Novel Wars

Wangye's Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 40

When they returned, a table full of delicacies and treats had already been prepared in the Jiuzheng Mountain Villa. When Situ Xin smelt the fragrance  and the slightly tired Situ Xin smelled the fragrant roast duck just as she entered the door, she instantly regained her spirit and she quickened her pace.

"Xin-er, slow down a little." Xiao Yixuan was amazed how the girl who had just been so tired and dispirited had become so energetic in a second.

Situ Xin ignored the people she was with and quickly took a seat at the dining table. She picked up her chopsticks and ate with relish. She had a satisfied grin when she raised her head again.

"The roast duck tastes good and the fish is delicious" Situ Xin smiled happily.

"Little sister, will you ever change your greedy mouth." Song Zimiao gave an exasperated sigh and sat down to Situ Xin's left. Xiao Yixuan sat down on the right with a small smile.

"Oh, you'll have to go a few days without food."

"Xin'er, haven't you already had breakfast?" said Xiao Yixuan, raising his eyebrows. He remembered that Xin'er had eaten a lot of food in the morning.

Situ Xin impatiently buried her head back into the food, eating as quickly as she could. When she lifted her head again, she sighed and pulled Song Zimiao’s straight face. "Song Zimiao, why do you always have such a straight face. You should smile a little more."

Song Zimiao painfully pulled Situ Xin’s unbudging hands from his face. "Xin’er be a little bit more serious, stop playing around and don’t forget to call me Big Brother."


Song Zimiao watched Situ Xin, recalling something he had wanted to ask since he saw her. "Why did you come to the Jiuzheng Mountain Villa? Are Master and Yan’er are alright?"

"The old man is relaxing in the Hundred Flowers Sect and the little punk is enjoying himself in the palace." Thinking about them made her uneasy and she sighed a little. What troublemakers…

Song Zimiao was surprised at this new information. "Why is Yan’er at the palace? You still haven’t explained why you are here."

"Ask him," Situ Xin gestured towards Xiao Yixuan easily.

Song Zimiao glanced at Xiao Yixuan and found the situation to be getting more and more stranger. He had a mysterious look in his eyes and smiled meaningfully.

Xiao Yixuan took out a clean hankerchief and wiped a little bit of oil off the corner of Situ Xin’s mouth. "Yan’er is the son of me and Xin’er. Because we had to leave for a little while, we sent him off to stay with the Empress for a few days."

Song Zimiao’s expression changed a little. Once he had asked who the father of his nephew was but Situ Xin didn’t reply. Even the master kept his mouth shut and didn’t ask again. No wonder. He had always felt that Yan’er looked familiar to somebody he knew but couldn’t recall exactly who it was.

"What’s your relationship with Xin’er then?" To him, this question was still extremely important. Although he knew he hadn’t kept the closest contact with his younger sister, family was still family and it was something he couldn’t forget.

"My heart belongs to her."

"Ahem, ahem" A fishbone had gotten caught in her throat and she coughed loudly although her cheeks were dyed red. Why had she been so unlucky recently. Whenever she ate something, it got stuck in her throat.

"See Xin’er, I told you not to eat in such a hurry." Song Ximiao patted her back and passed her a cup of tea.

"Sorry Wangye, my younger sister is always so impulsive and rash. I don’t know how to discipline so you will have to take care of her." In the past, when he had been in the Hundred Flowers Sect, apart from practicing his martial arts, one of his duties had been to serve the Master and his younger sister every day. He had followed them all day and scolded them continuously, saying ‘this can’t be done, you cannot do that.’ Later on, when Yan’er had been born, his days certainly did not get easier. Until he had left the Hundred Flowers Sect five years ago, his life was never peaceful.

Xiao Yixuan’s brow furrowed and he frowned a little. In the future, it would be safer to make the kitchen or a maid pick out the fish bones. He sighed a little, "Xin-er is always in trouble…"

Situ Xin, who had been coughing for a while, finally spat out the fish bone. She immediately began to glare at Xiao Yixuan with a small frown.

"It’s always because you say such ambiguous things."

Situ Xin was so angry that she stopped eating and she waved her sleeve as she turned to leave. "I’m done."

The cups on the table were blown by the wind and were hurtled across the room. Ye Ying who had just entered the room froze immediately, watching in slow motion as the tea splashed directly onto his face.

"Hahaha, Brother Ye, I am so sorry. So sorry." Situ Xin laughed heartlessly as she apologised. However, she quickly used her hands, which were covered in oil to wipe the tea off his face.

The smiles on Xiao Yixuan and Song Zimiao thinned as they watched Situ Xin help Ye Ying clean off the tea.