have to be on camera tomorrow, my face can’t be swollen."

This cleared Ji Wang's anger-muddled mind for a moment. He subconsciously thought about finding ice for Qi Boyan to apply to his face and blamed himself for not hitting him somewhere no one could see. What was he doing hitting his face?

However, Ji Wang couldn’t really go find ice for Qi Boyan. He hadn’t lowered himself to that degree yet.

He pulled up the belt around his waist and forcefully bundled his loose bathrobe around him and tied a tight knot. "You deserved it."

  1. Weibo and Moments are both Chinese social network apps. Weibo operates similarly to Facebook, while Moments is part of the messaging app WeChat and allows friends to share photos with captions

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