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A Cat with a Red Envelope Group Chapter 9 - Entering Hot Search

The next day, Xu Mao Mao was noticed by the students who entered the class early.

"There is a cat here!"

Upon hearing the sound, Xu Mao Mao got up from beside the heating machine, he flexed his hind legs and stretched his body.

"Meow ~"

"Ah, it's so cute, so pretty! It seems to be one of those very expensive cats!"

"I know, it's a Ragdoll cat. God, I really want to hug it and bring it back!"

"Did you forget that the dormitory aunt confiscated Sisi's rabbit?"

"It seems hungry?"

Xu Mao Mao licked his tongue, indicating that he was indeed hungry.

The girls just happened to have breakfast on their hands. Seeing that he was docile, they boldly gave him buns and ham sausages to eat.

Every time Xu Mao Mao took a bite, they made a pleasant cry.

【Get love value from Yang Ming Zhe +150】

【Get love value from Dong Bing +150】

[Get love value from Xu Xiang Xiang +100]


Girls have an adorable heart that loves small animals. He earned three thousand love values during the short breakfast. If it wasn't because the class bell rang, they would not be willing to leave.

However, Xu Mao Mao didn't eat comfortably for this meal. After all, it was human food, and it tasted rather heavy for cats.

After eating, he felt thirsty, so he ran to the water room and used his paws to turn the water tap to drink. The water room was specially designed to give students hot water. The closer it is to the cold outside, the cooler it was, but it could still burn the tongue. Xu Mao Mao drank a few drops bumpily, and the pink little tongue was burned reddish.

He came out for food three times a day on time. Although there was no problem with satiety, the quality was incomparable with that of Shen Yu's.

Shen Yu ……

Xu Mao Mao read out these two words silently in his heart and sniffed his nose lightly.

He must be very worried about Oscar, right? Will he continue to find himself? It's a pity that the male god didn't know that the real master cat had run to play, and it is Xu Mao Mao who is living in the cat's body now.

Recalling that he bit Shen Yu, Xu Mao Mao felt very sorry. Thus he wanted to quickly change back to human form and compensate him.

In order to earn love values ​​quickly, he abandoned his moral integrity and seriously licked his hair as clean as possible. When he had nothing to do, he stayed downstairs in the girls’ dormitory and meowed at them diligently.

Selling cuteness is really not an easy task, because sometimes the dormitory aunt drove him away.

He was hiding from her just like he was a hidden law enforcement worker, he worked hard to patrol the various doors of the dormitory buildings.

On the first day, the girls just fed him food. The next day, some had started taking pictures of him.

Xu Mao Mao was dozing off, thinking of taking a nap. Nonetheless, when he saw that their mobile phones illuminated, he stood up very professionally and posed for them to take a picture.

There are miserably few heroic bearings in his mind regarding cats. After thinking about it, there are lucky cats (Maneki-neko). Therefore most of the poses Xu Mao Mao made are the lucky cat gesture, but relying on his cuteness that came from birth, he still captured a lot of hearts.

"Wow, it has a strong camera awareness!"

"How can its owner be willing to throw it?",

"How about I discuss with MaMa and hug it home to raise."

Xu Mao Mao was startled and ran away meowing. Even if he changed a family, he would still probably be forced to cut off his balls, he dared not dig pits for himself.

"Hey, why did it run away?"

"It's cute even when it runs ~~"

"Haha, Xiao Li, you laugh like an idiot ~"

"Eh, you look at Weibo, Qiao Ling Feng sent a seeking cat notice!? It went on hot search!"

"Look at this cat…..."

" It looked a bit similar to the one just now ..."

"Not similar, Qiao Ling Feng's cat looks very small ~"

"Let's not bother about it, we try to send him a private message first."

"Okay, it's time, let's go to class first."

"We're almost late! Don't play with your phone anymore!"

Xu Mao Mao ran away so fast that he didn’t hear the conversation. Somehow, from this moment on, he kept hearing that his favorite value was rising, although the amount was small, and the id was inexplicable, such as:

[Love value from That snow under the starry sky +2]

[Love value from Fengjia woman +5]

[Love value from Cloud +2]


Xu Mao Mao was confused, he guessed that it might be because his photos were circulated around the girl's dormitory. Anyway, the increase in these favorite values ​​does not require him to work and he only has to enjoy it.

In this way, he spent two days and one night in his alma mater peacefully. His favorite value surged to more than 30,000. An amount where he could be barely considered as part of the well-off group.

Despite having tens of thousands of assets, he did not dare to squander it and waited patiently for Dr. Mi to return.

Also, he was also worried that if the weather was cold, the student activities would reduce. It won't be good for him if he doesn't have anything to rely on, he would  definitely grab more of Rice's canned food.

The days of wandering abroad are so hard that every love value has to be saved.

On the third night, Xu Mao Mao wanted to slip into the school building just like the previous two days, but who knew that he would find that the building was locked in advance.

When he ran to other school buildings, he also found that they locked all doors in advance.

Xu Mao Mao suddenly remembered the school's tradition. Today is Friday, so the entire school will be closed one hour in advance, and only the library stayed open.

However, the library's supervision is more strict and he can't sneak in.

In desperation, he approached a girls' dormitory. He squatted outside to see if any girl would be willing to take him in.

Unfortunately as he waited and waited, their hurried figure passed by in front of his eyes, no one dared to usher in the cat crouching in the corner.

The couples said goodbye downstairs in twos and threes, when there were fewer and fewer people. Xu Mao Mao decided to take advantage of the dark night and deep snow, prepared to sneak in.

He aimed at a female carrying four bottles of boiled water, intending to use those few bottles to cover up and hide himself.

The female student was unaware, she  used her head to wedge her phone , chattering away while she held the bottles.

Xu Mao Mao followed her, shrinking in her shadow as much as possible.

Unexpectedly, he had just stepped into the dormitory with a paw when the thick hand of the dormitory aunt which he could see down to the tiniest detail appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his neck before lifting him out.

"All of you lock the door properly when you go in or out! Don't let cats and dogs enter the building!" The dormitory aunt roared with rage.

Xu Mao Mao meowed grievously, the aunt waved her hand and motioned him to go away.

Xu Mao Mao did not give up and wanted to find other dormitories, but he was caught and thrown out by all the dormitory aunts one by one.

Don't just look at the aunts' age, their skills are as good as martial arts masters. What qinna fist or taijiquan, they aren’t afraid of anything.

One of the aunts said to him: "Kitty, don't waste your effort anymore. A few months ago, a wild cat ran in and scratched a lot of people, so now the control is strict, you know?"

Xu Mao Mao grieved meticulously.

"Ai, you also don't understand." The dormitory aunt sighed and rubbed her hands. She was so cold and wanted to hurry back into the house to warm up.

However after taking two steps, she felt that the lonely cat hanging its head down was pitiful. Thus, she went into the house and got a cardboard box, put some old clothes in it, and hid in a concealed corner after making a temporary simple nest.

"Kitty, I can only help you until here. Come in quickly."

Xu Mao Mao gave her a meow.

Thank you. In any case, there's a nest tonight.

He shrank into the simple and crude nest, still as before trembling from the cold. In desperation, he ate the remaining few bites of the high-grade canned food in an attempt to withstand the frosty late night.

Fortunately, a Ragdoll cat has thick hair. Although it is cold, he could fall asleep if he tried even though there will be difficulties.

However, in the early morning, the sky began to snow.

The first snow in City B came unexpectedly. Although Xu Mao Mao's nest was covered, it was exposed to the cold and damp air, and the water vapor brought by the snow increased the somatosensory burden. He was almost frozen to the point of being motionless, even if the canned food can help defend against the cold, he still sneezed and snivelled nonstop.

It was only four or five in the morning and none of the students would be awake now, the school building was also closed. It will take at least three or four hours for him to have a heater to rub against, but he was afraid at that time the entire cat would have froze completely.

In the end he thought of another place that might be open-the dining hall's kitchen. There is a tent exclusively for employees to place their bikes, it's also relatively warm because it's near the kitchen. The only problem was there's the presence of rats.

Xu Mao Mao was afraid of mice, especially those plump squeaky mice in the kitchen that are as thick as a human's arm. They are not only hairy, they also move very quickly, and are extremely aggressive.

However, there's no other choice in his eyes.

He bit the nest made of cardboard box and walked towards the direction of the kitchen.

The cardboard box was too heavy for him. He walked and rested while doing so, the snow fell on his back, covering most of the gray part of his fur on his body.

Due to the low temperature and high humidity, the cardboard box became very brittle and was torn in half during the hauling process, making it unusable.

Xu Mao Mao stared blankly at his only  tool to protect against the cold, and the whole cat was so cold that he wanted to straight out cry.

A desire to go back welled up from the bottom of his heart. However, once he thought of that surgery, he dared not make this decision.

He lifted his small head and glanced at the horizon, the sun was slowly tearing open the deep night, thinking that it would soon be a bit warmer, and he could sneak into the school building soon. Xu Mao Mao decided to abandon his nest.

He casually found a corner that faced the sun, curled up into a small ball and just like that he became fascinated.

After an unknown amount of time passed, a shadow blocked the faint morning's sun and someone held him in their arms.

The warm embrace with a familiar smell, Xu Mao Mao was awakened violently, but when he saw the hand holding him was stuck with an obvious gauze sticker.

The comer's low, hoarse voice suppressed the lost and found excitement within it.

“I finally found you."