Novel Wars

Chapter 6

Important Note: The reason why this chapter is numbered chapter 6 is because the previous translator split the chapters and only translated halfway through chapter 7. The reason why this is 6 is because the previous translator skipped this short section at the bottom of chapter 6 and the beginning of chapter 7 of the raws. Because I strongly believe that nothing should be cut from the original (especially since this is quite a pivotal scene) I have taken the time to begin my translation from this section.

This chapter takes place after chapter 18 of the previous translator's numbering system.

Please enjoy.

“What are you doing?” Mu Huanqing pushed him away with her hand on reflex. Unexpectedly, she touched his bare chest.

“This Marquis came to your bed in the middle of the night, what do you think this Marquis is doing?”

His breath was deceptively close. It blew on her face and his hand covered the roundness on her chest, unscrupulously rubbing it. This stimulation caused her to tremble and she immediately understood his intention.

Did he plan on spending the night with her?

This situation came on too suddenly. She hadn’t mentally prepared herself. From the moment she married into this house, it was the first time she had dropped her composure. She could no longer be as calm as she usually was but very quickly the scent of alcohol on Fu Yanlin’s body made her more alert.

“Fu Yanlin, did you walk into the wrong room? Do you know who I am?” She pushed him back with both hands. She continued to struggle, hoping that he had gotten the wrong room due to drunkenness.

This woman finally knew how to panic, Fu Yanlin thought. From the moment she entered the house, her actions were monitored by people and reported back to him. Even when he ignored her, she was still calm. Even when facing him, she was never startled or scared. Until this moment.

He sneered. Anger had been long lingering in his heart and he was slightly pleased when he saw her panic.

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