Morbid Attachment

Chapter 8

Xiao Xu sat on the big sofa in the luxurious suite shaking his legs in anxiety. He desperately wanted to whip sober his possessed-self from one hour ago.

When Qi Boyan appeared outside the door, Xiao Xu was dumbfounded. Qi Boyan said that he wanted to consult Ji-laoshi about a matter related to the shoot.

A major celebrity being so polite left Xiao Xu at a loss. By the time he reacted, he’d already been taken to Qi Boyan’s room by his assistant Li Feng.

Not far away, Li Feng made him coffee while chatting with him about work matters and the circle’s gossip.

At the beginning, Xiao Xu wasn’t so uneasy. As time passed, his head gradually became sober. What filming business could Qi Boyan need to consult Ji Wang for?

Although Ji Wang's acting was good, he wasn’t popular. At this moment, Xiao Xu remembered Qi Boyan groping Ji Wang and remembered Qi Boyan’s comments. He was really worried something bad was happening to his artist.

Li Feng carried the coffee over and said to him with a smile, "By the way, Ji-laoshi’s recent school drama is very popular."

Hearing someone praise Ji Wang, Xiao Xu proudly straightened his back, “Yes, Wang-ge is naturally very capable. His dramas have always been very good and he is a very serious actor."

Li Feng: "I like his scenes with the female lead a lot, but I heard the two of them were involved not just in the drama, but also outside..."

Xiao Xu immediately denied it, “What? Nonsense! Wang-ge never messed around with A/O relationships! "

Li Feng conveniently added, "What about betas?"

“Betas aren’t good either! Right now Wang-ge’s status is on the rise and his career is the most critical.” As he said this Xiao Xu unhappily glanced at Li Feng, internally thinking ‘do you believe everyone is like your family’s Qi Boyan, so fickle-hearted?’

Our Wang-ge was a clean, honest, and outstanding alpha!

Li Feng pushed a plate of refreshments over. "Don't be angry, eat some refreshments. Can I add you on WeChat?"

He spoke so naturally that even if Xiao Xu was reluctant, he still felt that he could exchange WeChats with Qi Boyan's assistant in case he needed to contact him in the future.

As an artist’s assistant, you needed to obtain money and power to excel and smoothly establish social relationships.

Just after adding each other on WeChat, Ji Wang's phone call came over. Xiao Xu quickly picked up the call. Ji Wang ordered him back to the room and Xiao Xu didn’t even have time to wipe the pastry crumbs off his mouth before he hurried back to the outside of the room.

Xiao Xu knocked for a long time before someone came to open the door.

Standing behind the door with a red and swollen right cheek, Qi Boyan frowned and said, "Didn't I tell you to watch him?"

The words weren’t directed at Xiao Xu, but at Li Feng standing behind him. Li Feng smiled bitterly and shrugged to express his helplessness.

Xiao Xu looked at Qi Boyan's face in panic and smelled the peculiar scent in the room.

He was a beta, but his father was an alpha, so Xiao Xu could smell some pheromones, but his perception was far less distinct than an omega or alpha.

If even he could smell the scent in the room, then how intense were the original pheromones!

Xiao Xu's face was pale when Ji Wang's voice came from inside, "Xiao Xu?"

“Here!” Xiao Xu squeezed past Qi Boyan and hurriedly went to Ji Wang’s side. He frantically scanned Ji Wang’s body. Sure enough, Ji Wang’s neck had several bloody teeth marks, still freshly bitten.

Xiao Xu's eyes turned red in an instant, guilt and self-blame filling his mind, "Wang-ge..."

Seeing Xiao Xu’s guilty appearance, Ji Wang patted Xiao Xu on the shoulder. He leaned into his ear and said, "Don't worry, I'm fine."

No matter how stupid Xiao Xu was, he wouldn’t really believe that Ji Wang was okay. His neck was already bitten to this degree. At first glance, it was Qi Boyan’s doing.

Xiao Xu sniffed and deliberately raised his voice, "Wang-ge, let's go to the hospital to register."

Ji Wang said, amused, "How can it be so serious? There’s no need."

In the past Qi Boyan had bitten even harder, but as an alpha, his recovery abilities were inherently strong. This wound would heal in about a week.

Sometimes he wondered if Qi Boyan liked tossing him around so much because he was more resilient as an alpha.

Xiao Xu said, "You at least have to get a rabies shot, who knows if there’s a virus!”

Ji Wang almost laughed, then looked at Qi Boyan, who’d been cursed as a rabid dog. The big celebrity’s expression looked bad and his gaze was dangerously fixed on Xiao Xu.

“Xiao Xu is young and ignorant, he’s just joking.” Saying this, Ji Wang pulled Xiao Xu behind his body to shield him.

Qi Boyan turned his head and said to Li Feng, "My face is swollen. Get me some medicine, it can’t affect tomorrow’s shoot.”

Confronted with the injury on Qi Boyan's face, Li Feng didn't make a fuss. He calmly left the room and went to find Qi Boyan the best anti-inflammatory medicine.

Ji Wang looked at the time. “You should go.”

Qi Boyan didn't move. Xiao Xu plucked up the courage to stand in front of Ji Wang and took a few steps forward to drive him away: "Mr. Qi, you should..." As soon as his voice fell, Qi Boyan grabbed his hand.

Xiao Xu’s soul almost flew out of his body in fright. He didn’t know what was going on.

Qi Boyan grabbed his wrist and turned him around. Grabbing his hair, he forced him to lower his head and expose the back of his neck.

In his vision that instant, Xiao Xu saw Ji Wang’s face, shocked and astonished, but also with a seemingly familiar sense of sadness.

The back of Xiao Xu's neck was lightly sniffed. The overly-intimate posture and the ambiguity caused by the subtle physical contact made Xiao-Xu feel sluggish.

He heard Qi Bo say, "What, he turned out to be a beta?”

Footsteps quickly approached and Ji Wang's bare legs caught Xiao Xu's eyes. The next second, Ji Wang snatched him away from Qi Boyan's arms.

Because he was too close, Xiao Xu could feel Ji Wang's violent heartbeat. Ji Wang bitterly said, "You should go."

Qi Boyan said indifferently, "Don't get excited, I didn't plan on doing anything to him."

Ji Wang remained silent, but clenched his hands into fists, as if he would hit Qi Boyan's face in the next moment.

The scene was at a stand-off, Ji Wang and Qi Boyan’s eyes confronting each other. If it weren't for the residual blend of pheromones still in the air, Xiao Xu would think that these two people were enemies, love rivals, hating each other’s existence the most.

Standing behind Ji Wang, Xiao Xu could clearly see the "mark" on Ji Wang's neck. Even as a beta, he understood the meaning of this bite mark.

Qi Boyan said in an odd tone, "Didn't you say that omegas suit you? Now even a beta will work?"

Xiao Xu was furious when he heard this. If he was a bit more courageous, he would spit on big-star-Qi. Who let him slander Wang-ge like this?

Brother Wang was innocent in his heart, but he didn't rush to refute Qi Boyan's words. Instead, he said to Qi Boyan, "Yes, I won't refuse anyone, except for alphas."

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere became even worse.

Qi Boyan's chest moved up and down, obviously enraged by Ji Wang.

After a long period of time, Qi Boyan finally looked at them with a smiling but not smiling expression, "Is that so? Then I wish you two a pleasant evening.”

With a bang, Qi Boyan slammed the door and left.

The air was deadly quiet.

After waiting for a long time, Xiao Xu cautiously said to Ji Wang, "Wang-ge...has Qi Boyan misunderstood something?"

Ji Wang slowly walked to the sofa and fell over like all of his energy had been sapped away. He was incredibly exhausted. He curled up on the large sofa and hoarsely said, "Xiao Xu, you go to sleep, let me stay here by myself for a while."

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